1260.4 Fragile Things

((The second sight makes things easier.))

Ivan sees a giant ( size +4) wearing chainmail and a sword heading to where the infant crying sound is coming from.

In case anyone was wondering Rat continues heading toward where the baby is crying.

"Holy..." mumbles Ivan and backs away to rejoin the group when he sees Rat sneak past him. "Rat...Rat!" he hisses at her.

Zoltan and the rest have crept forward and await on Ivan's report.

"Uh...Magister? There's a giant, he looks like an armored knight and he's heading towards the crying. And Rat's heading there too!" he says in a rushed voice. Zoltan holds up a finger to his own lips to urge for quiet as he stares into the night.

After several moments he speaks. "The Rat can evade the giant's gaze and scare away the mightiest elephant, she'll be fine. Lead us closer, we have a part to play."

((Zoltan is making a Second Sight roll, trying to determine if we've entered a Regio. Can SS determine the type of Aura we're currently in or would only a spell do that? Per the rules a spell of InVi 2 should do it, one spell for each Realm:))

Second Sight:
1d10+4 → [8,4] = (12)

Rat moves forward keeping an eye on the approaching giant. She finds what looks like a baby near the large tree. Something is not right about the child in Rat's opinion. But is is yelling and attracting the giant.

Zoltan can see no regio boundary in the area.

Hector puts himself in a position to defend Zoltan.

Zoltan lays a slender hand on Hector's shoulder and nods to the others. "Forward, let us see this giant. Do not engage unless I say or it attacks us. I shall speak with it, avoid speaking to it."

Zoltan and the grogs (Amazon and Hector) plus Ivan move forward.

((I'm waiting on Rat's action if any.))

She will pick up and try to comfort the baby.

((Uh...well OK, Zoltan wouldn't have advised that, but Rat went on ahead))

((What's the worst that could happen? A grog dies an entertaining death? That's what Grogs are for! You don't think we hire people for them to not die in horrible manners?))

((By all means, go right ahead, Zoltan wouldn't have advised it, but this makes things interesting. Here's Zoltan playing Willy Wonka. "Wait, stop, don't..."))

The baby is cold and hungry and is inconsolable for the moment. As Rat comforts it the Giant steps close and moves some tree branches and sees Rat and the Baby. He gets a puzzled look on his face for a moment. You there! Give me that baby. It belongs to Mother.

Rat skitters away with the kid She's clearly not a very good Mother if the baby is out in the cold. Me and Andrea can take care of her! We'll be better mothers than one who left a kid out in the cold.

Zoltan and company step into the clearing where Rat and the giant are. Zoltan visibly recoils when he sees that Rat has actually touched, no, picked up what seems to be a child.

"Rat!" he hisses. "Stop! Do not flee with that...bundle. Come here to us." he motions for Rat to rejoin the party, pointing to a spot behind Ivan and the Amazon.

From there Zoltan looks up to see the giant. "Oh my..." and then looks back at the bundle in Rat's arms.

(Using Second Sight on the child, can you make a roll Jebrick?))

Rat will start her skitter to behind the party.

((second sight (1d10=9) The baby looks like a baby))

Come back here! The Giant strides up to Zoltan's group and pauses as Rat gets behind everyone. He pauses then pulls out his sword. Give me the baby. It is not yours.

Zoltan holds up his hands to try and keep both the giant and the grogs calm.

"Now now...I'm certain this can be sorted out. What is your name? Is this babe yours? I am Zoltan, the walker i' the winds, the speaker of thunder, counselor of the dead. Who are you? Who is your mother? What is the baby's name?"

Mother sent me to fetch the baby before the wolves got it. She heard it crying from her cabin. Now you hand it over little man. he raises his sword in a threatening manor.

Hector falls into a combat stance, and raises his sword to defend Zoltan, while keeping alert to any moves the giant might make, without looking directly into his eyes. The trick of looking nowhere and everywhere at one time.

Zoltan smiles as engagingly as he may and again holds up his hand for patience for all parties. "You are a good son to your mother, and your mother is good that she would help a child in need. And so strong you must be! Why, I'd wager you could rip a tree stump from the ground in winter!" Zoltan sighs and shakes his head. "That I'm afraid is the problem. The babe is so small and has such tender bones, I think you'd squish it. And then where would you be? Your mother I imagine would be quite angry with you would she not?" Zoltan reaches out to stroke Rat's hair as she holds the baby. "We got here just in time I feel. No danger from the wolves, just danger from you. If you came back with a squished baby...Tsk-tsk." he looks back to the giant. "I have an idea, would you like to hear it? It will make your mother happy and proud of you. That would be nice yes?"