1271-1272 OOC

Well, one must bring the Tytalus to the school...

Anemone, "Now Ambrose, if you haven't been beaten while at school I'll be very disappointed and will have to see to matters myself." All while Anemone remembers her apprenticeship never involved being beaten...

I was thinking of saying something like "Now Ambrose, perhaps you'd be more comfortable if I consulted Tytalu's book on how to train an apprentice?" If only he knew there was such a book.

I'm sure the Tremere have it in some library. :smiley:

Is there a thread for the teacher's lounge? Basically a sandbox for teaching issues and student conduct? Or would that be more in line with the "Look me up when you have no class thread?". I'd like to get some input on Ambrose before moving deftly to phase two.

Yeah, it's the Call me when you have no class thread. Call for a faculty meeting, or hit up any of the magi, or ask the Headmistresses for advice and/or be apprised of limitations. "We never use transfiguration as a punishment."

I thought we were back in the Filch "golden years" of manacles and torture chambers for ill-behaved students. :slight_smile:

Sounds good, I'll start something before classes begin for Fabricus's next lesson.

Clement is moving in the direction of a faculty but for a different reasons. After this part with Fiona he would have called on. So a week into the session as he has it.

And the forests around the School would have some things to make the Forbidden Forest seem tame. Just in case you were thinking of sending students out for a detention.

Well, we need to see what works. His open defiance without even being clever about it would not make a Tytalus proud; they'd want their apprentice to be sneaky about it probably. Fabricus isn't angry either, but he definitely needs to get through to him and he doesn't want to affect his Gift. This teaching process is very new, we'd need to be careful when applying magical discipline. But, we'll keep trying.

It's difficult to say what a Tytalus would want with a Gifted grandchild. And one involved in this school, perhaps even less so.

Well, one thing I was thinking was that the school is being tested, not just the student.

If you'd prefer a new OOC thread for the first year stuff, just make one. I haven't seen any movement on this for a few days.

Would it be better for an IC thread? I'm unable to post in the "No class" thread at my office.

Well, it is an IC thing, so yes. I can always integrate it into that thread at a later time. I know Clement and Fiona are discussing things related to events based on the first few days of teaching in the Call Me thread..

Right, and I was just going to walk in and start discussing it, but I'm blocked at this point.

As I've said, I can merge threads at a later time. It's up to you how you want to do it, or how you can do it...

Smerfs parma - I think the age penalty for 10 is -2. Julius is 11 and is a -2. Not that it makes much of a difference for Ambrose.

((I'll post here to be added later in the 'No Class' thread))

Fabricus returns from his walk from the stable and notices the activity in Fiona's cottage. He stops a moment and shrugs and goes to the door and knocks briefly. "Good day Sodales, I was wondering if I might speak with the other Magisters regarding school matters. I hope I'm not interrupting?" He waits at the door, but does look about the entrance, taking in the decor.

No, you're right, but then I also included that he has Deft Stamina. It will likely get replaced by Great Stamina, or something thematically appropriate. Taking Childhood virtues is a great way to fill up to 10 virtue points and then have them be replaced by something later on... In the Alpine Apprentice saga, Breandan, was Inconspicuous and was good at stealth with a decent dexterity so he could hide really well... When he aged to the point where Inconspicuous had to go we transformed it into Subtle Magic.

Babette had her Arts opened and was a bit behind on her Abilities, and she also has an affinity with Creo. What would be appropriate for the weeks of study in the techniques? I'm still not sure of the formula.