1271-1272 OOC

That is a good way of doing things. i'll have to fill out Julius more with the childhood virtues. He is much of a blank slate now.

During the each Term of the year, all students get 5xp per class (as of now). Even though professors lecture on all of the Arts covered in their class description, it's up to the student to allocate those XP. So, after several weeks of instruction on creo, having an experience point to allocate to Creo at this stage is not at all unreasonable. 2xp would be considered towards the middle of the term, and I'm not sure we're there yet.

Babette, because all of her Arts are opened, doesn't have a -3 penalty to an unopened Art.

Hmmm...he seems to be missing the Humble Personality trait. :unamused:

Margerethe, also?

I'll be developing this when I'm home, using Ambrose's thread as an example. What virtues does she need to pay experience into though?

Mythic Blood?
Affinity - Art?
Minor Focus?

and with her affinities (assuming she doesn't need to learn them with xp), I assume they would apply, 2 xp giving 1 extra for example?

Yeah, anyone who had a Supernatural Ability and had to take time to get their Arts opened by either Lateralla or Elizabeth.

And if that happened, you lost 1 season during the Latin Year, too. So that's 33 XP less, although you can take exposure XP in Magic Theory or Vim or even Intellego for that season of Opening the Arts.

You can only learn virtues that the professor has.

Question: Margerethe has Elemental Magic. For Elementa, does she still get just 5 xp, or does she get 8 due to the virtue?

As long as every elemental Form gets XP, she gets 8xp. Does that make sense?

Will we be Skyping in experts?

Sorry, not sure how to approach, she was lower on xp initially for the Arts opening, and that's been taken care of. but how is she to get the Hermetic virtues that I picked?

Make them Inherited Virtues.

But, yes, we can bring in other teachers which have virtues. Keep in mind that every virtue that has manifested will make learning new ones harder. We can work out the timing of when Inherited virtues manifest.

OK, I need to check out Inherited virtues then in Apprentices. I'll update Babette tonight according to the guidelines presented.

For the 1271.3 threads, I'm thinking of just having you continue on into 1272.1, allowing the instructors to decide that they've completed the term and then have students advance to the second term. I know it will create something of an uneven advancement, where students may have to be in two different versions for a while. What do you think?

Also, we need to establish what you want to do for extracurricular activities. This is probably something that the students are coming up with on their own, rather than the professors and administration deciding what's to be allowed. If there's a desire for Bellum (detailed in Apprentices) we can do that. I have some other ideas, but I'd like to see what you come up with, and if it's in character, all the better. Feel free to start an in-character thread for discussion, or continue here OOC.

Jebrick and qcipher, you have yet to bid for teaching a second class. Is that by choice?

Clement would be fairly useless as a history of the Order teacher. So he will bid 10 on that post if no one speaks up.

Well, no. You have scores of 2 in Magic, Faerie Lore and Order of Hermes, and a much higher score in the Code. So, you can do it, and do it well enough for this intro class.

I'll bid 9, I think Fabricus would be better served inventing stuff for the school's use.

Hey, the idea is for secret bids. :stuck_out_tongue:
And you won't lose any time by teaching the class...

What's the effect of Apt Student on the xp the kids get in their first semester?

You can allocate the 5xp however you wish for each term.

It doesn't count for the extracurricular season, though, since that's an amalgam if practice, exposure and isn't teaching, per se.