1271-1272 OOC

Does anyone else have anything they want to do in the fall semester of 1271? Can we move onto spring 1272? Also, what other extracurricular activities are desired? Is there a desire for having a Bellum league of sorts?

If there is, I'll add the spell on as a freebie at the end of the first semester for all students.

Not on my part. You and I already spoke about extracurricular activities for Averell, so once we move forward I'll just need a crash course on the XP and spending it thusly. Otherwise, moving on is good by me!

Was any damage actually done to Averell? Jonathan mentioned damage being fatigue damage, but there is nothing in the post indicating amount taken.

Nope, none. I would have indicated the amount if there was damage, and also indicated your penalty for future actions.

Cool. Just had to make sure!

"You do not giggle at the Twigberry!"

Oh you can laugh at him all you want.

FWIW, oranges of this time were really bitter and were only good when candied. Maybe Fiona needs to invent Orange Liqueur.

I did not know that. Okay...let me edit the post, tweak the taste just a bit.

Is it wrong that, when I rolled that initial zero, I was hoping to botch so I could see how [strike]much fun Turbulence could be[/strike] Turbulence worked?

In my game last Tuesday, the one where I mentioned my magus ended up passing out, I had 3 botches on spontaneous spells. The last one I was arguing that I needed more botch dice so I could get a Twilight experience.

But, you can always force a turbulence to get more power... :smiley:

One of the reasons I took weird magic is for that extra botch die. I am hoping to go into twilight...or turbulence, as the case may be.

This is what I was looking for, thanks.

Figured as much. It was actually a lot harder to write it than it seems. I have to remember that Averell is 10 years old and doesn't have the vocabulary or articulation that I do.

Amusing - that makes two of us. Vanadís has Weird magic, too, and Faerie Warping from her background. Her more recent years have repressed her earliest youth somewhat, but I was hoping that her somewhat bizar magic, once let loose, would re-awaken her upbringing from before she returned to Europe. I'm also looking for her to gain Enigmatic Wisdom before it's too late, mind!

I have the advantage of having a 10 year old daughter. So I get an example of ten year old speech every day.

I get a lot of Katy Perry and some other current pop artists that I can't think of at the top of my head from my daughter.

And can we please invite some neighbors to jump on the trampoline?

I've threatened this before, but I think I'm going to make this happen sooner than later. When Trogdor returns from his cruise, I'm going to reset to the second semester. I think we've done most of what we can do for the first semester. I'll award confidence and XP in each active class thread.

Although you are going to do that, is it possible to get just one long OOC post somewhere that breaks down the XP and Confidence earned by each student for the term? I don't want to miss anything, and my eyes are bad....

Yeah, I can summarize here, too.