2.4 Sifting Through Ashes

This thread will be used for any Spring 1213 about moving into the sanctums, and will probably conclude with season-long plans for the magi.

What is Heims doing in his new tower?

Excellent question.

He'll first spend some hours there quietly, getting the hang of the place, and just being quiet, alone, alternating between moments of peace and depression, with lots of internal questioning and reflexion.
Then, knowing people will come looking for him, he'll muster his strength, and call for Damien. The first order of priority being living spaces, they'll discuss what they want to do of the tower, how to organise it. Hiems decides, of course, but he values the defensive insight of Damien.

(OOC: I have kept the description you made of the tower at home, but I don't recall it as such. I remember the last floor being open to the air, and the tower being ravaged. I'll probably submit to you a possible template when I find the time)

Although the exterior is primarily covered by grapevine, concealing the most obvious clues used to determine such things, Hiems suspects the tower was created using Creo Terram magics. (~rolls for Magic Theory/OoH Lore~) Hiems has heard of such towers before, and the most commonly used one creates a structure much taller than three floors, and with a cellar to boot - neither of which are evident here, though it is quite possible that the 3rd floor lab explosion blew off the higher floors.

Tangentially, Hiems also recalls that one of the few living magi known to prefer a Creo Terram ritual other than Conjure the Wizar's Tower is Viscaria's pater, Norbert Gunthar. During Hiems' apprenticeship, Norbert Gunthar was brought before the Iberian Tribunal for conjuring small churches out of thin air to aid Christian efforts to retake Moslem territory. The matter gained Order-wide attention when it was discovered that Gunthar was somehow using the lifeforce of his apprentice to fuel the rituals.

1st Floor: Guest and servants
2nd Floor: Magus living quarters
3rd Floor: Lab.

MT 03 + Int 02 + 1d10=9 = 14.
(Since I use diceroller, I've always had good rolls, and never botched yet. I hope this keeps up! :smiley:)

Hiems is quite intrigued by the strange configuration of the tower. More space would, of course, have been better. Maybe there's a hidden cellar? He'll search somewhat, but won't lose too much time on it, yet. He takes care to look at everything with Second Sight, wary of magical traps or illusions:
Per 0 + SS 2 + Aura 5 = 7 + 1d10=10...
Forget what I said above. So he probably sees nothing... I don't know how many botch dices I gotta throw, so here are 5, in case of: 1d10=2, 1d10=7, 1d10=8, 1d10=4, 1d10=1. Unless there's an ease factor of 7 or lower, he sees nothing.

Damien will look behind the tapestries and armoire for hidden caches, despite Hiems telling him wizards are usually more subtle than that.

With damien, they'll then clear the 2nd floor entirely, since everything there is probably out of commission.
Hiems would like to spont something to clear the charring there. This is probably slighty low (ReTe, touch, room, I guess, but I don't know the base). He'll do ritual casting, and expand fatigue if nescessary, resting quietly afterwards (he's in no hurry).
So, he goes to the second floor, open as many windows and such as he can, and quietly takes his time to set up a ritual space, while, below, Damien takes out the broken bottles, and everything that seems too unusable. Taking care to what he says, he'll incant slowly, detailling the effect he wants (taking the charring outside):
ReTe base 3 (move dirt in a highly unnatural fashion), +1 touch, +2 Room = lvl 10

Rego 7, Terram 05, Sta 02, Aura 5, Artes Liberales 2+1, Philosophiae 2+1 = 25 + 1d10=1, 1d10=10 => 45/2... Awesome roll, for a base lvl 20 spell... More than enough. I'll increase size to Structure, and clean up all the tower, making the final level 15. Wooot! \o/ \o/ \o/

Once this is done, he'll ask Damien to see with the covenant that some furnitures are brought for the second floor. Once this is done, he'll at least be able to have a quiet place for himself. Damien will mostly have the 1st floor for him, though Hiems prefers him to go and train with the other grogs, in order to fight efficiently and to know them. He doesn't want his servants to be the outsider he must be.

The third floor will need to be cleared of all the rubble, but this'll have to wait. He'll also take notes about what equipment he'll need, since I guess most of it was destroyed.

Hum... Hiems will also want to check on all the people who came with him, see if they are happy and have found a place. This'll be strange to them, since he asks questions like he cares, although he's as impassible as ever, and they can feel the cold coming from him, making him appear even more inhuman and detached

Ah, and there was the question of the 3rd floor. As I told you, an afire lab is a major no-go for hiems, but I don't recall if I could take another flaw or if you didn't answer me.

Why would you need a guest room? Do you mean a room to receive guests in? Basically, the original layout?

Ya know, there's an old superstition in India that says, "If you praise it, then God takes it away from you."

Hiems indeed sees nothing through his Second Sight, though the 3rd floor seems somewhat more distorted and psychadelic through Faerie eyes.

"So this trapdoor is probably some kind of diversion, then, my lord?" Damien grins as he points to the edge of a square of wood, hidden under a tapestry on the first floor.

Did I mention the rubble and debris? There's chunks of rock and bits of broken tower all over the place, and giant cracks in the wall, with grapevine growing through it.

You forgot to add +1 magnitude to affect stone, or an herbam requisite to include all the scorched furniture. However, with the ceremonial magic, you manage to move all the charred stone of the structure to the outside of the tower, where it is beautifully concealed by all that grapevine. The furniture and wooden elements are still charred, however.

Done. The furniture is all in need of a good dusting or airing, but this shouldn't be much of a problem.

The rubble removal will take either an extra season, or a second laborer while you spend the first season setting up a lab.

Claudia and Esteban? Claudia is deep in it, and loving it. Esteban seems to have been keeping a low profile, but is quite pleased with the quarters he's been given in Cijara Manor.

As you have chosen the tower, it is curiously well suited for you.

Basically, I did this to clear out things for me, and, mechanically followed suit. But yeah, a different layout might be better. I had originally thought of having the entire tower for me, and having a separate building aside for guests and servants.

Awesome, since just afterwards, I did my first "0" ever on these boards :laughing:

I stand corrected. So much for subtlety. I am lucky to have you as a shield grog. Now, what have we?
Damien and hiems both examine the trap
Highest Per + Awareness is Damien (0+3) + 1d10=5 = 8.
If they see nothing special, they wont touch the trap, waiting for someone more perceptive to examine it.

It was unclear to me, sorry
So, this means I've taken out all the stone rublle?
If yes, I think they can take out the furniture, even if they have to break it down. Damien will do most of it, but hiems will feel compelled to help.
Damien will keep any flamable element for his hearth. So long as it's far from Hiems...

The cracks in the Wall are more problematic, though. Recognizing her expertise, Hiems will try to have Viscaria visit and tell him if the structure is sound.

This is unclear to me. Wasn't the stone rubble removed my the Structure spell?
If not, Hiems doesn't want to lose an entire season, and would prefer to avoid wasting up the time of a laborer of grog, since they have more useful things to do and Hiems knows we are short on personnel.
So, despite his reluctance towards this, he'll set up another ceremonial installation, aiming for a target room, affect stone. Either PeTe to destroy the rubble, or ReTe with concentration to move it outside (whichever is easier). He'll later do the same with Herbam.

Perdo 10 or Rego 7, Terram 05, Sta 02, Aura 5, Artes Liberales 2+1, Philosophiae 2+1 = 28 or 25 + 1d10=6 = (34 or 31)/2. A level 15 spell. He'll probably have to draw on his faerie life force, clenching teeths as his hair rise up and temperature takes a noticeable drop.
He'll rest afterwards "I hate it when it does this" and
Perdo 10 or Rego 7, Herbam 05, Sta 02, Aura 5, Artes Liberales 2+1, Philosophiae 2+1 = 28 or 25 + 1d10=9 = (37 or 34)/2. A level 15 spell again. Same thing as before/ Use fatigue, scream manga-like if he has to use more than 2 fatigue levels (1 for the base, more than 1 for the added levels).

Claudia, Esteban, Marie, even Gerard (although Hiems should know better than to think he may have problems fitting him), even Raoudha (although he know her very little) and Sabrina (Raoudha's daughter).

He'll chat a little, and be happy to see they have found their place. Happy for them, of course. Happiness is not for him, ever (Gothic Depressive Power!)
He'll also make it clear they can (and should) talk to him if need be.
Of course, it is unnescessary to say this with cecilia, both because of who she is and because of what she is (a master spy), so maybe he'll come to regret it slightly, although even her is uneasy talking to him.

Gerard will be a little hard to find, but will be training with Brigitte and Augustus. The youths will be pretty afraid of the inhuman magus. Gerard, being who he is and knowing Hiems well (only -1 penalty), will be more relaxed, but, sensing their fear and without realizing it, will come slightly between Hiems and the youths. "Everything is fine, master. I've settled quite nicely, and found these two young mates that want to become grogs for your sodales Amos. So, well, you know me, I couldn't leave them without my guidance, and have taken it upon myself to show them all the joys and duties of being a proper covenant guard".
Hiems will look at the youths (and they'll perceive his look as calculating and cold, an impression enhanced by his detached ways): This is fine, and I am sure they'll make you, Amos and the covenant proud. There may be better soldiers, but that ain't all, and, for a complete set of skills and a fine spirit, I couldn't think of a more able teacher". Gerard will, of course, take pride in this praise, especially before the youngsters.

Marie... Hiems understands her, and the reverse is probably at least slightly true. This'll be akward and short, but, in a way, will go finely.

Esteban will talk about things Hiems won't understand much, but is pleased and wants for nothing special if he has a suitable lab. Of course, in the medium to long run, he hopes (wrongly) to be cured, and would like a longevity ritual...

Raoudha is invisible, overtaxed as she is sifting through the accounts, talking to everyone, negociating, noting what is needed, taking care of things and people as much as she can... Sabrina will be easier to find, though, and feels abandonned by her mother, in a horrid place devoid of friends her age (there are these 2 martial youths, but they're always with the drinking grog, and she can't talk to them), and full of creepy and powermad magicians. They'll only discuss a little because she feels so alone and needs to rant and tell everything that's wrong here, including the fact that, well, Hiems ain't even human in the first place, so what does he want with her? After an hour of conversation and complaints, she'll feel slightly better, and Hiems will be sorry for her (he understands her feelings very well), although he doesn't have the first clue of what to do.

Ok, I'll try to do something fun and balanced. Thanks!

It seems language confusion abounds. I am only asking what you want to do with the three floors you have.

It seems to be a fairly standard set of wooden boards on a hinge, probably covering a stairwell leading down.

Further language confusion. It was unclear to me what effect you were seeking from the previous ReTe spell. I thought you were casting just to move all the charred stone to the outside of the building. Since you've already rolled for the other stuff, we'll just say that with the various spells you manage to clean up the insides. But the choice of Perdo or Rego is significant -- you need to tell me which you choose.

Viscaria's plans for the season (and, probably, the rest of her life in this covenant) involve her staying "on campus," as it were, so she can stop by after they've finished exploring the other labs. That may be a day or two. Will you open the door to the basement before then?

Ok, I'll try to do something fun and balanced. Thanks!
My assumption is that folks will want some input on their lab designs, anyway. I'll be detailing the visual look of the room, and then letting each player design it, using your work on Viscaria's lab as a guideline for what sort of power level we're talking about.

Edited my previous post with more info on Hiems discussing with his grogs.

Difficult for me without the corebook or MC.
I know how rego would work, but I can't tell if I need adjustments for Perdo.
Unless there's a sensible difference in magnitude, I'll go for Rego and lift it through the open roof: The stone can be cut and reused to, for exemple, make a barrack for Damien alongside the tower.
Although he knows he can work wonders by tapping into the faerie power inside him, Hiems pretty wells recall nearly dying from it, and doesn't like it very much.

A day or two is fine, since Hiems does a lot of things, including visiting people.

The door to be basement... once everything is done above, yes, it is one of the tasks he's supposed to do. Hiems will look at it carefully with Second Sight, while Damien will look for mundane traps.
I do a bunch of rolls in case you need some: 1d10=9, 1d10=8, 1d10=6, 1d10=5, 1d10=6, 1d10=9, 1d10=2, 1d10=1, 1d10=9, 1d10=2

Rego, it is. How does Hiems find the methodical nature of an entire day spent ceremonially casting spells?

By the time Hiems leaves his tower next (breakfast the next day, I presume?), the rubble that has been moved outside has been buried by the grapevine outside.

By the time he has done all this, Damien and the household staff have finished moving furniture about. The two of you spend some time scrutinizing the door in the floor and see no indication of traps. Does Hiems use any kind of Intellego magic?

For the sake of keeping my brain in my head, Viscaria will come to examine the building after you two finish checking out the basement.

Well, he was mostly alone, incanting, resting quietly, incanting, so he is quite fine with that. Being alone suits him, since he doesn't have to put up a social facade to hide his depressive tendencies, and the time spend preparing and incanting is quite welcome too, since it takes his mind away from a certain lady.

He is more uncomfortable with taping his life force for magical purposes, as he knows from experience that, should the magic escape his control, it could prove dangerous.

Hiems doesn't like it much. This makes him nervous. He'll try to talk to the gravepines, see if they can undeerstand him. If so, he'll ask for privacy in his tower.

Hiems sucks at intellego, and he knows it, which is why he usually uses his second sight whenever possible.
Yet there are traps hidden to the Sight.

He could try to spont something, but this'd require another ritual, and could put him out of commission for a long time... He isn't even sure this could work. Yet, he can't risk Damien's life needlessly, for the grog will want to enter first and search for traps. Hiems knows he can be wounded. But his grog could be killed.

Sigh... Having pondered the risks, Hiems prepares yet another ceremonial casting. He'll aim for the following spell:
Smell of the Vivious Magics (InVi 20, base 4, +2 sun, +2 smell): Any spell of third magnitude or more smells like a rotten egg.
In 2 + Vi 1 + Sta 2 + AL 03 + Phi 03 + Aura 05 = 16 + 1d10=6 = 22/2 = 10. He loses 1 + 2 fatigue, and is now Tired.
Having completed his preparations, Hiems incants once more, hoping the magic won't escape his graps. Just as he feared, his power ain't enough for what he wants, and he must draw once more upon the power that rests inside him. As little ice cristals begin to form around him, as the rush of otherwordly force bolster his magic, he shouts the final words of his incantation, almost collapsing afterwards due to the energy drain this causes him.

Having seen this before, damien is impressed, but he knows enough to know hiems life is not in danger, and that he only needs a pause to replenish his lost vitality. He instead uses up the time to armor up, hoping this'll protect him from any mundane trap.

About 30 minutes later, the pair enter the basement, Damien of course going first.....

Though they are able to communicate with Hiems, the grapevines around his new home (have we picked which one yet?) seems to have a remarkable degree of difficulty understanding several of the basic premises needed to communicate effectively: the concepts of ownership, privacy, and artificial construction are all alien to the vine. They grow where there is sunlight, food, and battle to be had. However, Hiems does come to understand that the vines dislike the cold intensely, and that due to his deformity of spirit, he will get the isolation he seeks in time.

Hiems smells a cool winter's breeze, the smell of ice and frozen rain. The scent permeates the 1st floor, but is strongest near the door leading downward. Close to the walls of the tower, he smells the strong scent of rotten eggs, most likely exuding from the vines.

The basement proves to be a single room with five rectangular alcoves. The walls of all fifteen alcoves have several shelves carved into it, surrounded by a ceremonially ring/circle spell, also carved into the stone. The walls, and therefore the ring-spells, all have jagged breaks in them, with thin, spidery roots spreading out across the floor. One wall is densely packed with rubble -- it takes Hiems a few seconds to realize that this was the result of his Structure-targeting ReTe spell. The scent of winter hits Hiems' nose like it was a strong breeze coming from that wall. The rotten egg smell exudes from the roots penetrating into the basement.

A few empty boxes, crates, pots, and other types of containers litter the floor. Cobwebs are everywhere.

This is probably what I get for not paying closer attention to threads that don't seem to pertain directly to my characters...but would this be Claudia the Failed Apprentice? or is there another Claudia that I'm not remembering offhand?

Perfect, does he think. For once, this'll be useful in bringing me some peace.

The irony, of course, is lost to him, as he comes to cherish that wich caused him first to be depressive enough to seek isolation.

The wines really make Hiems uneasy, and even more so now. Not only does he dislike the idea of being constantly watched by them (he needs loneliness in order to relax somewhat and allow himself to express anything emotionnal), but if these exude magic, these could screw up his experiments and magical workings.
He can't wait to get rid of them, although he is cautious, and anxious to have viscaria inspect the wall: These vines could very well be holding up critical areas that'll need to be reinforced.

Uh Uh...

Damien is ill at ease here: Against magic, he can do little save using his body as a shield, and this may even prove useless. All he can hope is to trigger any trap instead of Hiems, and survive it.
Seeing the rubble, he instantly thinks he'll need to have that taken care of. This is too dangerous, and must be reinforced.

Hiems, for his part, will first inspect the circles. Are they broken, or do they seem to be still active? For once, maybe the roots where useful, disactivating any magical protections there may be.
He'll then do a cursory inspection of pots, see if there's something useful in there.
He briefly contemplates making this room his laboratory, but, judging by the exemple of his predecessor, rules otherwise. Any problem here would endanger the whole tower, so better to keep this as storage, safe room or both. Especially as he can add another level to the tower if he wants a bigger lab.

The wall... Well... O_o I'll really need to have lady viscaria checks all this.

I think he meant Cecilia, and, given the context, I didn't even notice it, even using the same name, until you pointed it at us. At least I understood Cecilia.

And from there, it is but a short step to your True Power, Lord Vader.

Many magi have labs that are infested with magical pests, and harness the inconvenience to aid in their studies -- there was a whole chapter on the subject in a MT book that your parens made you read during your apprenticeship. Not saying that Hiems' reaction isn't valid, just pointing out that it isn't the only possible reaction. Does he consider this aspect and reject it, or are his Super Depressive Powers hard at work here?

No, the lab explosion broke the ring-spells and the basement foundation walls. The various pots and debris are all empty of vis, but they're mostly marked with Hermetic symbols for the different Arts. The marked ones seem obvious -- clay pots marked with the Aquam symbol, human Corpus thigh bones, woven Herbam grass balls, dried Mentem grapevines. Others are less obvious -- semi-opaque egg sacs as large as your head, dull red crystals, jagged chunks of obsidian with mystically suggestive crack shard patterns.


Well, the problem for him is that, sometimes, he needs isolation, either order to feel free to vent off and express something depressive (Hum... Maybe even talking to himself), or just to feel at peace in a quiet place, not unlike an hermit, removing all other feelings from him. In time, I can perfectly well sitting alone in a frozen tower if he cuts all ties to people, and being fine with it. No joy (what is it?) but no pain either.

He is not a complete loner, he values the company of others and can even enjoy it for a time, but, at other times, he needs to be alone, or he'll just grow uneasier and uneasier, the presence of people becoming more and more unbearable, until he breaks. It reminds him too much of what he lost, what he doesn't have, what he feels is forbidden to him. Love, friends, a family, humanity, you name it :laughing:
So he can't have that with vines watching on him. He can deal with them or people on a routine basis, but when he needs to be alone, he must. Picture that as refreshing regularly before going out on a very warm day :laughing:
Even a familiar would have to leave him alone at time like these, unless maybe the 2 have bonded so much they are one and the same.

That, and I find the vines creepy, like cthulhu or tentacle porn :-/

Seeing the ring spells are broken, Hiems will carefully inspect the alcoves.

He'll wonder about all the unknown things. Since these weren't in the lab, these must be valuable in one way or the other. Could these contain vis? Surely, there must be some. Still... He'll have to ceremonially spont something in order to detect vis, but not until he's finished here.

I'm glad the Gossiping Grapevines are coming across the way I envisioned them. :slight_smile: Based on this and what I have been doing as BSG for the Base Camp game, I seem to have a penchant for "really horrifying things acting really innocuous."

I need you to give me some direct actions for Hiems, or else he can sit there and contemplate X and wonder about Y (pun intended) until the demons come calling.

Edit: in retrospect, the tone of that last paragraph may not have translated well to text. It is meant to be lighthearted.

Hum... The alcoves? Nothing?

Damien will search mundanely, more decided now that it seems there's no magical trap at work.
He'll also check the wall with packed earth, try to determine if it is dangerous, probably to no avail, especially as he lacks all skill (which might warrant a -3, no): Per 2 + 1d10=2... Ok, that wall seems sound. I guess. poke poke
Hum... He'll also check to see if there ain't a lower level

Hiems' goals:

  • Check the alcoves
  • Repertory the strange things, try to see if some might contain vis or else, casting a "smell the breath of vis" spell (IIRC, base 2 Invi, so, going with concentration and smell, that is lvl 5... In 2 + Vi 1 + Sta 2 + Aura 05 + 1d10=8 = 18/2 = 9, okay). Although hiems doesn't care, damien can't help but shiver at the sudden cold emanating from his master.
  • Have new furniture brought in for lodgings.
  • Have viscaria check out the tower's integrity
  • Check again the first, second and third floor (or rez-de-chaussée, 1st and 2nd, I dunno if you count these like americans or not), more thoroughly, in case they missed something
  • Set up a lab in the last floor.
  • Enchant various circle spells in the tower (It is round, isn't it?)
  • Have a cabin built for damien next to the tower. This'll be able to be improved with discarded stones he removed from the building, in time becoming a small house, hopefully.
  • Have a pseudo-roof build, that can serve as a floor for a future fourth level lab, or second lab if needed (I'll see)
  • Have a true roof build, but one like a watchtower, so Hiems can go outside on the roof if he wants to. Something more like this and less like that.


I__I Ground +4: Future tower top, so sightsee, breathe, and take flight with his ring.
I__I Ground +3: Future temporary roof, future second laboratory floor
I__I Ground +2: Laboratory to be put in place, currently open to the air
I__I Ground +1: Hiems living quarters
I__I Ground level: Entrance, guest quarters, living room, possibly servants
I__I Ground -1: Room in the foundations, where we are now: Storage and safe room.

I can't think of anything else you'd find that I haven't already described, but if you ask specific questions, maybe there's info that I think is obvious which isn't.

Damien notices that some of those eggs sacs were very large spider eggs, and can't tell if they broke or hatched.

He discovers an ancient, rusty, trapdoor with a hole in it about the size of two fists. It doesn't look like it's been opened in ages, but who knows what may have fallen into it? Or gulp crawled into it.

Given how easy it is to detect vis, I'll say that all the debris in here smells like they were, or are "vis containers" -- items that either naturally accrued vis, or items that were once used to store vis. The only scent of vis that he can smell is coming from the packed rubble wall -- a lot of vis. He can smell the lingering scent of his earlier structure-range ReTe spell, too.

Furniture will get done in the season-length unit of time that is fast approaching. I've got deadlines to deal with, so I'll play Viscaria stopping by sometime next week. Remind me if I haven't posted by Wed morning.

Ask me specific questions about the thorough check. I don't think I forgot any info, but again, stuff that seems obvious to me might not be obvious to others.

First link isn't working. I assume you mean a crenelated observatory roof?

Building a cabin would require clearing grapevine -- maybe you can talk to Cygna about harvesting Mentem vis vines from here?

The other stuff, discuss In Character with Viscaria when she inspects the place.

Oh s**t!

Damien recoils in disgust, hand on the pommel of his sword. He instantly reajusts his perceptions, checking for signs on the spiders passage:
Per 0 + Awareness 3 + 1d10=4 = 7.
What manner of devilry is this?
To hiems
Look at this, my lord. It appears the previous occupant of this tower had dealings with monsters. We should make sure there are none nearby

Hiems O_o
Just great. I love spiders. Thank you for your vigilance. I'd be tempted to dispose of these, but am sure it can prove to be useful arcane connections, so... Just put it here, please (Showing an alcove)
Hopefully, once reinforced and warded, this tower shall prove secure enough for us.

Damien may be brave, he may be destined for greatness, but he sure ain't a fool.
He'll take a stick, or else, and shove it through the trapdoor in order to check it. If possible, he'll try to open it, but without putting his hands near the hole.

Now now now... This is interesting.
Hiems will take all the vis-containers to one side of the room and take them over a piece or cloth or something, so that they can be quickly taken up if need be.
Then, he'll come to be wall and examine it closely. It appears to contain vis, but how can taking from it not endanger the structure? He doesn't know near enough of this, but, hopefully, viscaria will. But... How many pawns are there?
I'd like to cast an InVi spell to determine that, but, not only am I too away from my books to determine the level, Hiems is probably still recovering his lost fatigue from the previous casting (although it probably won't take much longer for him to be rested), si this'll have to wait.
Speaking to himself:
It seems we've found the vis stores we had to discover. That's fine, and if this is Terram vis, it should make Lady Viscaria most happy.

Oh, nothing specific. He's just being thorough. He'll just come here with vis and magic-sniffing spell before everything is taken out, and check the walls and floor afterwards.

  1. Yes, exactly
  2. Good idea. Kill 2 birds with one stone :smiley:
  3. Sure. I was thinking mundanely, but viscaria can surely do a way better job in far less time :smiley: