2.5 - Council Meeting, Friday, March 15, 1213AD

A couple of questions that need to be sorted out:

  1. Can you discuss plans on the Sabbath? Are you allowed to talk about work, if no actual work is done? I know there was some discussion before about how the Jewish magi might not be able to attend because it happens on a Friday night. If that's the case, they will still be invited to dinner.

  2. During the last council meeting, Jaime had mentioned that the magi usually supped with the companions and specialists, in order to stay connected to the community. He had specifically told the kitchen staff to serve them separately on that day, but has not done so today. Does anyone give the staff orders about dinner?

  3. Viscaria wants to hold the council meeting proper in the Council Bath House after dinner. Does anyone object?

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  1. Technically, I don't believe so. It's close enough to work. Ra'am is willing to compromise in this regard and do some sort of penance later. I've know several Jewish people, and am always amazed at the ways they justify their actions, or say how they're kosher.

2)Ra'am's family (and the rest of the Jewish retinue) will have the remains of their travel food in their room. They won't ask anyone to work for them on the Sabbath. He prepared a hot pot where they can have a stew of dried meats and veggies.

  1. Clothed or nekkid?

After that little blow-up Cygna had in the kitchen earlier Friday afternoon, I'm not sure the staff wants anything to do with her :smiley:

Cygna has no objection. As long as the shenanigans are kept to a minimum (no skinny-dipping! :stuck_out_tongue: ) (make that no co-ed skinny-dipping :smiley: )

Yeah. I was trying to delete some saved drafts that have been lingering around for forever, and apparently it went all funky on me.

  1. Well, it is probably the same for all the Jewish covenfolk -- which includes pretty much the entire manorial staff! Only poor Daniella, the maid who keeps getting sent to serve the magi despite not speaking a lick of English, as well as some of the newcomers.

  2. Viscaria doesn't care. "I'm always naked underneath all my clothes, anyway." She just feels like there are fewer grapevine in the hot spring than there are in dining hall. Plus, it was a tradition!

For magi, a council meeting is enough a part of their work (making a covenant run) that it's pretty easily in the camp of "doing work." That said, it's not technically forbidden to engage in your profession, but in practice it is nearly always interpreted as "don't."

They would be even less likely to join in dinner, because Friday night dinners are A Big Thing for observant Jews, particularly in medieval times. Most of the things modern-day people associate with religious services, Jews generally did over a big table full o' food.

Okay. The staff would be used to this, and Jaime would be familiar with the concern through them. Therefore, when he discovers two Jewish magi have arrived, he calls an early council meeting in the Bath House, one hour before Sabbath starts.

Arya, J.L, do I need to describe the bathhouse to you, or have you read back-chapters?

I read it a while back, and was hunting for it just now. If you could easily redescribe it, that'd be great.

A description would be great :slight_smile:

Once Azura hears it's in a bathhouse, she'll show up wrapped in a towel, ostensibly naked underneath it.

Cygna shows up, the maidservant Daniella in tow, each of them holding a platter full of grape tarts (each one about a handspan wide). Baking roll for the tarts: Dex 0 + Baking (Desserts) 2 + die roll of 1, followed by a die roll of 6, so 0+2+12=14. Better than expected, considering how the vintner "tried to sabotage the kitchen and the kitchen staff was worse than useless."

She sets the trays on the table and takes her seat, raising a brow at Azura's...um...casual attire. [color=red]"I'm not even going to ask," she says with a smile and a shake of her head.

But won't the wax tablets for recording the minutes melt? :laughing:
And what happens in Council stays in Council, right?
Ra'am arrives fully clothed, but if everyone looks like they're disrobing, he'll do so, as well, and have a towel about him for modesty.

Nope...Cygna's still fully clothed (although her robes have a white powder on them, and some of her hair looks like it's worked free from the cord she has it tied back with).

"Pardon me, Cygna. I don't wish to offend you and you're generous offer of food. Can you tell me how these were prepared? And, do you know the history of the grapes and wine made here? Are the purpose of the grapes and wine primarily for pagan purposes? You see, I'm Jewish, and I can't consume grapes or wine if the primary purpose is for pagan rites. That's the reason for my inquiry." His care in asking should be a marked change from him in the library yesterday.

Cygna looks a little surprised at the question. [color=red]"I've not really looked into it, but I'm assuming that the grapes and wine are intended to be eaten, drank, and enjoyed. I don't think they're being used for any pagan rituals...or if they are, that's not their intended purpose. And as for the tarts...I made them for us to enjoy during the meeting, and if there are any left over, to be enjoyed by the staff.

Does that make them suitable enough?

And if you really want Mama's recipe, I suppose I could give it to you."

"No, I don't want the recipe, although Levi might. He's an accomplished baker." Ra'am takes a bite and finds the tart delightful. "No, we just have to ascertain the purpose of the grapes. Your assurance is good enough for me. Thank you!"

I'm not sure, but I think towels are anachronistic. ~shrug~ Whatever, you guys have towels.

The rather descriptive entry for when the 1st group of magi all arrived: https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/2-1-preludes-cijara-phoenix-covenant/5537/30

A badly scarred and bandaged Jamie Lannister arrives, his face still full of misery and mourning.

"I heard through the grapevine that we have some new friends who will need to prepare for the Sabbath. Have they signed the charter yet? Someone brought pastries?"

This simple pleasure brings a rare smile to his face.

Gerald the porcupine would have balked at coming. (OOC: I would prefer not to deal with Jaime seeing this reminder of his losses during the meeting.)

Viscaria arrived very early to the meeting, and has been lounging in the bath, wearing her simple white toga in the bath.

After helping himself to one of Cygna's tarts, Jaime asks to be introduced to the new magi.

"Archmagus Lannister, I am Ra'am ex Bonisagus, filius of Aurelius ex Jerbiton, Tria ex Bonisagus Trianomae, and Prospero ex Bonisagus Bonisagi, respecitvely. I am honored to meet you." He bows deeply before Jamie.

"I did read the charter, as I seemed to be trapped on the Phoenix side of the regio for over a day. It is my understanding from rumor that there is a path to immediate full membership of the council, I didn't see mention of that on the charter, though. I was waiting to hear that condition before signing, as I'm seeking full membership."

"Then let me add my welcome to that of the rest of the council, oh Bonisagus with such a lengthy immediate family. How is dear Tria? I have not seen her in over five years. I am surprised to know that you came here unaware of my offer, as I had sent it out nearly two seasons ago. But then, I have always suspected that House Mercere takes a more political stance here than they acknowledge. How did you come here? By Tria's counsel?

"The offer is not a standard part of our charter. It is an emergency measure meant to repopulate the covenant in response to disastrous news. The offer is this: give me your sigil for the 1214 Iberian Tribunal, and I will give you full membership in Phoenix. A simple bargain, but one made for no light purpose."

"Indeed I did, but it appears more by her intrigue than anything." Ra'am smiles wryly. "Truthfully, information coming out of Iberia is scant. The Tenens Occultorum for Iberia was killed, and her apprentice managed to make it to Durenmar despite his wounds. She was being wooed to finish the term when I left. I suspect she may show up on our doorstep any day now. She's already taken the apprentice under her wing."

"My interest in politics is slight, it is one reason why I didn't continue under Tria. You have built a diverse group of peoples here. There are already signs that the Christian overlords in certain areas are requiring my people to wear hats and clothing of certain color. I want to ensure that all people are free to worship as they wish, without prosletyzing and without persecution." In the back of Ra'am's mind, he knows that Tria maneuvered him here. As long as he stayed in Normandy or Greater Alps tribunals, he'd be constantly scrounging and never be able to start his life's work. She maneuvered him into a position where he might at last begin research, instead of subsisting. That, and she must have arranged with Prospero to give him only enough money to get to Phoenix.
"I trust Tria implicitly. She maneuvered me into a position where it would be hard for me to say no. You have my proxy for the 1214 Tribunal. I will, of course, attend and see how my vote is used. I am trusting her judgment in you, that you will vote with honor and in furtherance of the goals that lead you to be part of this covenant."

Jaime's face becomes grave at the mention of the Tenens Occultorum. "Yes, it was Extempora who was the first to figure out what was really going on at Las Navas de Tolosa. And thus, she was also the first to fall. I hadn't heard that William had survived. That is....well, that is something, at least. I may not have counted her as an ally, but for Extempora, it was still about the matter itself, and not just about who was on which side. She was blinded by her faith, but at least she believed.

You have my word that I ask for these sigils solely to fulfill the purpose for which we founded Phoenix Covenant."