2.5 - OOC

Sorry, I thought that had been an out-of-character discussion. If so, then I move to strike the question.

Oh? I might be remembering wrong, but I thought Cygna asked that in the Labs thread, when she'd run off and Azura went after her.

Cygna did.
Here's the extent of Azura's answer

Oh. Sorry about that. Wonder Twin Powers Activate! Form of...an Edit Button!

Ah, okay :slight_smile: Good to know it was a blip on the player's part and not deliberate jerkitude on the character's part :stuck_out_tongue:


Methinks the lady doth avert too much!

That was entirely because I thought it'd be hilarious to wear a sealskin bikini. :stuck_out_tongue:

Étienne prefers you au natural. :laughing:

...And if Etienne were at the council meeting, Azura might have felt obliged to make Ra'am and Cygna veeeery uncomfortable. :slight_smile:

Azura's of an age with Ra'am's daughters, so it's probably not that difficult :slight_smile: As long as he doesn't go all fatherly on her and try to cover her up, because THAT would be mortifying :slight_smile:

Looks of an age...not is of an age. He knows Azura is a Maga that appears to be 15 years old, that means almost nothing abotu how old she really is. So does Étienne, by the way. Azura is a bit on the young (appearing) side for his liking, but he hadn't had any strange in a long while...

By medieval standards, 15 is plenty old enough. No need to justify, Etienne's not a perv.

...Well, okay, he IS a perv, but not because Azura looks 15.

Oh no, no justification being made here. He just likes women of a mature age. Vivienne scarred him a bit. He doesn't miss opportunities as conditions arise, though...

Ah, the joys of Unaging :laughing:

I dunno about that. Earlier this year, there was this girl who looked like she was 12 that really wanted to pose for me. Showed me her id, had family members stop by and verify that she was over 18 and had their consent. Did everything she could to convince me it was okay. But I just wasn't comfortable with it. Every time I looked at her, it felt wrong.

Again, I'd argue that this changes a bit when you have children. There's "old enough" and then there's "the same age as my daughter."

We need a thumbs up smiley. Although my daughter is not 15, she will be someday... Now I feel old, like Ra'am.

This is a total joke. Or maybe not. I don't know.
Is Amos designed to cause conflict in council meetings?
Just sayin'.

Yep, I agree-- that's why I thought it's completely fine for Etienne (who has no kids) but I didn't think Ra'am would have much trouble averting his eyes.

My dad married a woman who's only six years my senior, and looks like a longer-haired, though rather less attractive, version of me. My dad is definitely very far into the creepy camp. Hence my belief that Ra'am, being a kindly, family-oriented man, would probably not find it too difficult to look away because they fit the father-daughter dynamic pretty well.

There's magi's pride, but I figure when you look that young, you get used to it pretty quick, and it probably even becomes comfortable in its familiarity after a while.

Nah, Azura probably set herself up for that kind of misunderstanding by stating that her House was the "one" thing she put above the Order and the covenant. She'll probably realize that later, of course, but for right now she's filled with indignation and righteous fury :slight_smile: