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Have you read the First Council and prelude threads?

One word: Ewww!

I KNOW RIGHT?!? And he wants to have more kids now, too. Double Ewww if I ever that awkward conversation where a stranger tells me I have a beautiful son, and I have to explain, "Nope, that's my brother..."

It's official. This is now true, no matter how unintentional it may be. This is either going to be a very interesting clash of the two characters with the Major Fury flaw, or I'm about to say the perfect thing to resolve the tension (yeah, right). Got a question to Amul about backstory and history and then I'll be able to word the response.

Sorry for uping the intra-PC drama quotient, guys.

Don't be sorry! I love all the dramatic tension :slight_smile:

Agreed, it's fun, so long as it doesn't lead into another serrano :frowning: (miss him)

I have a half-brother that's 30 years older than me. And 2 half-sisters that are yet older.
My nephew is 5 years older than me.
When a toddler, people thought my father was my grandfather.
Good luck


I'm not sure if you realize what you're proposing by moving the council meeting to Monday. IMO, it's going to grind the saga to a near halt. If we push the council meeting to Monday our characters will be keenly interested in the events of the Refugee thread. Demons? Jews and Muslims coming? Men to help us out? That almost demands a separate council thread (more on that later). We have enough isses to resolve here, in RP that I think it just makes sense to plow forward. I think we're all comfortable in our Magi and Maga that must of us are just ready to move on. We have the council disruptor (sorry chico!), the calm and cool (except when she's not) Bjornaer tormented by a demon shade no one else can see, the ice prince faerie who wants to brood in his tower over his lost love, the flaky Jewish Mercere trying to singlehandedly continue the Merecer line, the dwarven Verditius who doesn't understand human customs (and probably would rather be in her workshop) and the scholar of Magic with a family who will sometimes carry a conversation too far, without realizing it. Am I missing anyone?
From a metagame perspect, I'm suggesting we just plow through the events at hand, now, and resolve the refugee simultaneously, and if necessary we call another council to discuss the demon thread, or we just write what we want our characters to do quickly in that regard, and not bother with the RP of that situation, unless we really want to. I think we're almost too focused on the RP (crazy to say in a RP game, I know, but like you said, we're counting minutes, because it's what our characters would do), and it's slowing us down. In the future, anytime amul is away on business, I suggest we convene a council, just to let our Magi RP to their hearts content amongst each other about past events. The demon thing is a good example of what I'm thinking. We OCC discuss what the council would direct/do, and then the next time amul is away, we can occupy ourselves with the council thread through RP, and if necessary retcon anything we need to do. Otherwise the pace of the game is going to suffer, and really I think it is already suffering.

Don't get me wrong. I'm having fun, but at times it is frustrating and challenging, too. I've only been part of the game for 6 weeks or so, Azura has put her chracter in play for about a month, and for all intents and purposes, we've progressed 1, maybe two days (Ra'am even had to relive a day!). And it's worse for the existing players, it's been nearly 6 months and only 3, maybe 4 days have progressed? No, I think we need to move forward, please. And as a player I'm fine with compromising my character's nature to do it. Let's just get moving.

...Is that some kind of joke? Ra'am's suggestion is totally unreasonable, in and out of character.

I'm not sure what suggestion you're referring to? To break Sabbath? Yeah, I agree it is out of character, which is why I said I'm meta-gaming it. But we're putting ourselves into some very difficult to manage game conditions otherwise. But the problem could've been resolved by not having anyone cater to him (or Azura) and just leaving the meeting time as it were, and we'd have to adjust or rationalize the decision to attend the meeting.

Do you really want to halt everything except the Refugee thread? If you can figure out another way, I'm all ears, I just don't see it.

No, I meant his in-character proposal in the council thread.

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Nope, re-read it, and it's stil completely unreasonable.

Honestly I can't see any Mercere that grossly insulted, not walking out and making damn sure Phoenix isn't notified of the time and place of any Tribunal.

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"You're not a 60 year old maga specialized in Rego Vim, so you suck. Pay us six pawns of vis out of your own pocket every year and I'll consider letting you stick around."

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I'm baiting you? It wasn't suggested that anyone else give up anything even close to that much, at any point in time. Anx Ra'am's first act as a council member is immediately to try and screw over someone else? To screw over another Jew, in the 13th century, for that matter? Using the same in-character arguments as your own personal out-of-character objections?

Now tell me again who exactly is baiting whom.

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Actually a very good idea.

I'd add the following:

  • Avoid characters appearing in multiple threads. The only exception possibly being the "normal" threads and the "council" thread.
  • Have events occur over a season, so that we may have a thread which occupy a team of grogs, with another concerning the magi, and, once that is resolved, yet another with these same magi.


It may seem normal that a given character would try to bargain for more, or even refuse outright, instead of just saying "that's cool".
Azura brings an aegis, sure, but we could procure one (although probably of lower magnitude), and Ra'am know he could invent one. So that's not so indispensable. It thus stands to reason that some characters, especially ra'am, could feel cheated if Azura just gets accepted.

But this is bargaining: The merchant proposes a good for 100$, knowing he'll probably settle at 60, and you propose to buy it for 10, hoping to get it at 50.
=> Do not feel outraged that he begins with a hard price, and negociate! Try to sway the other magi!

Ooooh yeah.

Memory here, in the worst game I ever played in.
I had a normal, heterosexual character. And there's that player-controled dickgirl that ask me "can I sodomize you?" (dont ask, please). I say no.
Repeat a few times.
Finally, she said to the GM "I make a seduction roll to convince him to let me sodomize him". She made a good roll. The GM asked me to do a resistance roll (I was all :open_mouth: but, well, the player was his girlfriend). Luckily and stunned, I rolled high, barely making the difficulty => "You may resist, but are quite tempted". WTF???
I felt very, very betrayed.

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