30 Faerie Bargains for November (2020)

My original plan for November was a lot busier, but new employment has made me no longer have as much free time. So instead of creating a plethora of faerie creatures, I'm bringing in my favorite vis source of my home game: Akakios the Boatman.
Akakios brings a few things to trade: Faerie items, sometimes Magical items, vis, and legends. The vis is always tained faerie, though the form may once have been Magical. The magical items he trades from a magus will often develop a quick of faerie nature by the time he trades it away.
He takes a few things in trade for his wares: He prefers to trade in bargains and ephemerals, stealing away something appropriate from the customer themselves; he also is willing to trade for a magical item, valuing them as the vis expended the crafting (which he can tell by examining them); and he sometimes settles for trading raw vis for his wares.

If you wish mechanics for his bargains, he values each item at a certain vis value (example 8 vis). A Presence + bargain (faerie deals) roll against ease factor 12 will raise the perceived value of the mortal's trade by 2 pawns of vis. If the bargainer is trading an item they themselves crafted, it is valued at +2 pawns. Incredibly appropriate story-bound trades can also give a perceived value. He has also been known to accept arcane connections at 1-2 pawns of vis, though few people are willing to trade such to him, since he is known to deal with other magi.

Mariel the Merinita is trying to trade for a Rod of Awsomeness, which Akakios secretly values at 9 vis. His initial asking cost is all of Mariel's hair, because he knows Mariel is vain. She denies this, and begins bargaining. Despite her skill in bargaining and her beauty, she fails her bargain roll, but she is offering a Crown of Beautification, which she made but no longer needs. She spent 6 pawns of vis on it, but it is an appropriate comparison, so Akakios values hers at 8. They finally agree on the crown and a single pawn of Terram vis, since Akakios doesn't have any terram in stock.

Catalogue of Wares:
0: Akakios the Boatman
1: Dreamer's Sextant
2: Stone of Luck
3: Lost Calf's Bell
4: A Child's Youth
5: Cauldron of Dreams
6: Blood-hungry Axe
7: Dragon's Teeth
8: Philtre of Love
9: Fluffball the Kitten
10: Grip of Heroic Deeds
11: Goblet of the Sober Prince
12: A Little More Time
13: A New Name
14: Witch's Apprentice
15: Blade of War
16: Crown of Beauty
17: Chest of Coins

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Akakios, the Boatman, is a faerie rather than a magus. He is known, however, among the magi community as a good source of vis, mystical oddities, and stories. The trades he makes are strange, and he seems somehow aware of his faerie status more than most. He has, perhaps accidentally, insinuated his story into the lives of a number of different magi, in a number of different Tribunals, in a fashion that means attacking him would easily be considered 'depriving a magus of his magical resources' for a large number of older and powerful magi. Magical items traded to Akakios have been known to be sold years later with different or enhanced abilities of faerie origin.

Akakios can only appear in water-born locations, usually a decrepit dock long left to waste, though he can make bargains to show up in other locations. Generally, he appears in Autumn, in a heavy fog. A lantern approaches over the water, the sound of an old gondola boat being poled through the water. His gondola boat appears almost rotting, and piled with decrepit crates and bags. Still, everything he produces appears to be in fine condition. An ancient water-damaged wooden rod is used to pole his way up to the docks where he stops.

Akakios himself seems to be made of rags and sticks, wrapped in decaying cloaks and robes, looking reminiscent of a classical Charon. In place of a head, he appears to have an ancient, tarnished brass lantern with a willowisp trapped inside it.

Akakios tends to do business in the Mediterranean Sea, often with Theban magi. His story, however has lead him to visit other places - More than once he has visited a previous customer when the maga travels to a new tribunal, and met their Covenant to acquire more patrons. He has travelled as far as the Hibernian and Rhine Tribunals, though most of his customers are in the Thebes, Roman and Provencal Tribunals. He speaks an ancient and poetic form of Classical Greek, but whenever he meets a new customer, he offers them a 'gift' of an ancient coin, the accepting of which allows them to speak to him. This coin is technically a single pawn of Rego vis, though spending it will cause him to refuse service.


Akakios digs into the depths of his stores and produces an elegant bronze sextant inlaid with mother-of-pearl. He holds it out in long, spindle fingers. "I am quite proud of this find, as it was hidden away in a place where mortals never tread. It came to me by way of an ageless man who was lost on his way to find his long-gone home. He has requested I return to him with knowledge of a way home. This sextant is.. inaccurate in mortal realms, but always helps you find your way through the realms of dream. Such a device must have a use in your own mystic arts, yes?"
Akakios would be willing to trade the sextant for the bargainer's road home. Agreeing to the trade would give the mortal bargainer the No Sense of Direction flaw, as well as a warping point. This flaw primarily applies to any attempts to head home, rather than leaving on an adventure. Getting lost going home is, after all, a time-honored story. He also values the Sextant at 8-10 vis, or an item of equivalent value.

Dreamer's Sextant: This ornate and ancient sextant allows the user to find adventure, in particular of the faerie variety. Peering through the sight of the sextant will allow the user to see regios of the Faerie and Magical variety, as per Piercing the Faerie Veil effect. Inside of the regio, it can also help find the way deeper into a regio or out again. (Whether it can see into Infernal regios is up to a resident demon, if it wants to be found, but it won't find the way out.)

He also has 4 pawns of Aquam vis in the form of skeletonized fish, 2 pawns of Rego in a broken crown, and 1 Terram in a perfectly spherical ruby.

The ragged figure creaks and crackles as it moves, and it (he?) holds out a single gnarled arm, looking like someone wrapped rotted bandages around a frame of wicker and sticks to make something vaguely usable as a hand. As the fingers open wide, clearly apon his palm is a smooth stone the size of a thumb. "I have a bezoar of good luck," he says, voice seeming almost tinny as it rings out from the lantern atop his shoulders. "A customer of mine was getting ill will from all of his good luck, and so a deal was made. However, I have a need of a strong Destiny for a newborn-to-be, and if you could trade your Destiny for luck, I would give you good luck instead."
Akakios would be willing to trade the Stone of Luck, a bezoar from a goat's belly, for a customer's destiny. Agreeing to this trade would give the bargainer the flaw Obsessed (superstitious luck) whenever the stone is not held in hand, and an accompanying personality trait Superstitious +2. Akakios values this stone at 9 vis, or an item of equivalent value.

Stone of Luck: This smooth stone looks like someone has worn a flat patch on one side by rubbing it. Holding the good-luck charm in hand will give the a sensation of wisdom with regards to luck and fate, a Deja-vu like sense of imminent victory. In reality, it gives the holder the Self-Confident virtue.

Also in his stocks are the broken shards of a sword, amounting to 3 Perdo vis; two un-planted seeds each worth 1 herbam vis; and a bag containing a mute man's voice, worth 1 Imaginem vis (and possibly an arcane connection to someone distant).

The ragged form bows its lantern-hooded head, studying the sacks and boxes piled in the back of his rotting boat before he finally reaches down and selects a battered wooden box. Opening it wide, he reveals a large cow-bell. The battered metal bell is cracked and battered, but hanging from a leather strap that seems relatively new. "I know many people worry about losing their cows; Wise-men such as yourself instead worry about losing other things. Cats, crows, children. This item will help you find your lost apprentice, if you properly bell the child first. With such peace of mind iminent, you can certainly offer me a few nights of sleep."
Akakios is delighted to trade the Lost Calf's Bell for a number of restful nights of sleep. This can be avoided by adopting the Nocturnal flaw, but otherwise a magus will gain a simple die of distraction days every season due to ill sleep. He values the Bell at 7 pawns of vis, or an item of equivalent value.

The Lost Calf's Bell: This old cow-bell helps find lost pets, and many people include their children and apprentices among that. When put around an animal or human's waist or neck, it will allow you to always be able to find them. This bell, of course, can be removed, but the effect still lasts until the next sundown or sunup. Once a 'calf' is belled, the person who tied the bell in place can hear the target whenever they move as a ringing of a dull-toned bell. It seems further or nearer based on the distance of the lost calf. The effect has a magic penetration of +10. Surprisingly, the previous owner wanted to get rid of the bell because his teenaged son had a habit of running around all night and day and driving him to distraction.

Also in his stocks are a giant ram's horn, worth 4 animal vis; three shards of glass that reflect the wrong color light, each worth a pawn of imaginem; and a chunk of rock crystal that appears to have a flicker of flame caught inside it, worth a pawn of terram vis.

The mercantile faerie leans on his long poling staff, the lantern dimming somewhat before he speaks. "I come on a mission of mercy today. I have a request from a young lad who was born lame of leg and struggled to get his apprenticeship with a furniture maker. This last winter, an accident claimed his other leg; I am looking for someone who would kindly trade me the use of one of their legs. The poor child is offering his youth in return for this kindly gift; he asks for only one, because it is all he needs to return to his harsh work."

Akakios has been commissioned to trade a boy's youth for the use of a leg(the right). Obviously, accepting this deal will make the bargainer lame in that leg. He would also accept a magical way for the boy to walk again - though it would have to be a magical item or an Arcane-Connection range ritual spell. He is unwilling to trade this for vis, as he is doing it on commission.

A Child's Youth: The boy's youth is represented by a leather bag sewn shut with something rattling around inside it. Wearing the bag around the neck for the bulk of the year will give the now-lame mortal two dice to roll on his aging at the next year, accepting the lower of the two - the child will accept the higher roll, and any associated aging crises. The child has 1 decrepitude point already, due to poor living conditions, and the benefit ends when the child dies. Opening the sewn-shut bag reveals three teeth dirty teeth, each worth a pawn of corpus vis, but ruins its faerie magic.

His extra stocks this year are quite fine, as he has a six strangely-cut rubies each worth a pawn of ignem vis; Two testicles from a Cretian bull each worth a pawn of creo vis; And an entire travelling chest of storm-soaked and shredded robes and dresses, amounting to nine auram vis. This last is supposedly from a Thessaly Witch, but the clothing is no longer an arcane connection to anyone except the chest they're in.

"Wizards are a mighty lot, you all. Powerful, strong. Capable. It was not wise of me to make you wait for this meeting, but I had no choice. But for the delay I hope to have something wonderous for you." From within the faerie's hood, the lantern glows brighter, beaming. He wraps his spindly scarecrow arms around the massive stone cauldron before him and heaves it onto the docks by his boat, and the dangerous creaking makes it obvious the boat was only held together by dreams under the bulk of the cauldron.
"I acquired this from a Witch who was forced to give up her magic, her ambitions. It can distill fantasies into reality, and though she boiled down rebellious children into magical potions, I am certain you could find a method involving less squealing and sobbing."

A recent acquisition, Akakios is looking to trade away a witch's cauldron. It is a massive stone pot big enough to fit a small child into. He is looking to trade it for a wizard's Ambition. This bargain gives the wizard who agrees to it the flaw Short Attention Span, as they lose the drive necessary to focus on their tasks for extended periods of time. (Depressed or Humble are also good choices, depending on how the character plays out). If the Wizard has the major personality flaw Ambitious, it becomes a minor flaw; If they had the minor flaw Ambitious, it becomes suppressed. The wizard has trouble staying on long-term tasks, and may need to spend Confidence to continue working on projects that stretch multiple seasons. Akakios values this trade at 12 pawns of vis.

Cauldron of Dreams: This is a massive stone cauldron, one that could be used to bathe or boil precocious children. This can easily be installed in a lab as a magical fixture (Covenants p120, "Cauldron") and also includes Faerie Ingredients, as glamour will cling to things prepared in it. Furthermore, the Vis Extraction activity will produce an extra pawn of Faere-tainted vis, of a randomly decided Form.

Also for trade this year are two rusty arrowheads (each Terram vis), a chipped crockery that smells like wine (a pawn of Muto vis) and a blonde-haired braid in elaborate patterns that came from a virginal young woman, worth three pawns of corpus vis.

The decrepit lantern-scarecrow that is the merchant shuffles forwards, dragging a blood-stained hatchet behind him. He levers it up to set on the dockside bench he's using as a sale counter. "From a boon companion of a military magus, this was his favorite axe. Blessed by the blood of gods and men alike, it is ever-sharp, and hungers for more blood, and thusly the weakening bones of man did trade it away."
Akakios seeks to trade away a warrior's hand-axe, which has slain numerous pagan god-servants. Akakios asks for six fresh knucklebones, still bloody from the hand. He values this at 6 vis.

Blood-hungry Axe: When struck a dangerous blow, the axe knows where it's prey is, should it run. After striking a wound on a blood-bearing target, it can strike greater wounds. It gets an additional +2 to attack totals on that target. Furthermore, the axe's wielder can smell their presence nearby, and gets a +2 to try to find or track them as the axe sometimes pulls in their direction. This bonus will not work in most group combats.

Other stock that Akakios has tonight include a bottle of pure water from the bottom of the ocean (worth 2 pawns of aquam vis), the tongue of a dragon that's the size of a man's arm - valued at 4 ignem vis - and a broken Byzantine crucifix, each half worth a pawn of perdo vis.

From the bottom of his creaking boat, Akakios seems to find a sack that has been sewn from a cow's gut. Giving it a shake, something inside is rattling. "Of course, I had almost forgotten about this. I was reminded of it from a customer who has an army in need of feeding. I have a few lost soldiers who need a place to serve, and they are simple creatures. Would you like their service in return for a years supply of bread?"
Akakios has handful of dragon teeth, time-lost faerie soldiers who need a lord to serve. He seeks the bread to feed an army for a year, but will settle for [five to fifteen] loaves of fresh-baked bread. Ideally, these would be baked by the bargainer themself(a wife or child/apprentice would be accepted as well), tied into a sack, and sunk under the faerie's pier at sundown tied to a stone. Akakios will bargain for more bread if they are having someone else bake them. He values these dragon teeth at 15 vis. [probably should be more, but meh].

Dragon's teeth: These large, cracked teeth seem to have an ichorous poison dried into the ridges of them. To call forth the soldiers, the teeth must be buried in a circle and watered with the blood of the one commanding them (causing a light wound to summon one, or a moderate to summon all five). Skeletal soldiers will crawl out of the ground and last until sunset/sundown. These skeletons are Might 5 faeries, and fight as a trained group, serving the one who's blood raised them. If they die, they crumble to dust. Once all are dead, or the summoning faded, the original teeth can be dug up. Each tooth could be used as a pawn of vis, destroying them.

Today, because of a windfall in another covenant on Corsica, Akakios has only a single bottle, containing a dying breath, to sell as Perdo vis.

Akakios spends a surprisingly long time organizing the piles of clay phials laid out almost carelessly on a pile of crates and sacks, before he finally selects one. Lifting one long cloth-wrapped arm, he lets it dangle by the leather thong from his spindly fingers. "Everybody needs more love in their life, don't you think?" he asks, the lantern's gaze taking on a ruddy glow of color. "When a beautiful woman like you finds their love, you find fulfilment in the action of pleasing them. They strive as well for the delight of caring for you. Two hearts who can beat together stronger. With a love in your life, why would you need your beauty, as any faults would be forgiven or compensated for."
Akakios has a potion of love for sale. All he asks for in return is the maga's beautiful hair. Agreeing to the deal and shearing off the hair means the woman's hair would no longer grow past their ears (but their new love will still enjoy the look). Akakios values this potion at 10 vis, but good negotiations and sympathetic trades are twice as effective.
Clearly this bargain works best for beautiful female maga; he would also accept the hair of a male whose long and luxuriant hair would be equally missed. He might instead ask for a strong man's physique (not changing his strength, but making his muscles less chiseled and defined), or a man's beard if it is equally valued. The point of it is to take away something of their good looks or pride. He will of course accept a trade of vis.

Philter of Love: This is a clay phial, stoppered with a wax plug that has a cord sunk into the wax to open it. Instructions are inscribed apon the bulb of the pottery: "Whisper the name of your beloved; Drink half the concoction; Whisper their name again; Splash the bottle onto your neck and cheeks; then one must go to your beloved and whisper to them; Declare your love, and when their eyes meet yours it shall be bliss you see." Despite the complex instructions, the effect is simpler; Drinking and splashing the potion on you primes the faerie enchantments, and gazing into your target's eyes releases it. This is a Muto Mentem effect that transforms their strongest emotion into love for the drinker, with a penetration of +30. Optionally, the storyguide may also include the paramour falling in love with his target as part of the enchantment.

Akakios has a meagre supply of extra vis today. The seed of a satyr, worth 1 creo vis; A flower stolen from the winter queen's garden, each of its six petals worth a pawn of herbam; and a leather sack with a captured gale in it, worth 2 auram vis.

As a storyguide, I highly suggest having this potion stolen by an eager apprentice or a hopeful scullery maid for a story, but this should open opportunities for something great rather than be a punishment, since the players did buy it.

The cowled head lifts and gazes towards you - the gaze an flickering and wavering glow of a corroded brass lantern that stares out from the hood of waterlogged rags and bedraggled cloth. Nodding with approval, he drags up a heavy wooden crate with surprising ease and sets it down on the dock. Levering it's lid open to reveal a pile of tarnished coins, he digs through them with sticklike fingers and pulls free of the crate a sack.
Out from the sack spills a bedraggled drowned cat, wispy and ghostlike. "Sadly, its family is gone, and the father of its first owner did not want it around. The little girl who brought it home asked me to find little Fluffball a home, and thus I bring her to you. I can care for her in the meantime, but if you desire a playful young kitten, I could sell her to you. However, she never did learn to hunt for herself, so you will have to feed her by hand."
Akakios is willing to trade this poor cat to an eager mortal in return for a wizard's solitude. Agreeing to this trade will make the magus nervous when alone, and maybe even gain the flaw 'Devoted Parent' (from Grogs book) towards the spectral kitten. He values the trade at 8 vis.

Fluffball is the ghost of a drowned cat, given a Faerie seeming. If he is not fed daily, he will mewl and whine at night, probably disturbing the local area. However, with no physical form, feeding him requires someone to kill a vermin themself so the cat can feed on the 'ghost' of the prey. Fluffball attaches herself to the purchasing magus originally, but if someone else feeds her more often, she will attach herself to them. If fed every day for a year, the ghost cat will begin to leave presents before their master's doorstep, in the form of spectral dead birds and rats. These amount to a pawn of vis a year, Animal.

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Akakios brings forth a large leather gauntlet, reinforced with bands of metal along the back of it. A single bright red gem glows apon its wrist. The lanternglow lifts from examining his wears, and Akakios's voice rings out as the gleaming gem dims. "A man has many fears. I would be most willing to trade away a few of yours for this item. Bartered from a mighty soul in the depths of the underworld, this is a Hero's Strength; With such strength you would have no need to fear, so would you barter your fear away for it?"
The Faerie Merchant has a gauntlet of heroic might, and is seeking to trade it away for a wizard's fears. Agreeing to this bargain would remove any of the client's fears, worries, and doubts. Any Brave personality traits would go up by two, and cowardly traits down by two. If the mortal has the flaw Fear, it should be traded instead for another appropiate flaw (perhaps Reckless or Optimistic). New fears can be learned, or created with Mentem magic. He values this item at 8 pawns of vis.

Grip of Heroic Deeds: A heavy leather gauntlet, reinforced with metal bands sewn into it, this is a pristine and elegant-looking tool of war. It bears a single red gem set into the wrist. While wearing it, the mortal feels a surge of heroic impetus. Once per day, the wearer can benefit from the Virtue Reserves of Strength, and can treat their Strength as +3 for that purpose, and the action will seem effortless, costing no fatigue. When their task or action is complete (Whether that task be a duel, holding open a portcullis, or climbing a cliff face) they will lose a fatigue level - in addition to any levels they spent during their heroic task.

Akakios also has a dragon's ear, ripped free and still bloody, worth 1 pawn of animal vis. Three large gems cut in the shape of staring eyes are worth a pawn of intellego each. The cloven remains of a laquered shield are worth 4 pawns of herbam.

From his voluminous, sea-soaked robes, Akakios draws forth a small cask of wine and a wooden goblet. As he sets the goblet onto the the cask, it catches the light of his lantern and reflects as if it was gold. The wood seems to melt away like an illusion, revealing a gleaming, lavish goblet of jewels and precious metals. "Laughter and gaity are oft in short supply, in many parts of the world. Would you trade away your laughter for a magical goblet which protects you from poisoning?"
Akakios is looking to trade a faerie-tainted magical goblet for a mortal's laughter. Trading it away gives the poor mortal the inability to release his humor and delight in laughter and revelry. Everything seems a bit more calm and sober. This could be represented by the Personality traits Depressed or Temperate. Akakios values this trade at 9 vis.

Goblet of the Sober Prince: This is a large, gaudy goblet of gold and silver, inset with jewels. The liquids drank from it will never poison the drinker - and this will include, sadly, wine or beer, or other alcohols. Everything tastes just fine, but if it was poisoned, the drinker will feel like something is missing, slightly disappointed. Spilling the wine or liquid onto food will apply the effect to the food, as well.

"I do understand you desire this object. I desire to trade it to you. Unfortunately, I am a merchant, and I cannot just stop my business for a few years until you find the objects I desire in trade." Akakios brings up his rag-bound hands, tapping a spindle of a finger against the frame of his lantern skull. "But you have been a good customer to me, and I do appreciate it. I will make you a deal, then. I will put this treasure aside, ready to be purchased when I return next year - or any year. But the deal must be fresh and new, and to preserve it, you will allow me to hold on to your sense of time. I shall return it with the final purchase."
Akakios is delighted to have such loyal customers, but he cannot stop business just because someone needs more time to gather the materials to trade. But if you leave him some collateral, he'll hold on to the object of desire until it is purchased. Without the sense of time, the magi will find their schedules harder to keep. Most of the negative effects can be mitigated by an assistant helping organize and keep track of timing for the blighted maugs. Roll a simple die, and that is the number of days lost to distraction every season until they finalize the agreed deal with Akakios. If, however, the magus is too proud or overconfident to accept assistance in managing their time while cursed, use a stress die instead.

As Akakios moves on his boat, the creaking of wood seems to come as much from him as the boat. "I have heard a bit of... bad news. I thought, as a good customer, I would bring it to you. I have heard your name spoken. Such attention can be bad for one's health." He picks up a waterlogged book, flipping open the pages that cling together with damp. "Thus, I have acquired a few new names, and would be willing to trade them to you, in return for your own."
Akakios is offering to trade a magi's name for a new name. This is, in effect, a mirror of the Secret Name initiation from the Bjornaer house, and likewise, will not be offered if the magus has a familiar or talisman. (Akakios will apologize that he does not have a name that would suit that other magus, if they ask.) He will not offer this trade for mere vis, as it would not be symbolic enough.

A New Name: As part of the sacrifice, the magus will lose the ability to recognize their old name - hearing it spoken will not trigger recognition, unless they are paying attention (similar to someone playing a new role in a theatrical play). As an added problem, however, if the bargainer has Death Prophesy, or another prophesy of the future, the prophesy will be about someone else, instead; They will acquire the prophesy about their new name instead. Akakios will give them a push in the right direction if he could.

His extra stocks today include a selection of pickling jars with human remains in them (3 total, each a pawn of corpus); A gargoyle's head, torn from its body, worth a pawn of aquam vis; and a living, headless (faerie) chicken that has 2 pawns of muto vis inside its stomach - Akakios will admit that the chicken ate the vis while he was doing business with its original owner.

"I know you are a great wizard," Akakios says, the unblinking glow of his lantern staring at the magi. It is unclear which he is talking to. "As such, you must have performed great feats of magic, with which to better the world. An associate of mine has need of such a tale." From the floor of his creaking boat he picks up a large sack that twitches. "I know your legend is grand, and I will need to offer you something grand in return for it. If you give a grand tale of your adventures to me, I shall give to you in return this human child, cast out by a witch as a failure."
Akakios has a witch's apprentice who was sold away. He does not often deal with such things, but sometimes the sales are put in his hands anyway. He is asking for an adventure from the maga who takes the child. Agreeing to this trade, the maga must recite their great adventure deeds to Akakios, who will capture the words in a bag for later. Doing this will take the memory of the adventure out of the maga's mind - no loss of experience gained, but they will be unable to recall what happened, and may forget they went on that adventure at all. He would also reluctantly accept a sum of 25 vis for the child, stating that he does not approve of putting such mundane value on a child's life.

The Witch's Apprentice: This is a young Sicillian girl named Orsola, who was bought by a witch and then sold again. She has the Virtues Frightful Presence (from ROP:F) and Unaging, and the flaw Magical Air. She also can act as a lab assistant, as per Failed Apprentice, but works she assists with tend to have a risk of Warping, since her glamour leaks out of her (If using the Covenants lab rules, she adds warping to the lab). Alternatively, if appropriate for your group, Orsola could be a Gifted child to take as an apprentice.

Akakios has a wealth of extra stocks today: Six scales from a snow wyrm, each worth a pawn of ignem, and cold enough to freeze water with a touch; four wings from a faerie, which still flutter when touched, each worth a pawn of vim; A bisected braid of dwarven beard worth 2 pawns of terram vis; and a hangman's noose worth a pawn of perdo.

Akakios draws forth a jeweled scabbard, covered with blood red and night-black stones. He runs rag-bound hands along the embossments of the scaled leather, and lays the blade apon the dock. "A spare blade from the lord of War, it craves battle and death. I am certain he has no need of it for now. If you would desire it, you must understand that slaying another is a loss of innocence. Since you will have no need of it, I would gladly take it away before you accidentally break it with careless action."
Akakios has a Sword of Ares. One of his spares, since the god of war has many. He would trade it for the magus's innocence. Agreeing to the trade would give the magus the Personality Flaw Wrathful or Rebellious, though the less wholesome of magi may transform the flaw to Depraved. Akakios would not want to trade this to anyone with Compassionate or Kindly traits, nor a Noncombatant. He values the sword at 12 vis.

Blade of War: This blade is a short sword of exceptional crafstmanship and quality. When drawn, an cloud of smoky darkness hovers about the blade, and the wielder's Wrathful personality trait is doubled. Striking a foe with it (a successful attack, whether or not it does a wound) will inflict a light wound apon them, in addition to any damage the actual blade does (with a penetration of +30). If the blade is sheathed without slaying one of the opponents, the blade will punish the wielder, doing enough fatigue to them to render them unconscious (this effect has double penetration, due to the faerie sympathy given by drawing the blade). Should the bearer of this blade find themselves in the presence of a Faerie God of War, the faerie will immediately recognize the blade as his. Whether he wants it back or not is up to the story.

Also in his supply this visit, Akakios has an ancient jug of wine that has never been opened (worth 2 pawns of herbam vis); A petrified loaf of bread worth a pawn of terram; and the breath of a dying child in a jar, worth a pawn of perdo.

Akakios has a beautiful silver tiara in his ragged hands, with little shards of gem like broken teardrops set in it. His head raises from illuminating the offering, and turns to the magi. "I would be delighted to trade this mystical crown, taken from a dying princess, which captured some of her unfathomable beauty inside it. Some of this beauty would surely be gifted to its wearer. Would you be willing to trade the colors of your eyes for such a prize?"
Akakios has a crown of beauty immeasurable. He is looking to trade it for the color of someone's eyes. In addition to the bargainer's eyes becoming a pale, fey white, they also become color-blind. Akakios values this trinket at 5 vis.

Crown of Beauty: This Tiara causes its wearer to appear more mystical, beautiful, and fey. They gain a +3 bonus on appropriate social rolls (similar to Aura of Ennobled Presence, except with regards to beauty.) They also have a hint of other-worldliness, which might mark they as mystical or faerie to those who are fond of such things. The penetration of this effect (on the wearer) is +20.

Inside the small, waterlogged wooden chest are piles of leaves. Akakios reaches carefully inside with one hand, and withdraws a dried-out looking aspen leaf - and it transforms into a gleaming silver coin between his fingers. "I have brought an offering from a scholar afar. She seeks to study language and delve into forgotten secrets. She offers wealth beyond memory, in return for giving them the languages they seek."
Akakios, faerie merchant, is offering a small chest of ... infinite coins. Anything pulled out of the chest transforms into coins. In return, the boatman asks for one of the bargainer's languages - one they have at level 3 or higher. Agreeing to the deal will take all of the mortal's knowledge of that language - not only their experience points in it, but including their knowledge that the language exists. Akakios values this item at 9 pawns of vis.

Chest of Coins: The small chest can be carried in one hand. One can fill the chest with detritus - leaves, sticks, rocks, fingernails - and transform the dead matter into coinage. The bearer of the chest can with focus make the coins coming out of the box be of a denomination they desire, though if they do not think about it, the coins will be of their native kind. The transformation lasts for a month, giving the coins enough time to be re-disbursed. Despite the expert disguise, the coins will taste like whatever they once were (in addition to tasting like metal).

Akakios spills forth from his bags a wealth of gemstones and coins, into a large earthenware bowl painted with scenes of dark figures on dark backgrounds, like goblins beneath the earth. "I have a customer," he says, turning his lambent gaze from the bowl to the bargainers, "Who seeks to add to the gloom of his demesne. Would you be willing to trade your shadow for this pile of wealth from his realm?" He reaches down to select a single orange gem from the pile, which begins to glow brighter as he lifts it. "This one in particular he was eager to be rid of."
Akakios is seeking to trade a pile of gems and coins, including one magical gem, for a mortal's shadow. While mundane wealth is often not a need of magi, one gem in particular is a magical sunstone. Agreeing to the trade would, obviously, mean the bearer can cast no shadows. They also will generally begin to become paler as a consequence of their lack of interaction with the sun.

Sunstone of the Earth: This is a large gem, larger than most become naturally, as it is pulled from a faerie realm. The stone is uncut, but reflects light radiantly. It seems to glow brighter, the darker the surroundings are. The sunstone casts stark, dark shadows (for those who do cast shadows) and can often make it very easy to find invisible things. The glow of the sunstone, on a moonless night, is bright enough to fill an amphitheater with bright light comparable to a summer noon.