7 Autumn Moonlight

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Ludo rides back astride a spirited, ahem, spirit horse after he completes the re-arrangement of his spells and summons after their return from the magic realm. The creature, once it manifests itself, is a sleek black think with occasional wisps of flame about the hooves and from the mouth and nose. A magnificent creature though perhaps not the most inviting seeming. Ludo and the 'beast' seem well familiar with each other however.

Taking his bearings he looks about with satisfied aire. [color=red]"Andorra is that way, one valley over. There are more in the herd of this one, if any of you would like a mount for the journey home."

If any accept he will summon them a like horse.

That completed he mounts and sets out on the journey home, the horse making short work of the affair. Upon his arrival at the castle courtyard however the animal appears to recoil before so many people with the Gift, setting him fidgeting and spinning a few times before Ludo dismisses the creature. It dissolves into a black mist and then into nothing, settling the Magus back down easily onto his feet.

As the banquet begins Ludo makes his appearance as well, though like Octavian he is mildly late taking the time to refresh and change. When he arrives he however seems quite joyful himself. He is attired in a fresh edition of the venetian finery that seems to be his uniform, jewels and frippery quite evident. He makes his way over to Decimus, clapping the man on the back. [color=red]"And so! How have the Gods treated you and this place since I have last seen you?"

As the party goes on and the flow of wine goes on, Kalofor starts telling various tales, such as the tale of a guy considered too dumb and so he had a quarrel with another person.
This to take the mick out of him told him certain stones if taken under the moon and held in the hand, makes the person invisible. Without clothes.
So they foolish guy (with the help of the person who told him that) took one of these stones and asked him if he was invisible.
Next day the guy completely naked and holding the stone in the hand went to see a certain amiable woman...

Upon passing back through the portal to the material realm from the domain of deep Magic, Vares assays the bridge between the two, small fragments of Val-Negra carried with him. The mystery of the semi-functioning Arcane Connections is one more which he must explore when the time is right. For now, the timeless study into the nature of Time, Soul, and Magic is impressed deep into his mind. Drinking in the air, he reads the positions of the stars, and wonders if the time of "balance" is significant in the opening and closing of portals.

Expanding his senses, he peers to the horizon from the place of great vantage, hears the cries of the animals and the sounds of the mountains on the wind, and knows the place with greater clarity. As his sodales make their own preparations, Vares makes the step to the boundary of Astrological domain, again and again, reacquainting himself with the changeable sway of the stars over the world.

Glancing back, he sees Ludo call his 'spirit steeds', and smiles. Having been to the Place where Magic is substance and substance, Magic, their form and nature are fathomed all the better.

The crowds and cheers which greet the return of the Magi are a thing through which Vares slips in silence, avoiding notice as is his habit. His presence will be known. Fuego's departure is no more than a mild annoyance. He has much to speak about with his Mentor, but with a greater opportunity to contemplate and prepare, their exchange should be the richer.

There are those to whom he does make his long-delayed presence known, catching up on events with his custos. He will be ready when the banquet is served, refreshed and reinvigorated.

Inigo looks levelly at Ameline, sizing her up carefully. Then, the ghost of a smile appears on his weathered face.

[color=red]Believe me, Sister, I know. Protecting her is my duty and privilege.

Inigo spends time before the meeting catching up with his daughter about both of their experiences, not yet reveling any of what he has recently learned. He expresses neither approval nor diapproval at her activities last season, simply listening to her and watching carefully, considering what Ameline has said and all he has learned.

Ameline speaks softly [color=red]"Protecting her is my privilege and duty as well. It is the main reason I came here. To protect her from the shadows."

At the banquet
[color=green]Antonio of Flambeau: [color=red]So Octavian, what do you think of my proposed revisions to the ByLaws?

The magus's eyes turn to the side to look at Antonio as he drains a cup of water. "Greetings Master Perez. I will reserve judgment until I see a legal charter."

Attired in fines clothes, as ever, Dimir Taar is pleased to see the return of his own comrade xalbator.
At last! You took your time. What manner of monster could impede you so much? I was expecting your return last season! Tell me your story, I'm sure it shall be interesting.

(Falls long ago gave me permission to step up when he is not present, so i presume Inigo tells you the tale from his point of view, being quite sober and somber as he does so).

He does indeed, although he glosses over the parts about what exactly was imparted to each of them and how the experience changed them. He does linger on the battles however, in classic Flambeau style.

[color=red]It was glorious, brother. We battled a demon, and the foul Metron, and the realm itself!

His tale is good, though he doesn't have the flare for drama that some magi have. [color=red]I admit I'm getting old for this.

[color=red]Forgive me Sister, but other than spiritual guidance, what help can you provide? And what do you know about my daughter and what interest do you have in her? I admit that it is my intention to claim her as my own apprentice within the month, and I only tolerated your taking her into your lab out of respect for your judgement as a woman of God.

[color=red]You have already seen it. Several times. It is that parchment kept under glass upstairs. Easy to ovrlook. Doesn't look like much. But back in the day they made charters really sparse and loose, the bulk of the laws were made by council rulings. Nowadays they cram every little nuance and ruling into the charter from day one, but there has been four hundred years of progress and development in Hermetic law since then.

"My apologies master Perez, but we both know that charter's legality is contested under the most generous definition of the term." He sets down his cup, staring intently into it. "We both also know that I was accepted for membership here under the assumption that the presence of a quaesitore would deter those magi who would feel the need to press the matter further. Unfortunately, as my unheeded warnings predicted, the magi of Provencal Tribunal's resentment towards this covenant has boiled over."

[color=red]Hmmm, I had heard a rumor about that, but I had dismissed it. Master Octavian, it would seem you have a well connected information network. I would like to designate you Bishop of Intelligence.
Anyway, I know how to head this one off at the pass. Who wants to take a trip to Castra Sola with me? I'm gonna certamen Garus and force him to shut his pie hole.

"Master Perez, while I am flattered by your offer, I have other duties to fulfill and I must express that I do not believe you are aware of the scope of the opposition that you face. This will not be resolved by a single duel. It will be in the hands of Tribunal with likely charges of Vagrancy leveled at this covenant as the charter you had mentioned is not recognized by any existing Tribunal. The only viable solution is a vote. One that you cannot win without aid."

Pietro of Flambeau, a guest at our table, speaks up
[color=red]Your sodale Octavian has a point. And remember, you are an Archmagus. We do not settle matters in such brutal fashion. We have more dignified means. And it would not be politically wise to challenge and embarras the Primus in such a way. Go to the Domus indeed, but your strongest weapon is the tongue, not the fist.

[color=red]"I took her as gifted lab assistant because it was the easiest way to insure that I had my eye on her most of the time. When there was talk of most of the magi heading off on rescue mission for you and the ones still here were going to be occupied with projects that were going to take up all their time, I took her to assure that she had appropriate protection and guardianship. Had you not returned, I would have made it formal apprenticeship. As for details, that we can discuss somewhere more private."" Ameline is not going to discuss everything considering the various people present.

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[color=green]Antonio: [color=red]Hold on Pietro, I'll get back to you in a moment.
Inigo, Ameline, what's this going on now?

"If master Perez wishes to get on his knees that is certainly an option not to be dismissed." He replies smoothly.

[color=green]Antonio: [color=red]What the...? What is that supposed to mean? Do you think before speaking, or do words just flow randomly out of your mouth? (Judged Unfairly, Antonio thought your tone was condescending and disrespectful). [color=red]Anyway, don't distract me. I will deal with Provencal in my own time. The issue that interests me at the moment is Inigo's daughter.