7 Autumn Moonlight


On the morning of the autumnal equinox, the sun rises over mount Periditu in a vibrant display of color and light. In the glare of the light there is the image of a man, burning bright with fire in brilliant harmony with the light of the new day. Light and shadow play upon the morning mists whirling about him, the colors shifting and swirling, and seven other figures step forth; Inogo, Octavian, Vares, Ludovicio, Alexandro, Javier, and Carlos.
The burning man is Vanacastium of Flambeau, legendary magus of the days of yore, who has carried our heroes home, and has these parting words…
Always remember why Reculed chose for himself the name of Flambeau. Know that a Torch can bring fire and destruction or light and wisdom.
Contemplate deeply the value of the Four Great Illuminations; Courage, Loyalty, Temperance, and Wisdom. Courage is the Light that penetrates the darkness of despair. Loyalty is the Light that guides your way when you are lost. Temperance is the Light that nurtures growth as it does for the Oak. Wisdom is the brightest Light, for knowledge is the greatest of powers.
Be Bold, and Temper Force with Wisdom. Know what stand for and what you stand against, what you will fight for and who you would die for. Cast not your loyalties lightly, but forge your bonds in steel. Remember that patience and perseverance overcome all obstacles, and that time destroys all things.
Every change is a destruction of the old thing and the birth of a new. You came to Val-Negra in Darkness, and now you leave having received Light. The experience has changed you all. Your ignorance has been slain, and you are reborn in knowledge. You have seen the Flambeaux, and have returned with new eyes. Go forth now and see, do what must be done.
And with that, he disappears. Inigo, you feel as if his words were directed especially at you. They resonate deep within you soul, giving you a sense of hope and direction. Vares, you find Vanacastium’s parting words very introspective and full of insight, and you suspect that they have a deeper meaning. Octavian, you find the speech interesting but beside the point. Good advice and all, typical wise words from an elder. Ludo, you think it is a bunch of fluff and BS. True power is hidden in the darkness.

You all receive two confidence points for your adventure.

Ludo knows exactly where he is, and anyone with appropriate Area Lore can figure it out easily. Head East by Northeast for a league or three and you will get to Valnord, which is another village in Andorra. Around the mountain southward from there is Arans, the village that the covenant castle overlooks.

I don’t want to play out the whole walk home :smiley:

After Vanacastium's little speech Octavcian turns briefly to Ludo. "Did master Abaddon restore your memories?"

Once Ludo answers, he simply nods and walks off towards the coven. He prefers avoiding the villages and moves at a brisk pace. At his arrival, he makes his way to his own tower, only stopping if he is intercepted or interrupted.

The ravens grow uneasy at the sight of the magus. They all land on ramparts, parapets or any other place they may perch and eye him eerily in silence.

[OOC: Did he?

And if there are no objections I'm thinking of having Ludo summon some magical spirit type horses to help the group travel back to the castle 'in style' as it were? ]

OOC: I dunno. Did he? Were they ever really gone or were you bluffing? Is it something he did, and can he undo it?
So many riddles.
Ludo, be a Tytalus. Fabricate your own reality :smiling_imp:


(OOC: Consider we're on a mountain and most magi have likely never ridden a horse because of the Gift.)

They are spirit horses, they take riders and can gallop on the clouds between mountains.

Yeah! :smiley:

[ Generally my thought as well. Flying, or at least super jumping, cloud galloping, and otherwise just super spiffy magical horses for the ride home. I'll write up a post about it later today. ]

(I think Marko was being sarcastic. Furthermore, I think the fact that they are flying is even more dangerous for non-experienced riders).

[ I will take that as a 'No'. :wink: ]

OOC there are several legends in Sicily talking about people being abucted by spirit horses, all black and with fiery tendrils, The fate of these people?
To be thrown in the volcano Etna gaping maw.
'nuff said :smiley:

You don't know me very well. I am not subtle enough for sarcasm. I like flashy over the top spectacles :smiley:

OOC You also like grogs that fall 2000 feet to theri deaths for lack of ride skill.

that is beside the point :smiling_imp:

All last season Carmen had been training in Mastery of Wings of Soaring Wind, under a magus with a score 7 in said mastery (but for only two months of the season). She gains 10xps (two-thirds of 15 (7 for trainer’s skill, +3 for Training, +5 for Apt Student)), increasing her score to 2, and choosing as her new Mastery Ability shall be Precise Casting. So, with Int +4, Concentration 2 (spells), and a Mastery of 2 & Imperturbable Casting (which she already had); her new Concentration Total is +9. She is pretty good at maintaining flight :smiley:

Anyway, she is flying around when she spots them, our wayward comrades headed up the road returning home. With a shout of joy and jubilation, she alerts everyone of the good news. When they arrive, Octavian manages to slink off to his sanctum (disturbing the ravens of the tower), but the rest are surrounded by the cheering crowd. Carmen wraps her arms around her brother Alexandro and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Then punches him on the arm. Kesara shouts “Daddy!” and runs to Inigo. Antinio stands beaming with pride, and commands for a huge banquet to be prepared immediately to celebrate the tale he expects from you :wink:.

Who is here? Well, for once all the member magi and other player characters are altogether. First time that has ever happened. Most of the visitors have left, but a few are still around and are eager to meet Xalbador and Vares. Carles, Tacitus, and Fuego have all gone elsewhere. But there are a few visiting Knights of Seneca and other Flambeau magi still around (Pithius, Jason, and two others yet unnamed).

Pietro of Flambeau is here again. He is the one that trained Carmen in flight last season. He and Antonio (and Fuego) had attended a Convocation of Archmagi in August (which is why Carmen only received two months of flight training).

Anyway, Antonio immediately calls for a Council Meeting, open and informal with no other agenda than to here the reports from the magi, the story of their expedition and adventure. He has the assistant stewards bring up the good wine out of the cellar. [color=red] The really good wine. Not the premium excellent wine, a notch or two under that. Save the best for the next wedding or a baptism or something.

Kaloforo prepares himself when he hears the cry coming out. He studies attentively the various charachters, watching them from afar, as if studying them. He takes some sketches and drawings, if anyone wonder what is he doing he mutters he is taking some sketch for further study.
As he is invited he presents himself wearing a white chemise, a blue chemise and a scarlet gown compound wave with the signs of Siena in evidence with an infula, white. below dark coloured tightsHe will reappear at noon trying to stand back, wearing a white chemise, a blue chemise and a scarlet gown compound wave with the signs of Siena in evidence with an infula, white. below dark coloured tights. He enjoy the wine offered, together with the food, with circumstance.

Everyone is invited :smiley:

Octavian returns to his secluded tower while avoiding the fanfare and celebration elsewhere in the castle. In his absence, the tower has been kept spotless by the maid of the tower in preparation for his eventual return. It was not abnormal for the magus to depart for long periods of time as his duties to House Tremere and to the Tribunal often called him away. Undressing, he removes his leather armor laying it neatly on the armor rack by the body length mirror.

Marjolaine comes upon the master of the tower in the darkness to relay to him the news of the banquet as he is already changing to formal attire. He stands in the darkness, his chest exposed. The mai is carrying a magical candle, illuminating the immediate area around her. She sees only the silhouette of the magus and is startled. "Master Octavian. I ... there is to be a banquet."

He turns towards the light. His form still shrouded in darkness, but the sinister glow of his eyes are squarely upon her. He remains silent for a time.

Marjolaine shies away from the gaze. "You ... you are expected shortly."

"Thanks you maid Marjolaine. I shall not be long." He whispers softly.

The woman curtsies and shrinks away and out the door.

Octavian arrives somewhat late for the banquet, having taken the opportunity to freshen up and change instead of going immediately to the council chambers as the others. He takes whatever seat is available and is content with observing the interactions of the attendees instead of engaging in the banter or festivities.

Ameline sees the crowd and Kesara's reaction and she considers the situation deeply. She makes her way towards Inigo and speaks softly.
[color=red]"We must speak soon about your daughter. Please keep her at your side until we have this chance. She is in much danger."

Jehan is not heading to the banquiet as he (she) is heading towards the quarters to start the process of packing her gear. She has been dismissed save for a price that she is unwilling to pay. She has learned yet again to never trust anyone that seems to want to hire her. Look out for herself first.

Decimus arrives at the banquet dressed in a fresh toga with a purple stripe border. He seems to be in a cheerful mode. He sits down where he is expected to be and glances at everyone in the room trying to see if he can discern any information from them or the cause of this banquet.