A labor of love and magic

A rather restless night's sleep finds the magi young and old up with the dawn and the bustle of the clan as they rouse their families and begin their morning chores. Animals are roused and are moving from out among the warming circles. The magi wake and raise their Parmas and groggily look for their breakfasts.

Maxximianus is having a morning pipe as he reviews the sheaves of paper that were given to him regarding how the labs will be created. Agitatus is coughing loudly as he looks at an illuminated text. Rhodri brings up a chest, the same chest that was used yesterday and full of vis. Mugs of hot tea are served as are some fresh bisquits.

"We'll get started in a bit." mumbles Maxximianus, spitting some crumbs as he does so. "We'll do two each, unless you want to try casting it yourself."

"I wouldn't waste the vis." mentions Agitatus as he turns the page of the text he's perusing.

OK, there are 4 labs being created, the fatigue cost on a succesful casting is still 1 level, so they can cast 2 at most without affecting their totals. They'll start with the uppermost labs and work their way down, so whoever has the top most lab step up!

Acacius has a big smile on his face after all this is his first lab. I have my wishes regarding my lab but I am not sure of what I can ask… I wish that my lab suits my aesthetic ideals and I wish that there is space enough to install a feature or two. I hope that it will be possible to conjure a clear space in the middle so that I could focus my laboratory on spell invention. Otherwise I just assume that your magic will create the most well crafted equipment that there is.

Maxximianus heaves a bit of a sigh at Acacius's eagerness. "Yes, yes, I'm sure you're very excited. This is a lab of the highest quality, including inventing spells. It is a lab ideal for a Bonisagus after all." he picks up the paper that you had given to Rhodri the night before. "I perused your...requests. There is sufficient explanation in this that I can see your intent. Mind you, such things as the aesthetics you requested will really be appointed by you. I will merely be allowing for the space. We'll be getting started soon. I'm sure you'll enjoy your lab."

Agitatus mumbles something rather quietly into his mug. Maxximianus turns on him in a flash. "What was that?!" he snarls.

Agitatus smiles and puts his mug down. "I said, 'Assuming you don't crush another chamber down there.' I understand we're running a bit low." Maxximianus just curls his lip in anger and returns to his papers.

Just a quick info session. Technically this spell is just as powerful as the one that created the Covenant. Level 45, it will take just as long to cast it as the other spell, and the magi will use spell tablets. The Finesse isn't as strenuous though, with a poor roll the created items will likely appear rather ugly, but functional. A Botch could be bad though. They will each cast 2 spells, if you have a preference of Maxximianus or Agutatus casting it let me know.

OOC my roll was in the other thread but it was 14, I want Agitatus to cast mine.

"Agitatus, I would be honored if you would cast the spell to create my lab. I think I can describe what I want for my lab clearly. I want an open space in the lab in the center since I will be putting in some additional features into that room, otherwise along the walls with clear aisles. Siobhan continues to describe things in detail to lay out the places for types of labs tasks.

Agitatus mumbles around the bisquit he's eating, spraying some crumbs onto the sheet you carefully prepared. It sounds a bit like "Sure, just a moment.". Breakfast is finished and one of the serving women clears the crockery with some nervousness.

"Alright, let's begin." Says Maxximianus as he stands and Rhodri gives him his walking stick. Merry is trusted to carry the heavy chest of Vis and follows you down the subteranean entrance. Only a few of the clan have been down there so far, Merry, Aine, the brothers Oisian and Boisial, Tessa, and Dermot have all toured the top landing and brought some of the gear down.

On the first landing the gear has been stowed for now, you recall hearing the clan arguing how they'd bring down the heavy stove while a crazed chef that came with Agitatus seems content to curse at them endlessly in Francais. Rhodri leads the way to the first lab and sets the trunk next to the open chamber. With an ease that makes the rest of you envious Maxximianus makes a casual wave, a few words and light bursts into the empty chamber. Another similar easy spontaneous spell destroys dirt and dust. He pauses to re-read the preferences of Acacius while Rhodri sets up a podium at the entrance of the door and opens the chest of vis.

Without nearly as much ado as the massive undertaking yesterday, Maxximianus begins casting his spell in the practiced chanting he exhibited yesterday. As he chants he follows the written directions of the casting tablet, shaping his gnarled hands into the proper gestures. He periodically picks up vis and puts it to use, summoning the power to conjure a lab out of nothing. The time ticks by as he labouriously casts the spell.


Die roll for Agitatus
Rolled on: 2010-01-20 06:18:04.137142

1d10 → [10] = (10)

Oh boy. I had not expected this, and this is why I've kept the dice rolls to myself. However, I decided awhile ago that when we got to creating the labs that there'd be risk involved, especially since you're getting so much beyond the standard labs. Alright, I have to make a botch roll, which I will keep secret of course. Just to let you know, for this roll, due to the Aura and the vis involved he rolls 15 dice. 1 for the standard, 9 for the amount of vis used, and 5 more for the Aura. We'll see the results later today. The good news is, if he doesn't botch, he's powerful enough to cast the spell still.

Woops, also the caster is Maxximianus not Agitatus.

OOC Correction, Aura only adds to botch dice if it is a foreign aura. THis is magic aura, we are attuned. It doesn't add to botch dice. Admittedly 10 botch dice is still very bad but 15 is much worse.

Something is wrong..! As Maxximianus picks up and spends the last pawn of vis after the long spell, his calm and stern expression suddenly changes. His eyes were mostly closed throughout in almost serence concentration, suddenly they fly open and he gasps in surprise. Rhodri steps forward and touches his shoulder "Master..." but Maxximianus hurls him back. "Don't touch me fool!" he snaps and he turns back to the spell that he seems to be losing control of.

Dust begins to fall on all of you and the ground lurches. "Ye fool! Ye've killed us all!" rages Agitatus who is looking around for the exit, but has been turned around by the unfamiliar surroundings.

"Heavenly God!" cries Merry.

"I have it! I have it!" Maxximianus yells, his hands moving amazingly fast and intricately for someone of his age and debilitation, he begins speaking in Latin again, the spell tablet forgotten as if he'll wrench the forces of the Aether into place by will alone. More dust falls and as you look about for the exit in your panic, a roar of thunder echoes from out of the chamber, so loud and forceful it knocks Maxximianus back and he falls on his backside. The tremors, the falling dust, the noise abruptly stop, as if they never were there, or perhaps maybe it was part of the spell all along?

From inside the chamber there is still the unwavering light he conjured earlier. Inside is an amazing assortment and display of the finest laboratory equipment you've ever seen. Gleaming glass, elegant metals, extravagant crockery, shelves, braziers, arcane symbols, statuary and of course, the magical scrollwork that is the Sigil of Maxximianus.

Acacius make a Perception + Magic Theory roll and a Perception + Awareness roll. The Magic Theory is Simple, the Awareness is Stress. I'll send you a PM with what you discover.

Well the dice did not roll my way...

Perception 1 + Magic theory 3 + dice roll 1 = 5 invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2380716/

Perception 1 + Awareness 0 + 0 dice roll = 1 invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2380719/ I rolled on “0” in the four extra dices I roll when I roll stress rolls. It was the second dice so I hope that I don´t suffer a botch.

It is wonderful, Acacius gasps and slowly walks towards the laboratory. Once he stands in the doorway he turns around a single tear has run down his cheek. I thank you for this extraordinary spell casting now if you excuse me I must take a look at my new laboratory. Acacius turns around once again and walks into the laboratory. His belly feels like butterflies and he is so happy. My first lab, he whispers to himself. Acacius takes a walk around the lab and take a closer look at everything and begins to make his plans about how he will furnish it and what projects he must create. But what was that strange sound? I must ask the others later… he thinks.

Rhodri and Maxximianus exchange confused glances at the recent events and the results of them. Rhodri helps his master stand and also brushes him off until Maxximianus thrusts him away in irritation.

"I'm...glad you like it. There must have been some...residual resonances from yesterday's ritual that...interfered with the casting...but it seems OK." Maxximianus mumbles as he stares into the lab, but doesn't cross the threshold.

"Yes...or you're just a bumbling fool." Agitatus whispers into Bjorn's ear after nudging him with his sharp elbow.

"Well...Rhodri I'm sure you want me to conjure your lab, next right?" Rhodri's eyes bulge and he swallows hard as he thinks about it for a moment while his master's eyes narrow menacingly.

"Of course Master..!" he finally stammers. "But...perhaps after you've rested a bit? Let's allow Agitatus to cast the spell for one of the others first." he nods eagerly as he gestures to Siobhan. "I believe her lab is on the next landing." he says as he tries guiding his parentes and the others towards the stairs going down.

Merry wipes the sweat off his brow and begins gathering the podium after closing the labtext with his sheathed dagger and Rhodri picks up the book. He tucks the podium under his arm and closes the chest and hoists it as well. "Might as well be a tomb, this place." he whispers in Gaelic. Agitatus raises an eyebrow and makes a crooked smile as he heads down the stairs with the rest of the magi.

Siobhan smiles softly as she move to head to the next landing and her lab and the library. She has a couple seasons of hermetic law to read and having a lab will be important for that.

Bjorn rubs his side where Agitatus nudged him, a somber look on his face. He stays back as the others start to make their way downward to the next level, wondering for the first time if the use of all these strong spells so close to one another might create unforeseen side effects that will not become apparent until later. As the last member of the group starts heading down the stairs, Bjorn moves closer to peer cautiously into the newly made lab. Taking a step inside, he takes a moment to look about at the quality of the objects created by the spell, all covered with Maxximianus' script sigil. For the moment he is glad his lab will not be created by Maxximianus, for he finds the script over every item a bit overwhelming, but then he realizes that he does not know Agitatus' sigil and grimaces as the possiblities fly through his head. Hastily, he turns and moves out of the lab, moving quickly to and down the stairs to catch up with the group.

The short journey down to the second landing shows the more elegant side of the Covenant, this is where the library would be set. Once Merry has set the chest down Aggie taps him on the shoulder. "Hop up and get me a pint will ye lad?". Merry looks at him in some disbelief before he shrugs his shoulders and starts heading back up the stairs, passing Bjorn on the way up. "Aye, could use a pint myself..."

Agitatus peruses the sheets presented to him the night before and hands them back to Siobhan. "I'll get started in just a minute." it's obvious though that the sheets he handed back to Siobhan were actually Bjorn's. Agitatus notices the mistake a moment later and takes out the other set of sheets, the top two noticeably contain crumbs and smudges, the later sheets conspicuously don't...

Merry returns with a pint in each hand, giving one to Aggie while sipping from his own. "Alright let's take a look" Aggie says after a long pull from the mug and Rhodri sets up the book stand and puts the book on it, opening it to the right page. "Alright, back away lad, I don't need ye to wipe me bum!" he says as he shoos Rhodri away. He opens the chest of vis with his foot and looks in at the assortment.

"Let's begin..." he says after another drink. His face takes on a surprisingly serious look, and he shakes out his long and crooked fingers then begins to read from the pages in his craggy voice. The cool air begins to get dry and take on a coppery taste as Aggie's hair starts to raise and stand on its end. As he continues to chant and make the hand signs, the air continues to dry until it almost seems it could snap and crumble in your fingers. Bright blue sparks of electricity dance about the empty chamber, leaving flashes in your eyes that don't fade for several moments.

After the requisite amount of time and chanting, with vis being consumed in amazing quantities, the dancing lightning reaches a crescendo. The room fills with the blue arcing energy, every time it alights on a surface it leaves behind some physical object that you can't quite make out due to the glare. This goes on for perhaps a minute before the snapping charges cease and the room is quiet and still. "And that is how it's done!" says Aggie as he reaches for his mug and drains the last of the ale in it.

Siobhan, roll Perception + Magic Theory, Simple roll. Once you post that I'll PM you the results.

Siobhan smiles in appreciation of Aggie's flare and style. She is starting to feel affectionate towards that old mage. He has style.

OOC: Per 1, MT 4 + 5 roll = 10


"So m'lady Quaesitor, ye're satsified?" asks Aggie, with a smug look towards Maxximianus who is staring daggers in return at Agitatus. "Who's next? Gimme a pint and I'll be ready to start again!" he says, seemingly full of energy still.

Rhodri looks at Bjorn. "Well...the next landing down is where Bjorn said he'd have his lab created. If you're still able, you can create his then. My master will...create mine when you're finished, my lab will be on the lowest level."

"Ye sure ye don't want me to cast it Rhodri?" Agitatus says with a wink.

"Blast you!" yells Maxximianus, suddenly on his feet! "Just finish and be done with it you cantankerous bastard! I'll be requited yet you son of a bitch!" he stomps off down the stairs, creating a light with an angry wave of his hand and a snarled word or two in Latin.

Rhodri stands there stunned a moment before he takes off down the stairs after him. "How they can carry on like this..." faintly echoes up the stairs as he descends. Aggie seems happy enough though as he has Merry fill his mug again before packing up the vis and the book and the book stand.

"Thank you, Master Aggie." The queasitor makes her way over to Aggie with a smile and gives him a kiss on the cheek. "it is exactly the way I wanted it with room for the features that I want to add to it."

Siobhan moves to help pack things up before she heads into the lab marvels over every piece of equipment. She really needs to master some finesse so that she can do spells like this.

Bjorn gives off a soft whistle of appreciation as he looks about Siobhan's new lab. That was quite an impressive light display. He turns back to Agitatus and smiles. "Nice work old man. Feel up to doing that again?"

Agitatus takes a pull off his ale and belches. "Aye lad, let's do this." he says. "Ye didn't give any requests on how it's to be set up, I take it the standard is fine then?". The group arrives on the 3rd landing where Maxximianus is waiting already, a scowl carved onto his face as Rhodri directs the group to one of the chambers that isn't collapsed.

"Alright then..." Agitatus says as Merry sets the chest down and puts the book on the book stand. He clears his throat and begins casting. The idea of casting a spell for more than two hours and then doing it again seems so exhausting to you, you wonder again how they can do it.

Towards the finish, just prior to the spectacular light show that accompanies the casting of his spells, Aggie makes a large belch again, and seems to have to struggle to recover and finish the gestures and words. Maxximianus seems to brighten up and get excited at this, but then the lightning starts to appear in the lab, leaving behind magical apariti as it does so, and he sits down again with a scowl.

Spell casting roll went fine, he almost had a botch on the Finesse roll, he rolled a 0, but then the check for a botch had no botches, so it just means he didn't roll so hot on the Finesse, but as I said before a low roll on Finesse for this spell still yields workable (but possibly ugly) results. We'll leave that to you whether or not you feel it's ugly.

Bjorn shrugs in response to Agitatus' question. "A basic lab is fine for now. I figure stuff will be moved around enough once I get a Studio and some architectural enhancements in." With that he stands back so that Agitatus may have enough room to perform the spell. Excitement about watching the creation of his very own lab turns to alarm when Agitatus belches in the middle of the spell. When Agitatus is finally done, and the light show is over, Bjorn carefully steps closer to peer around the elder magi into the room. He slowly takes a step into his new lab, mouth open as he looks around himself, dumbfounded at what he sees.

All the items created seem to have some sort of wavy texture or mottled surface design to them, like all the equipment was shaken while the outer layer was curing. Glazed pottery is dappled in various shades of color instead of one solid tone. Braziers have a pounded finish so they lack the crisp, clean lines of Siobhan's lab. Items made of glass have a wavy appearance, and all stoneware is made from variegated stone.

Bjorn delicately picks up a beaker, examining it's construction. The undulating surface of the glass made it appear uneven and of poor quality, but the sides of the beaker are the same thickness the whole way through, making the odd appearance of the glassware purely decorational. He puts the beaker down gently, hesitantly speaking, for he feels he should say something. "Interesting effect... Thank you for the lab, Agitatus."

Agitatus, lets out his breath in a rush, seeming genuinely fatigued, and then makes a hiccup as he shakes Bjorn's hand. "Aye lad, ye're welcome, have at it. Whew! I'm almost beat. Let's see if Maxi can manage one more spell, then I'll leave this death trap to the young ones."

Maxximianus growls under his breath and walks towards the stairs with Rhodri right behind. The remaining group follows down, those magi with their labs are too caught up in examining their wondrous new accomodations. On the lowest level, Rhodri selects the lab chamber and directs Merry to set up the book stand and set down the chest. Maxximianus sends his light into the chamber to get the full view of it and wastes no time, he starts casting the spell right away. Rhodri didn't give his Pater any instructions, the lab as created would be more than enough, and you remember him saying he wouldn't dare to presume to tell his Pater how to cast the spell. Maxximianus pours his considerable will and determination into his efforts, willing the lab and its effects into creation. After more than two hours of his casting the spell is completed.

After his chanting falls quiet and he lets his tired hands fall, the lab begins to take shape with far less of a production than his first casting. Instead of violent shaking and alarum, phantasms of delicate scroll work weave through the air itself, seeming to spell the names of the apparati in various tongues before the item appears and lays gently to rest on the stony floor or a shelf. The script work stays faintly imbedded in each item, giving factual and helpful information about each one. After a Diameter of this, the room goes still, the light from Maxximianus's spell playing eerily on the magical perfection that he has called into being.

Rhodri looks on in awe, a tear rolling down his cheek before he steps forward and grasps Maxximianus's hand and kisses it reverently. "Thank you my Master." he whispers as Maxximianus sighs from the exertion and turns to Agitatus. Agitatus looks into the room, taps the wall with his knuckle and nods. He turns to the old Bonisagus and gives an impressed smile.

"Aye...well done. Well done indeed." he says simply. Maxximianus's frail chest swells a bit and returns the nod. "Alright ye old bastard, let's go up top and get something to eat and drink. We've done our work for now I'd say." Maxximianus nods wearily, and perhaps for the first time it seems the two old wizards share a genuine friendship as the older Tytalus offers his hand to the smaller and younger Bonisagus and start heading up the stairs.

Full disclosure, after Maxximianus's embarassment on his first casting, he was determined to make a better showing on his next casting, plus it's for his most recent filius. He spent two Confidence points on the Finesse roll once he succeeded on the spell casting roll (both wizards are powerful enough where they can only either succeed on the casting of the spell or botch). This doesn't actually change anything with Rhodri's lab, but here is his Finesse roll:


He would have needed a truly phenomenal roll to affect even something like the Aesthetics total of the lab, and he didn't get it. Like I said, just offering full disclosure. I'll be opening a new OOC thread to cover events of Spring.