a new arrival (fall 1220)

As the winds shift coming in from the Mediterranian and the seasons get a little cooler, a Maga approaches the covenant under construction on a mission from Odin- to construct a shrine at the lowest point of Gar Dalam, and place the ancient hammer which he has entrusted to her upon the alter she constructs. She was told she should come by way of this covenant, such as it is, and decide if this was a place she would wish to reside.

Thus enters Terra ex Merrinita.

Terra walks towards the Covenant looking for anything resembling a front gate or a place to greet visitors. The place looks distinctly unfinished, but even so it would be better than simply conjuring a building herself or living in the wilds with no shelter. On the plus side that probably meant they would accept a magi into the covenant if she was willing to help. On the whole a good thing. She says a short prayer to Faerie gods for her good luck.

She was hoping someone would realize that a woman traveling alone dressed in furs would be a potential maga, especially since her familiar was sticking its head out of her bag...

OOC: I assume anyone can greet her?

The "covenant" consists of a tent city next to the very beginnings of a construction site, nothing more than a foundation and a few walls, maybe a corner or two actually useable. As she approaches, Garcin spots her while walking rounds, always watchful against invading cave people. Anyone wearing furs is unusual in this climate, much less a woman. Regardless, he's always charm personified whenever faced with the fairer sex.

"Hail and well met! Welcome to Domus Aureus, future home to the Hospital of Malta. How can I help you today?" While Garcin is pleasant, he is wearing the harness of a fighting man, and clearly his purpose in starting a conversation to to intercept.

"I am Terra ex Merinita, I believe this is the place I was looking for. Are any magi hear now? I'd like to talk to them to request hospitality and hopefully negotiate a longer stay. And hopefully get some lighter clothing." the woman replies. Her lightest clothing and the heat was still sweltering.

Suddently, not so far, a gigantic stone floats out of a deep hole in the ground, before being dropped on the ground with a loud "thump", accompagnied by a slight tremor.

I realized the two do not actually have a language in common. Instead of his verbose greeting, he would instead greet her in a melodic, but still incomprehensible tongue. He would try again several times with presumably different languages that all sound exactly the same to you. After this is interrupted by the ginormous stone block, he'll simply try one word: "Latin?" and take you to Antonius.

At the sound of the block Terra will know she's at the right place. "Yes, Latin I speak speak Latin. And the magi haven't taught everyone Latin have they. Well." Terra will continue, unperturbed, but she will follow the man. "We're going to see someone who speaks right?" Of course, this is all in Latin, but Terra does not seem to be bothered by any lack of understanding.

Considering that Antonius is already involved in other threads, Garcin will actually take her to Tomas, who presumably will not drop multi-ton rocks on peoples heads when interrupted. Or just annoyed.

Tomas looks up when visitors arrive at his tent / reading spce. It is obvious to Terra that this is at least a scholar, as he seems more itnerested in the book in front of him than anything else. But he does turn away when Garcin steps in announces in Romany "A visitor who speaks Latin." Tomas looks at the lady in furs, stands up, and offers her the only other chair. To Garcin "See if you can get her something to drink." Turning to the lady, in Latin, "I am Tomas ex Bonisagus. To what do we owe the honer of your visit? And I hope you have something cooler than those furs. I suppose one of us can turn them into something wearable if necessary."

I am Terra ex Merinita. Short term, I'm on a quest from Odin. Long term, I want to help the Order and my House expand. The spread of knowledge, integration of new traditions and discovery of new resources. And umm... these are the lightest clothes I have.

"Garcin, go see if one of the ladies around has some better clothing for her. Maybe Julia has something?"
Then back to Terra "So what can you tell me of your quest? Most of what we deal with is ancient but none of us have dealt with the Norse or their runes as far as I know. I would hope that we can help you while you are here."

Terra shakes her head
I wouldn't expect Norse to have come this far south. I'm to build a shrine at Gar Dalam's lowest point. I suspect Odin must have had similar ideas about expansion. Whatever the case I would like to offer my help to you as well. As far as I know this covenant is the furthest south of any in the Order, and its right on the cultural boarders of Europe and Arabia. Actually, if you want I could summon a large building today, I know the ritual and have the vis on hand. It would be fairly simple and unfurnished, but its sturdy stone and has glass in the windows.

At the suggestion of summoning the building right now, Tomas smiles. "Let me get the others and we can talk about it." At which point he sticks his head out of the tent (since Garcin has presumably left on the clothing errand. Seeing Cheech rummaging around, he asks him to find the other mages and ask them to come to the tent. "Tell them that an interesting idea for the building work has come up."

Cheech grins a huge grin "Right away!" he leaves to tell the others that Tomas wants to have a meeting about an interesting idea for building work. He completely neglects to mention the newcomer.

When it gets long enough that Tomas realizes that some of the urgency probably got lost in conveyance, Tomas will get out some snacks and ale (yes, he tends to eat where he reads). If Garcin gets back with some clothing for Terra, he will step out to allow her to change. In the meantime, he will do his feeble best to make small talk, and try to learn a bit about this Merinita Maga's background and interests. I expect that Terra will quickly realize that Tomas has no clue about Faerie. And much clue about magic theory.

Tartessos and Vulpus will arrive, intrigued with what Penko has to reveal this time. They are somewhat surprised to see a fur-clad stranger, and no Penko. Presumably Tomas will introduce Terra.

"Greetings, I am Tartessos ex Verditius, and this is my familiar, Vulpus."

Vulpus gives Tartessos the stink eye and replies, "That's Professor Vulpus to you!, a comment that is ignored.

"A quest and a building project? Hmm, a disparate combination. I think we better summon Penko as well. Turning to Tomas, "Wasn't there an area in the aura survey labeled Gar Dalamt? Could that be the same?"

[tab][/tab]Maffeo was in the tent he uses, going over supplies that the covenant will need for the coming winter. He barely manages to catch a tipping ink pot when Cheech jumps on the table, avoiding a furry tail making a mess. Despite the mischievousness, the Mercere likes the animal a lot. After hearing about Tomas meeting, he gives a date to the primate (pit removed) then goes to see whats happening, taking his scribe satchel with him. Politely asking permission to enter, he stares a bit at the stunning, exotic woman in furs. Audibly closing his mouth with a clicking noise, he mumbles something that could be a greeting then finds a place near the tent's wall to observe the drama....

GM edit: there was, and I missed it, I was trying to pick a cave not on that survey. Change to Għar ix-Xiħ

Garcin will finally arrive after some time with a variety of light garments popular in Greece; they all bear a Jerbiton sigil. He quickly explains why he was gone so long, "If you could let her know, I remembered one of our departed maga was about her size, and I found these in her tents. Surely Madaleen can fit them." He glances at the stranger, then continues in a lower voice. "Um, I also saw several sheafs of paper that look like they belong in the library, and some objects that sure look magical to me.

OOC - I'm pretty sure we haven't found all the stuff from our BP (a few lab texts and magic items), so I thought this might be a good way to stumble across them. If everything was accounted for, or Silveroak had other plans, then obviously the things Garcin found are mundane.

We do have everything from our BP currently- during that phase it was discussed and decided to put nearly everything into vis and use that to buy books.