A summer in summary

Durring the summer of 1220 a few discoveries are made...
during construction as they excavate for limestone, the masons discover 4 structures within the high aura portion of the covenant which appear to have been buried by time.
You also receive word on the dates and locations of the tribunal meetings for Rome and Normandy, both are summer of next year, about 3 weeks apart.

The warden brings by a man "This fellow claims to be a scholar, caught him poking around where you were poking around, you know, that abandoned old temple. Kinda feel like the judge went a bit hard on you, so I figured I'd just drop him off here if you claim him."- thus is Euthymios ex Jerbiton brought to the covenant...
(let you discuss how exactly he fits in)

go ahead and discuss any other summer plans here- rapid development of the covenant, personal development, etc. I will be posting fall adventures (including any which may be planned excursions from the summer summary) soon.

Also to be added- what are the roles of any newly added characters? Will Hakima be an apothecary, a teacher, or a servant until facilities are further developed?

Also plans to recruit non-story significant characters like servants? You could probably recruit a few of the older children from the orphanage as servants- ones who have missed the chance to become apprentices.

Tomas plans to spend the summer reading "The Humorous Body" by Santigo di Ferrol.
David expects to spend summer and fall on Redcap business. His usual round is the near-coastal covenants in Italy and southern France, but the house may have other directions for him.

I assume Tamya and Terra's introuctory adventures will be in fall and/or summer?

Tartessos and Vulpus will use a caravan lab (unless anyone objects?) to craft an item to bring plants to maturity quicker, intended to jumpstart the the covenant's food and income. He will loan The Mason's Friend and The Sculptor's Friend magic items to assist with making a wall (MF use 1/day, 1 cu pace of stone malleable as clay all day, SF 6 use/day, use finesse in place of craft:mason). Neither Tartessos or Vulpus gained xp from another source this season, so they will both take exposure in Magic Theory. I'll detail the labwork a little later.

Edit: neither Tartessos or Vulpus participated in adventures in spring, and the only thing they did was talk, so I'll give them both practice in Italian.

Paphos Set up his workshop underground and in the aura during Spring. During Summer he will build, working on the rearmost portion of the building in the aura, with these rooms destined to be used for labs. Lastly, he will spend a few days at the orphanage getting to know the children and staff. He will recruit three children destined to be servants, using the criteria of a clean record at the orphanage and a pleasant and term oriented demeanor. Exposure 2 in Craft: Mason. Workshop total: Dex+Craft+Item of Quality (IOQ) Glove+IOQ Chisel+Inventive Genius = 5+10+4+2+3= 24.

Penko Set up his workshop above ground, outside the aura during Spring. During Summer he will build, focusing on living quarters and communal rooms outside the aura. Exposure 2 in Craft: Mason. Workshop total: Dex+Craft+Item of Quality (IOQ) Glove= 3+7+4=14. Presumable day(or seasonal) laborers can be recruited from dockside to provide a work gang.

Garcin Garcin will organize the grogs, set watch and practice schedules, etc. Basically he's just being a grog, and will take exposure in a relevant skill, probably leadership.

Ismael will works as a craftsman/gameskeeper providing food for the covenant. "workshop" total Int+Animal Handling= 2+6=8

Edited to reflect workshops built in spring, and building in summer. Because we are keeping NPC grogs, all three orphans will now be servant.

I would assume Hakima would be an apothecary. She would probably start right up in summer with her work. 7 labor points if they are getting tracked+exposure experience.

"I am indeed a scholar, a physician, in fact, but I recognize the like of my associates here, and I believe that identifying myself as such may be of greater import to them." Euthymios displays a wooden disk engraved with the symbol of House Jerbiton, the pennant flown from the tower, from within a pocket. "I meant no offense by my intrusion, as I had not known there was any claim on the area."

An intruder!!! Execute him!!!

Paphos will greet the Euthymios (He's kinda acting as the autocrat until someone else can be sucker, er, chosen to fill the role. "Welcome to Malta, friend Jerbiton. You are welcome to our hospitality, rude though it is. I confess we have but a canvas tent and peasant fare to offer, but this being Malta the nights are clear and temperate. You have indeed found an outpost of Hermes in this howling wilderness" Euthymios saw several villages on his way from Mdina to the Tarxien excavation. "I will summon the council this evening to speak with you, in the meantime no doubt you wish refreshment and privacy to wash the dust from the road. I am Master Paphos, an artist of the Galatean School, and if you wish anything else, just ask anyone you meet and I will assist.

Paphos will escort Euthymios to a small group of tents at the top of an otherwise unremarkable hilltop. The beginnings of an excavation are evident by piles of stone and several holes. You see about a dozen or so people either at the excavations or among the tents setting up lunch or otherwise going about their business. Paphos shows Euthymios to an unused tent made of sturdy canvas, obviously well used, but equally well cared for. A cot, woolen blanket and rough but serviceable table comprise the totality of furnishings.

"The council hall, for the nonce, is under the stars in the center of the camp, near the fire ring. We will meet after sundown to speak with you. In the meantime, most people here speak either Arabic or Italian, only a few are fluent in Latin. Is there anything else I may assist with?"

The adventure experience was all gained in the spring, this is summer.

[tab][/tab]Maffeo is moving around hectic, clutching his wax tablet and stylus, various ink smudges on his face and hands. He listens in on Paphos and Euthymios talk, then quickly introduces himself “[color=blue]Welcome, I am Maffeo di Piedmontes ex Mercere. I am sorry for the state you find us, we just started and are quite busy. Anything you want to help with….. or not.' He takes a moment to answer a question someone passing by asks about provisions, then continues “[color=blue]Well...yes...quite busy as you see. You might want to talk to the magus Tomas, he is in charge of the Hospital and such.' Maffeo quickly moves on...

[tab][/tab]Maffeo takes upon himself to ask as coordinator and magus on hold. He doesn't have a laboratory, nor a library or a place to make books or even scribe. He makes his tent a hub of wax tablets, paper and cheap parchment, full of lists and things to do. Someone has to help keep track of things, it might as well be him as the other magi are a) busy doing their stuff, b) possibly quite not up to dealing with people. However since he is not a leader, he quickly delegates people to those who are. He spends the entire summer tracking, coordinating, keeping lists and helping as much as he can. In fact he tries to get the familiars to keep track of their magi so that he can easily find them. In case of an emergency or if something or someone needs to be found he can help.

OOC I think I am going to start a thread listing things that need to be done, please add and comment to it :slight_smile:

Doh! I'm dylsexic!

Ok, the recruitment was clearly a summer activity, then. Were we able to get a workshop set up in spring, or shall we just assume everything from my previous post except xp is a summer activity?

I should also point out that trying to build the walls for the border of the town allotment (1 mile diameter=3 miles circumference) will take years. A Manor house, on the other hand, can be finished within the year.

About that, I think we should start with an earthen rampart. Worked stone will take a lot of time and effort without proper magic.

I should have mentioned as well- the excavated buildings have extensive wall decorations and some small figurines, many of them of roughly female forms, with a pawn of creo vis in each ( 10 figures). (this is the first 8 BP of hidden resources)

(If I remember correctly, those figurines have significant value for future research if we avoid destroying them by extracting the vis?)

Fertility icons? I read somewhere about them I think....

They're from ancient magic. And using the Vis is a terrible idea since you can get precious insight from them. But the question is if your character has any reason to know that? Actually how do you identify potential insight sources anyway?

The caravan's purpose was investigating ancient magic; I'd think identifying them as insight sources might be a magic theory or magic lore roll.

I suspect that the answer to "how do you recognize them" is that any really old object with vis is probably good for an insight into something. The question is whether it is something you want. Given that we have folks in the caravan with explicit interest in Ancient Fertility Magic, they would probably know what this is, and ask us to be careful in the handling.

Euthymios asks around and is eventually directed to Tomas. "Euthymios ex Jerbiton, pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm told that there is a hospital being constructed here? I myself trained at Salerno, and have an interest in the location and aura for my research. I wanted to know whether there is a possibility I could be of assistance? I have some minor skill with the Art of Corpus as well, at least enough to keep a wounded man alive for a time while more gifted practitioners than myself are contacted."