A walk in the garden (Summer 1235)

Epona, Luicia, and Donna find themselves with little to do one warm summer day, and Donna suggests they take lunch in the garden. After a nice picnic lunch with Donna and her Apprentice weaponsmith, they lay down in the warm sun, and awake to find themselves in what looks much like the garden did when Fleur first moved in- far more wild and overgrown, but extending well beyond the bounds of the garden, and the house is nowhere in sight.


Carlos is present, and is waking up from a nap (sleeping off the wine after he played some games in the grass :wink: ).
He stands up, guitar in hand, and asks Fleur "Where the hell are we?"

Bernat is also there, having been persuaded that he has to at least eat while he waits for the council to convene. He may still be wounded, not sure.

((Is Fleur present? I thought this was a mundane party))

((My mistake :smiley:; maybe she was there earlier but didn't get sucked in with the rest of us?))

Fleur was not there.

Donna wakes up at the yelling and sits up in the tall grass. "I'm not sure where we are. Hope it doesn't have anything to do with the damn ghosts."

Carlos looks around for any familiar lanscape or landmarks, surveying the terrain and scanning the horizon. He tries to determine which way is north, what time of day it is by the sun's position, and gauge the speed and direction of the wind.
Relevant Abilities =
Profession-Soldier 3 (shield Grog): catch all for things a soldier is expected to do
Survival 2 (forage): he'll look for some food :smiley:
Music 5 (guitar): when all else fails, play some music and be carefree :mrgreen:

Lucia and Epona had fallen asleep on the grass in each others' arms, with Lucia resting her head on Epona's well-cushioned chest.

Epona woke up first, moving carefully so as not to wake her lady love as she looked around. She could immediately tell that things had changed drastically, and shook Lucia gently.

When Lucia awoke with a yawn, Epona whispered, [color=brown]"How long do you think we were asleep?"

[color=gray]"What do you mean?" Lucia said, before she saw the wild shrubbery that had encroached on the garden.

They both sprang to their feet (well, Epona sprang...Lucia got to her feet a little more awkwardly) and looked around.

[color=brown]"Does anybody know what happened?" Epona said as she reached for her knife.

Bernat scrambles to his feet, eyes almost popping out of his head. He's not used to weirdness of this sort. He says nothing, though; and soon recovers himself enough to look around with a "professional" eye.

Per 2 + Awa 4 + [url=http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4593960/]die-roll 9/url = 15 to spot anything that he considers peculiar and/or interesting.

Note that Bernat also has Premonitions (roll Per 2 + Premonitions 3 (+1 self) vs variable difficulty to predict danger; it's in the core book, which I don't have to hand). Let me know if you want me to roll at any point; or, perhaps better, feel free to roll secretly for me.

Bernat does spot at least one thing of interest- there are two mounds nearby, each of them vaguely human shaped. From one grows a flower with crystal petals which seem to spread rainbows like chaff in the wind, the other has a single flower with petals of a red crystal. There is a vague sense of something threatening, but nothing that triggers a premonition.

What is Carlos' assessment of the situation? Other than not being too worried. He has his guitar. What sort of song would best fit the mood?

Also, for reference...
Int 0, Per -1, Dex +2 (for playing guitar), Pre +2 (to look cool while doing whatever he does), Venus' Blessing (for the ladies :wink: )
Profession-Soldier 3 (shield Grog); Survival 2 (forage); Music 5 (guitar); Awareness 3 (details);
Die rolling...
(four rolls in a row just to cover the bases)
1d10=1, 1d10=4, 1d10=4, 1d10=9

Results are up to you and the needs of your story

As Carlos picks out an epic ballad set in the wilderness the sky, which seemed clear but remarkably unremarkable moments before, begins to broil with storm clouds which are less threatening than enhancing the wild feel of the garden. The two crystal flowers seem to be brighter and colors more vivid. At the edge of the clearing a caricature of a woman stands in awe, her prodigious bosom heaving as she watches Carlos play the guitar, glancing occasionally behind her. Her dress shifts from one of tattered rags which revealed more than they concealed to those more befitting the heroine of the story, a dress of red fabric which lies off the shoulders. Still ripped yet far more elegant than the plain peasant's dress she wore before.

Anyone with a faerie lore of at least 1 may recall the admonition- in the land of faerie, an artist may be more powerful than a mage, and a greater target.

Well, Carlos has a weakness for pretty women. So he switches it up to playing a romancero, and walks towards her while smiling and singing "Malaguena Salarosa"

This version, by Chingon, is from the soundtrack for "Kill Bill 2", but it is a classic played by Mexican mariachis, and the origin of the song is unknown but most likely from Spain hundreds years ago. Malaga is a city off the coast of Andalusia
"Malaguena" means a woman from Malaga :slight_smile:
This song, called simply "Malaguena", is more traditionally Spanish (the first half).
And this old version is by the great Placido Domingo. More traditional and Iberian, but less guitar.

I do love Latin music :mrgreen:

Too bad that doesn't work on at least two of the ladies :stuck_out_tongue: .

Epona takes a step or two toward the mound with the crystal flowers, with an expression of curiosity on her face. Lucia trails behind...until she spots the woman with the prodigious bosom. She stands there looking at her.

As Carlos changes his tune the woman rushes towards him, her prodigious bosom heaving as she embraces him and leans in to whisper in his ear
"The beast hunts, we must flee to safety."

The flowers are each isolated on heir mound, and shine with exquisite beauty, almost begging to be plucked.

Lucia and Epona walk hand-in-hand toward the mounds. Lucia glances back at the newcomer, watches her embrace Carlos, and gives a mental shrug as she turns back toward the mounds and gives Epona's hand a squeeze.

When they reach the mounds, Epona reaches down to pick the crystal flower while Lucia does likewise with the red one. Epona leans in and whispers something to Lucia that causes her to blush with embarrassment, then Epona tucks her flower in Lucia's hair. Lucia then carefully places her flower in Epona's bodice before they give each other a very affectionate kiss and turn back to return to the others.

Bernat is having some difficulty tearing his 18-year-old eyes off the buxom newcomer; but he does notice Lucia and Epona picking the flowers. He's not sure why, but he feels sure that was a bad idea; he watches them for a while instead.

Carlos enjoys the breasts pressing against him (though with his short stature, they are probably pressed against his face, a situation he highly enjoys, and slides his arm around her waist.
"[color=blue]And what beast would that be? What is he hunting and why? Perhaps some music would sooth it's savage nature?"
Carlos is armed with only a dagger and his Latin Guitar. The life of a warrior is something far behind him in his youth.

"The great beast, he is hungry, come!" the woman yells and she tries to pull Carlos along as she flees, but will not allow herself to tarry longer, "Safety lies this way!"