Abbreviations used on this forum

For my 1000th post on this forum, I wanted to do something useful.
Even after all this time, I do not know all the abbreviations used by veterans on this forum.
I hope this will help newbies.

This post is only possible thanks to members of the forum and the old list from redcap
I will keep editing post number one, so all the abbreviations are in one place.

abbreviations on this forum :
A&A Ars et Academe (supplement)
AC - Arcane Connection
AFAIK As Far As I Know
AG Atlas Games
AL Artes Liberales
An Animal
Aq Aquam
ArM Ars Magica (core rule book). Also ArM1, ArM2, ArM3, ArM4 and ArM5 or for edition distinctions.
ASG Alpha StoryGuide, the main storyguide in troupe-style play, when storyguiding is shared among the participants
Au Auram
ATM At the moment
BDR Belief Defines Reality: one side of the Medieval Paradigm argument, whereby mythical things happen because people believe in them. This worldview assumes that as people's beliefs change, reality changes too.
BerkList The Berkeley Ars Magica mailing list (an online platform where the early exchange occurred; rather inactive lately, as far as I know)
BoAF Ball of Abysmal Flame
BSG, bSG Beta StoryGuide, a secondary storyguide in troupe-style play.
BTW By The Way
C&G City and Guild (supplement)
Co Corpus
Code, the The Code of Hermes. Not to be confused with the ArM Code.
Com Communication
Conc Concentration
Cr Creo
DEO Demon's Eternal Oblivion
Dex Dexterity
ESA Earth Split Asunder
FLGS Friendly Local Gaming Store
FTR For The Record
FYI For Your Information
GotF Guardians of the Forest (Rhine Tribunal) (supplement)
HA - Hermetic Age, the number of years of experience after gauntlet (see PG)
He Herbam
HMRE Hedge magic revised edition (supplement)
HoH: MC Houses of Hermes Mystery Cults (supplement)
HoH: S Houses of Hermes Societates (supplement)
HoH: TL Houses of Hermes True lineages (supplement)
HR House Rule; a rule players have invented or modified for use in their own game. (plural, HRs)
IC in character
IIRC If I Recall/Remember Correctly
Ig Ignem
Im Imaginem
IMAO In My Arrogant Opinion
IMC In My Campaign
IMHO In My Humble/Honest Opinion IMO In my opinion
IMS in my saga
In Intellego
Int Intelligence
IoL Incantation of Lightning
ISTR I Seem To Recall
IYS in your saga
L&L The lion and the Lily (Normandy Tribunal) (supplement)
LoH Legends of Hermes (supplement)
LOL Laugh(ing) out loud
LoM Lords of Men (supplement)
LotN Lion of the North (supplement, 3rd edition)
LP Longevity Potion, called longevity ritual (lr) in 5th edition
LR Lion Rampant, original publisher of Ars Magica.
lr longevity ritual
Me Mentem
meh whatever
MR Magic Resistance
MT Magic theory
MoH Magi of Hermes
Mu Muto
Noble's Parma "I'm doing this from memory, because I'm too lazy to go and find the reference."
OOC out of character
OoH reder of Hermes
OoHL Order of Hermes Lore
OoO Order of Odin, the semi-mythical order of Norse Wizards.
OOP Out of Paradigm
OTOH On the other hand
Pe Perdo
Per Perception
PG - Post Gauntlet, referring to a mage's experience since apprenticeship (see HA)
Pink Dot Loophole A recognized problem with Fifth Edition Magic Resistance rules, whereby a magus can turn his opponent's sword pink and the now-enchanted sword will be kept out by the caster's own Magic Resistance.
PM 1. (send) a private message (verb or noun); 2. Parma Magica
PoF Pilum of Fire (CrIg20 spell)
Pre Presence
Qik Quickness
RAW - Rules as written (a literal reading of the phrasing)
RDT - Range, Duration, Target
Re Rego
Req Requisite
RL real life
RM Rival Magic (supplement)
ROFL, Roll(ing) On The Floor Laughing
oP: D Realms of Power The Divine, also RoP: TD
RoP: F Realms of Power Fairie (supplement)
RoP: I Realms of Power The Infernal, also RoP: TI (supplement)
RoP: M Realms of Power Magic (supplement)
RoP: TD Realms of Power The Divine, also RoP: D (supplement)
RoP: TI Realms of Power The Infernal, also: RoP: I (supplement)
RSN Real Soon Now
S&M shape and material (both can create bonuses to item creation)
serf's parma - I may be wrong, because I am at work and my books are not
SG The storyguide (fourth edition convention is not to capitalise it).
SL Spell Level
Sta Stamina
Str Strength
TC The Church (supplement)
Te Terram
TeFo - generic reference to Technique/Form of a spell effect
TF True Faith
ToH:I Tribunals of Hermes: Iberia (supplement, 3rd edition)
ToH:R Tribunals of Hermes: Rome (supplement, 3rd edition)
TMRE The mysteries revised edition (supplement)
ToC Table of Contents
ToME Tales of Mythic Europe (supplement)
TP Twilight Points, the Fourth Edition and earlier term for Warping
TSE The Sundered Eagle (supplement)
Vanilla without using the supplements, just the core book
Vi Vim
WG Wizard's Grimoire
WGRE Wizard's Grimoire, Revised Edition (supplement, 4th edition)
WoD The World of Darkness, the modern-day setting White Wolf's games Vampire: The Masquerade, Mage: The Ascension, among others, apparently descended from Ars Magica.
WoMS = Wind of Mundane Silence
WotC Wizards of the Coast
WRT With Regard To
XP Experience Points
YMMV. Your mileage might vary. Meaning that your opinion might differ from this one
ysmv - your saga may vary - implying that a rules/world interpretation or judgement from SG or Troupe is possible or even expected


STICKY FOR THIS THREAD!! :slight_smile:

Some random others:

YMMV. Your mileage might vary. Meaning that your opinion might differ from this one
IMS. In my saga
Serf's parma means that you think this is official, but are away from your books at the moment, so can't check
ATM. At the moment
BOAF: Ball of abyssal flame

On one other rpg forum, they had a "mouse over" effect for many abbreviations used. The abbreviation would then have dashes under the word, and a small "?" would appear if you moved your mouse over that text. Then, the explanation would appear. It was very helpful! Don't know what the webmasters here think of anything like that. I forgot how the html code thingie was called, but it's part of official HTML, so no fancy javascript stuff.

Congratulations on your 1000th post and welcome to the ranks of the Sovereign Regnants!

I did notice you coming up on the 1000th and was close to pulling out the old it's-the-end-of-the-universe-and-the-four-horsemen-have-been-set-loose-on-the-world, but realised that was a different kind of millenium! :smiley:

I think it is a really great and noble project to step into the 1000th post - and I suggest expanding on it and promoting it as a sticky (if an abbreviation sticky is not already in existence). Speaking of noble, I was about to add Noble's Parma, and SG, to your list, but realised I might as well toss in a link, for further additions to your project. I'm sure some of this slang might have slowly withered away, while other terms might still be used frequently.

DEO: Demon's Eternal Oblivion

RAW - Rules as written (a literal reading of the phrasing)
AC - Arcane Connection
RDT - Range, Duration, Target
(The 15 Arts)
TeFo - generic reference to Technique/Form of a spell effect

Thank you all for contributing, especially Furion for his list.

I'll edit the first thread to incorporate te ideas you have posted and those you will post in the future. I'll also arrange them somehow (alphabetically? Alphabetically but first divided into categories).

something I've been wondering about: The green smilie - what exactly does it stand for?

I added

(GotF is technically not "Germany", but the Rhine Tribunal supplement).

You could probably go down the list of books, in print and out, and figure out the abbreviation for each one.

what is "meh". Sounds like a sheep!?

Its the sound it sounds like when said as written. Short vowel though.

If someone posts something that isnt really good but not really bad either, i might comment that its meh...
Might also be used as a "meh, who cares"...

Of course, "locally" its one of those "all in one" words... :mrgreen:

Depending on the context, "meh" can mean "who cares?" (as DW says), or "I'm not very impressed/excited about that", or "either way, no matter to me".

Think about something along those lines, shrug your shoulders, and say "meh". That's it. :wink:

Just a slight correction there: the Berk List is not closed, but neither had it been very active lately.

Thanks, JeanMichelle, for posting these!

That's quite a useful collection of terms and items. Would you mind sharing a copy here?

Some of us use;

RoP: TD and RoP: TI for The Divine and The Infernal, respectively...

I wouldn't mind. But I do not know if I have any rights concerning this list.

If your text, in its entirety, is exclusively composed of wording of your own making, the possibility of copyright infringement is evanescent, if at all. Except for similar compilations produced by other fans, such as the list of M&S bonuses, I do not remember a comprehensive list of abbreviations of ArM-related material ever having been published under fifth edition to date, so the context of your text, too, is unlikely to be subject to law suits.

If you are unsure about the wiki page, you could also compile a PDF and send it to Atlas Games to be hosted in the section of fan-created contributions instead. That way, the availability of the document would be more prominent, but harder to maintain and update.

Use it then

HA - Hermetic Age, the number of years of experience after gauntlet (see PG)
PG - Post Gauntlet, referring to a mage's experience since apprenticeship (see HA)


(Been waiting a long time to use that word, huh?) :wink: