So if you were going to use the new rules to run in the old timeline, how would you handle these guys?


Refluff as Scroungetech. Agony Grenade, Helix Rethreader, and Helix Ripper have already been done. I'm not entirely happy with how they work now, so I'm considering reworking them (my son is a huge Abomination fan). The new versions seem much less useful... which is something of an accomplishment, as I thought the original Arcanowave stuff was pretty lackluster to begin with. I think I'd rather see something more along the lines of "roll a die, even = it works, odd = it screws you over". But the benefits would have to outweigh the downside, and that's kinda where I'm stuck.

You think a FS2 abomination archetype is less efficient than the FS1 one because of Scroungetech ? I can't remember how it worked before. But if you're right, then the trick is, I think, to give an updated Abomination interesting Unique Schticks. That's how they made the Big Bruiser interesting after all and that was well played :smiley:
Maybe by merging schitcks from the Supernatural Creature and the Cyborg ?

Fluff-wise I'd love to know how I'm supposed to handle old Abomination characters in a "next generation" or "getting too old for this shit" campaign. Did they all died because of the chi-bomb, like the Architects did ? That would be very sad for the heroes... Maybe they reverted to regular Supernatural Creatures ? What do you think ?

I think the Chi-Bomb probably killed all of the abominations. It's described as ripping through the Future juncture and the Netherworld, dusting the Architects of the Flesh.
I mean one of the Kickstarter Stretch Goals was:

So maybe the PC Abomination was in a past or ancient juncture when the bomb happened, and he/she didn't take the full brunt of the blast. Maybe the PC Abomination, being a Dragon instead of true servant of the Buro (and connected to various dragon held shui sites), was less effected by the bomb in the same way that the robot-ape Jammers mostly survived the Chi-Blast despite being buro constructions originally.

Maybe the blast dusted, damaged, or disrupted the PC's Arcanowave, but their supernatural creature nature was left intact? Maybe it left gaping holes in their body and missing limbs, and they have had to fill that in with scrounge tech instead of the previous arcanowave?

Personally, I'd consider taking the Cyborg as a base, but change the Backup Attack to Creature Power and changing some of the scrounge tech powers to creature powers.

Yes, I was thinking to do something like that. Explaining their survival by being a few junctures away from the Chi bomb. I didn't think about not being totally aligned with the Buro as having a significance, and I like it, thanks for the idea.

Makes perfect sense to use the Cyborg as a base rather than the Creature. After all the whole point of the Abomination archetype was that they weren't creatures anymore and that was the whole tragedy of their condition. Thanks.

I put some more thought into an Abomination reskin of the Cyborg:
mocklogic.com/blog/2015/07/blowi ... e-chi-war/

I figured Abominations make a good Mook and Vehicle killer as the base archetype.

There is also an Ex-Buro Monster Hunter (Bounty Hunter reskin) and new Alien Hybrid (Gene Freak reskin) listed, along with some thoughts on Vikings.