About to order Gloom 2nd ed ++, clarification needed


I am about to order online Gloom, Unwelcome Guests, Unhappy Homes, Unfortunate Expeditions, all 2nd ed, as well as Unquiet Dead, Cthulhu Gloom, and Unpleasant Dreams, the current ones which are out atm...

I know that they're all gonna work together, but I just wanna confirm this; Are any of the current (1st) ed ones gonna be updated to 2nd edition anytime soon? If so I'd just wait to order those for a later date. I'm under the assumption that the answer is no, as the ones that were updated were actually being updated to be more in line with Unquiet Dead, Cthulhu Gloom and Unpleasant Dreams.

Also, am I correct in assuming that the two games ( Gloom and Cthulhu Gloom and all the expansions) will work perfectly fine with one another?

Lastly, just want to say thank you for such an amazing and fun game. Started playing a friend's copy and I just had to get one of my own!!!