Affecting abilities with PeMe

What is a good base for temporarily destroying e.g. one's ability to fight?

Agnosia HoH: S69 seems inappropriate since use of weapons is probably without conscious monitoring. Or?

ArM5 p.148 CrMe 15 Panic of the Trembling Heart? Instead of tampering with his Abilities, remove his will to use them!


Unfortunately Deficient technique: Creo speaks against that. There are others with Perdo, I know, but I would be interested to figure out mechanics for destroying abilities if there are any hints in the books. HoH: S is pretty clear on creating abilities (no one has yet figured it out, though hermetic magic should allow it).

What would the effect on combat be anyway? I suppose a MuMe version using some existing thought or emotion would have a similar effect at a similar magnitude...


At least the latter should replicate Panic of the Trembling Heart with Muto at the same level.


HoH:S p.68ff Memory says rather, that Hermetic Magi don't know how to do it, but theorize that they should be able to.


Much more precise yes and thanks. What I wanted to say was that there is no apparent reason that hermetic magic can't do it. My actual point though was that HoH: S deliberately focuses on creation of abilities when saying that nobody knows how to do it.

Unfortunately there is no example of a PeMe effect on abilities (other than Agnosia). Agnosia is base 3 and looking at slightly higher bases I'd say removing abilities could/should be possible.

Granted, as story guide I would probably limit that to temporary effects because of game balance.

That - overcoming this limit - by the way would be quite an interesting endeavor for a Bonisagus or maybe a Verditius. Imagine a weapon that grants the wielder the capability to use it.

Have you considered DISSOLVING THE WALL OF SHIELDS (Houses of Hermes : Societates p70) ? It seems to something really close to what you are trying to do ?

I did, unfortunately it has

So it is too narrow to affect fighting I suppose. The base 4 of it might indicate though that it had to be at least base 5 to have the effect I'd like to have

That's also what I would propose to the troupe

What about the Diminshed Mental Capacity section (HoH:S, page 66)?

Similar to Trust of the Childlike Faith and Base 4, but for the given examples of -

  1. Inhibit the targets ability to command muscles to complete learned movements, or

  2. Inhibit the targets ability to integrate sensory information (which makes the character appear clumsy, as if inebriated)

I think it is going to be either base 4 or 5 and this will have to be decided upon by my troupe. There are good examples for both. Thank you all for the pointers, I guess they at least doubled the examples I have at hand.