Agnarr Kallhjartad, Ex Miscellanea


Statistics, at Gauntlet

Agnarr Kallhjartad (cold hearted),
Concept: Magus of Ice and Cold

Characteristics: Int +3, Per -1 (preoccupied), Pre 0, Com +3, Str -1 (thin build), Sta +2 (tenacious), Dex 0, Qik -3
Size: 0, Age: 25 (25), Height: 168 cm, Weight: 72 kg, Gender: Male, Decrepitude: 0 Warping Score: 0 (0) Confidence: 1 (3)

Virtues and Flaws: Affinity with Aquam, Affinity with Ignem, Deft Form (Aquam) [Form: Aquam], Flawless Magic (Spell
Mastery Experience: Doubled), The Gift, Greater Immunity (Cold), Hermetic Magus, Inventive Genius (Invent Lab Totals: +3),
Minor Magical Focus (Ice)
, Puissant Aquam, Puissant Magic Theory, Withstand Casting,
Covenant Upbringing, Driven (Grow magical line), Environmental Magic Condition (Temp above 15c)*, Favors (Mundane family), Hedge Wizard, Warped Magic (Nearby items become cold) [Side Effect: Nearby items become cold], Weird Magic (Botches on Stressed Casting: Extra botch die)

Reputations: Hedge Wizard 3

Abilities: Area Lore: Finland 1, Artes Liberales 1 (ritual magic), Awareness 2 (alertness), Brawl 1 (Dodge), Concentration 1 (spell concentration), Finesse 2 (targeting), Finnish (Sami dialect) 5, Folk Ken 2, Hunt 1 (tracking), Latin 4 (hermetic usage), Leadership 1 (laboratory work), Magic Lore 1, Magic Theory 3+2 (Aquam), Order of Hermes Lore 1, Parma Magica 1 (Aquam), Penetration 1 (Aquam), Scribe 1 (copy lab text), Survival 2 (very cold climates), Teaching 2

Arts: Cr 6, In 0, Mu 6, Pe 5, Re 6, An 1, Aq 9+3 (54), Au 0, Co 0, He 0, Ig 6 (22), Im 0, Me 0, Te 0, Vi 5

Spells Known:

  • Javelin of Sharpened Ice (Cr(Re)Aq 15) +27, Mastery 2 (multiple casting x2). As per "Dagger of Ice" altered to be sharper and stronger, inflicting +10 damage.
  • Lungs of the Fish (Personal) (MuAq(Au) 15) +9, Mastery 1 (quick casting)
  • Encase in Ice (CrAq 20) +27, Mastery 1 (multiple casting)
  • Winter's Icy Touch (PeIg 10) +13, Mastery 1 (multiple casting)
  • Ward Against Winter's Cold (ReIg 15) +14, Mastery 1 (still casting). Base 4 to ward against code in the same manner as heat. This spell protects again all normal cold, as cold spells inflicting up to +5 damage.
  • Wizard's Reach (Aquam) (MuVi 20) +14, Mastery 1 (imperturbable casting)
  • Unravelling the Fabric of Aquam (PeVi 5) +13, Mastery 1 (imperturbable casting)
  • Maintaining the Demanding Spell (ReVi 20) +14, Mastery 1 (imperturbable casting)


Quoting. Yes, I wasn't sure about the mechanics. My idea is that his magic diminishes as it get warmer. So fine in cold weather, but a freak hot streak will make it hard and going to a very warm place would render him powerless. Perhaps more like a circumstance penalty to the ambient temperature. If it's linked to just the ambient temperature then others can use that as an attack vector if it's known and he can also consider ways to mitigate it. Edit: like Deleterious Circumstances when its "nice" and no magic when it's hot. Is that madness?

The previous post was sparked by a deleted post which is quoted below for completeness.

Restriction: Temps below 15C/60F? Although, this is rather common, since summertime temps can still get up that high. An adventure during the summer could be problematic, and it's also difficult when squaring with your back story.
Instead of no magic when warmer than 15C, how about taking Environmental Magic Condition. This makes your summers with 1/2 casting and lab totals. Which means you can do something, still. And keeping your quarters chilly at 10C means you can do work, and covenfolk just put on a couple of extra layers when they need to help you out/clean.

Sounds good.

Javelin of Sharpened Ice shows a mastery score of 2, but only one mastery ability. In other sagas I've adjusted multiple casting to be like precise casting, quick casting, and be taken multiple times to create multiple copies. Is that what you've done here without me listing that change as a House rule (which I plan to put up)? If you want three copies, change it to multiple casting x2
Unravelling the Fabric of Aquam has imperturbable casting, which is for concentration duration spells, did you perhaps intend to take Unraveling mastery? Similar situation for Maintain the Demanding Spell.
Shackles of the Frozen Ice is a spell that might need to penetrate, and isn't aimed, so precise casting isn't a good fit.

Good pickups on the mastery for each.
Yup, for Javelin I was intending that each mastery adds multiple copies, so with 2x I assumed I could try to cast three at once concurrently. I'll adjust.

I'll change Unravelling to the Mastery you suggested.

I took Precise for Shackles of Frozen Ice because the spell mentions trying to target it, but I'll alter that to another as it's very situational. Perhaps multicast on that too.

Update: I took a minor virtue to gain +3 casting when in below zero temperatures- I've assumed that would be in effect pretty often in that part of the world but wanted feedback on frequency. Very often days in Winter, frequently at nights at other times. If this creates undue bookkeeping that the troupe didn't like I'll change it. Thoughts?

Temperatures in Helsinki Southern Finnland (standard diagram and thermoisoplethic diagrams). In German, but you'll be able to read it anyway, I hope. "Uhrzeit" means "time of the day".

I took a look at a town more to the north and temps were below zero a bit more often than average. I'll consider another virtue in its place - something easier to apply, as asking how far north each encounter is might get tedious.

30 years of advancement,

  • 1201 - Aquam 40xp becomes 60xp with Affinity, XP: 40, Result: was Aquam 9 (54), now 14 (114)
  • 1202 - Ignem 40xp becomes 60xp with Affinity, XP: 40, Result: was Ignem 6 (22), now 12 (82)
  • 1203 - Finesse 10, Parma Magica 25, Mentem 5, XP: 40, Result: Finesse 2(25), Parma 3 (30), Mentem 2(5)
  • 1204 - Penetration 10, Magic Theory 30, XP: 40, Result: Pen 2(15), MaTh 4 (60)
  • 1205 - Intellego 15, Terram 15, Mentem 10, XP: 40, Result: Intellego, Mentem, Terram 5(15)
  • 1206 - Auram 15, Magic Theory 15, Creo 10, XP: 40, Result: Creo 6(21) becomes 7(31), MT 5(75), Auram 5(15)
  • 1207 - Creo 35, Corpus 5, XP: 40, Result: Creo 11 (66), Corpus 2(5)
  • 1208 - Corpus 40, XP: 40, Result: Corpus 9(45)
  • 1209 - Auram 15, Herbam 15, Corpus 10, XP: 40, Result: Auram 7(30), herbam 5, Corpus 10 (55)
  • 1210 - Longevity Ritual (Created not purchased, LT42, +9 Bonus, 7x pawns cost), MaTh 15, Imagonem 15, XP: 30, Result: Magic Theory 5 (90), Imagonem 5(15)
  • 1211 - Aquam 40xp becomes 60xp with Affinity, XP: 40, Result: was 114, now 174, Aquam 18 (174)
  • 1212 - Creo 40xp, XP: 40, Result: was 66, now 106, Creo 14
  • 1213 - Mentem 40, XP: 40, Result: Mentem 10 (55)
  • 1214 - Muto 34, Sap the Griffin's Strength (PeVi5 spell) 5, Animal Handling 0 (1), XP: 40, Result: Muto 10 (55), StGS spell, Animal Handling 0 (1)
  • 1215 - 4x seasons of Familiar: Find Familiar, Bind Familiar (LT51 [Cr 14, Aq 21, Int 3, MT 7, Aura 3, IG 3] vs CrAq50, 10x pawns), 2x Enchant Familiar (mental speech 2x for magus and familiar) (LT40 vs CrMe20, one season each, 4x pawns),, XP: 0, Result: Added familiar, speak mentally
  • 1216 - Area Lore - Appentice covenant 5, Athletics 5, Guile 15, Pen 15, XP: 40, Result: AL Cov 1(5), Athletics 1(5), Guile 2(15), Penetration 3(30)
  • 1217 - Survival 15, Rego 25, XP: 40, Result: Survival 3(30), Rego 9 (46)
  • 1218 - 4x seasons of lab Armour of Unbreakable Ice (CrAq/MuTe15 vs LT31), then: Clear Sight of the Arctic Fox (InAq15), Clear Sight of the Niad (InAq5), vs LT42, then : Barrier of Sharpened Ice (CrAq20), Persistent Ice Circle (CrAq10), vs LT65, then: Object of Unbreakable Ice (MuAq/Te 15 base4,touch,sun) vs LT37, XP: 0, Result: 5x spells
  • 1219 - Finesse 20, and two spells: Obstructive Ice Block (CrAq 30, base3, voice,moon,size2) vs LT66, then: The Mystical Ice Carver (ReAq20, base5, touch, mom, part), vs LT50, XP: 20, Result: 2x spells, and Finesse 3(45)
  • 1220 - Parma 20, Finesse 5, Great Weapon 15, XP: 40, Result: Parma 4 (50), Finesse 4 (50), Great Weapon 2(15)
  • 1221 - Concentration 10xp, then Lab: Invest: Rock Crystal Wand (CrAqRe15, final level 46, 5 pawns vis),
    Invent spell: Aura of Winter's Cold (PeIg10) and A Time for Slumber (PeIg5 - MoH, p14) vs LT34,
    Shape the Servant of Ice (Creo Aquam / Rego Mentem 20) vs LT 45,, XP: 10, Result: Concentration 2 (15), and four spells"
  • 1222 - Teach Familiar Magic Theory for 3x seasons, and then invent "Object of Malleable Ice" MuAq25 vs LT 51., XP: 0, Result: Familiar gains MT 3 (30), invent Object of Malleable Ice
  • 1223 - Seasons for inventing - Cirque of the Frozen Ice (ReAq25 vs LT50), then Subsume the Frigid Beast (ReAq25 vs LT59),
    then Conjure the Refuge from Ice and Snow (CrAq20 vs 69) and Floor of Slippery Ice (CrAq10 vs 69) in same season = CrAq30vsLT69
    Learn - Shackles of the Frozen Ice (ReAq 20 vs LT 50, HoH:S p35), Swallowed by the Mist (ReAq20 vs LT50, MoH p75), and Break the Oncoming Wave (ReAq10 vs LT50, Ars p124), XP: 0, Result: 7x spells"
  • 1224 - Animal 20, Creo 15, Animal Handling 5, XP: 40, Result: Animal 6 (21), Creo 15 (120), Animal Handling 1 (6)
  • 1225 - Aquam 24xp becomes 36xp with Affinity, Rego 9, Animal 7, XP: 40, Result: was 174, now 210, Aquam 20 (210), Rego 10 (55), Animal 7 (28)
  • 1226 - MT 30, Perdo 10, , XP: 40, Result: MT was 90, now 8 (120), Perdo was 15, now 6 (25)
  • 1227 - Auram 30, Perdo 10,, XP: 40, Result: Auram was 15xp, now 9 (45) and Perdo now 7 (35)
  • 1228 - Perdo 20, Auram 10, and Create item ""Everfull Waterskin"" CrAq30 vs LT 70, 3x pawns
    , XP: 30, Result: Perdo now 10 (55), Auram 10 (55)"
  • 1229 - Animal 27, Intellego 13, XP: 40, Result: Animal 10 (55), Intellego 7 (28)
  • 1230 - Ominous Levitation of the Frozen Obelisk (ReAq35 -Base 3, +Sight, +2 Sun, +1 Part, +2 size .. vs LT 74)
    Shape the Frozen Hound (CrAq/ReAn25 vs LT61) and Conjure Ice (CrAq5 vs LT61)
    Eye for the Treacherous Flow (InAq20 vs LT 57) and Touch of the Pearls (InAq5, Ars p122), XP: 0"


Two men draped in furs walk side by side through a hilly grassland covered in silvery frost. Both are indistinguishable due to the dim moonlight, although one is clearly armed with shield and long spear. Following behind them aways walks a large white bear.

"I'll tell you a little, but lets keep walking till the sun's up." The other nods. "Was born a Sami, who live far in the north. Not the pleasant north here, far beyond that; right to edge of the ice where man cannot survive and the cold will break your teeth. My family were herders and trappers in their village, and with their short lives and dark nights they are an untrusting and spiritual people."

"Untrusting like you."

"Yes, and worse Jaern. I'm told that when I was born my family knew I was different. They call it touched, and in those lands it meant a child is cursed in a way that splits them from life. I was kept fed but not expected to live through the harsh winters. The family broke with tradition and refused to name me as all children are named in spring, enough of an admission to the rest of the village. "

"After a year or so the shaman who lived many days downriver came and performed some sort of rites, and finally gave me my tribe name - Kallhjartad, the Cold Heart. It was fitting and allowed my family to see an end. And any end was preferable for them as the shame and guilt of bearing a touched child was a burden."

"Wait, your sorcery isn't a boon?"

"The curse makes people nervous and hostile. My family were openly troubled by my curse and this naming confirmed that if I survived another handful of years I'd have a place apart from the family, and still technically part of the community. You don't feel it at present as I often shield you from its worse effects, that illease and creepiness is the touch of magic."

"The shaman said when the time came I would be taken and trained in their ways. However only a few years after, and well before the shaman returned to claim me another man, a soothsayer well feared, came through the village and claimed me instead. My old pa knew of him but da had never seen him. He took me before my third name day, and from what I gather now he took me by force and cared little for what the village thought. That other man was Master Ailo. After that I stayed at the covenant for all my days. Trying to not get a whipping and learn something useful. "

"That's Ailo for certain, never around and as snappish as his old wolf. "

"That wolf is twice as mean as any other natural animal I've met, but he's also loyal. Means a lot to us. That's why they mended your arm when it was half torn off too," nodding upward at Jaern's spear arm.

"Still hurts in winter. Not that you'd notice.."

Interrupting with a laugh, "..sook more Jaern. You're twice as rich and twice as old as every other grog we have. A linnorm takes a snap on your elbow, and you live in hospice for a month and find yourself with a nice wife. 'Tis a good outcome."

"Hrrhmm. Be better when kids are grown. That'll settle Ella's moods," looking sideways at Agnarr.

Smiling, "Oh yes? Horse dung it will!"

"Then give me a rote to help, you know her!"

"Ha, no. Her hospice was one of the few places outside Ailo's lab that I saw for my apprenticeship. She's as much a kind mother to me as Ailo might be a misguided father. No kid knows any different from their growing ways, but I knew the other apprentices were treated differently. They certainly got out more and the hospice has a quiet private place where everyone didn't mind bending the rules. I'll not be hexing Ella."

"Wasn't just you they watched Agnarr. That girl lost to the wildfires and another normal child stolen from our village a score of years before meant everyone got watchful."


Life as an apprentice to Ailo often kept Agnarr secluded away from the covenant and certainly away from the outside world. The small information he knew about the wider world was diluted and reduced by the internal concerns. Ailo is a reserved and reclusive man who insisted his apprentice work to his patterns. Agnarr's childhood years were quiet and frequently uneventful; the small drama and twists he saw seemed large, and while he was always busy he was also always safe.

Initially his knowledge of his early childhood is based upon the small amounts of reading he was able to do at his home covenant and the stories of his Master Ailo. He trusts enough of his Master's word to take most as truth, but shortly after his apprenticeship he travelled back into the Sami regions to see his people first hand. Agnarr knows the Covenfolk were truthfully more likely his people than the Sami, however seeing his childhood lands have him a small peace.

The later years of his training expanded his non-magical skills and instilled in Agnarr a desire to train others. He knows there are very few practitioners of his magical tradition, and he is determined to find and train others. As he grew older he also became aware of the stigmatism of belonging to his tradition. Many other Magi view the tradition as little more than limited specialists, and certainly of limited worth to the wider community of the Order. Agnarr is considering his options to overturn this impression.

Training in an insular covenant of mixed Houses developed a tight bond between the Masters of the covenant and their apprentices. Over the apprenticeship Agnarr formed a bond with his Master and also two of the other senior Magi outside his Ex Miscellanea tradition, so much so he feels a sense of obligation to them. Should they ask he will assist, and he knows should he need it their help will likewise come to his aid.


Agnarr first heard of the malady very late and immediately thought to travel north. Like his covenmates he was shocked by the stories brought by the redcap. When news arrived of an incident with a Magus in his tribunal he quickly and efficiently packed his possessions, said his goodbyes through the covenant, and left for his birth land.


Agnarr replaced his birth name of Kallhjartad largely due to the stories of many Scandinavian heroes who bear a variation on the name.

Custom spell from apprenticeship.



Spells from advancement:


















Agnarr changes clothes to suit the temperature preferring to avoid being overly warm. His combinations of robe, tunic, or leggings are of wool and coloured blue hues, supplemented by layers of furs. He also wears a hooded cloak made from white owl feathers. His black hair has started to silver prematurely through his head and beard, and both are kept long but trimmed neatly. Agnarr has grey eyes, a lean face, long looking limbs, and a tendency to stand tall with feet apart at attention while thinking; a habit of apprenticeship.

His clothing and gear often looks clean but well worn and sturdy, as he prefers function over aesthetics, and as a Magus he has indulged in better quality raw materials and some trims and folds for decoration. Agnarr travels with a thin staff, hunting knife, a pack, and sled when pulling larger burdens. He may pack a suit of heavy leather hauberk but wears it very infrequently. His traveling gear is decorated by knotted and corded rope and twine.

Spending BPs - still in draft
30 Years, BPs gained 150
Spent 150

  • 4 BPs = Lab Text - Wizard's Vigil (MuVi20, TtA p.75)
  • 4 BPs = Lab text: Numbness for the Gift (inVi20, TtA, p75)
  • 4 BPs = lab text: Sailor's Foretaste of the Morrow (InAu20)
  • 1 BPs = Lab text: Faerie EO (PeVi5)
  • 2 BPs = Buy Aquam vis x10, all used in familiar enchantment.
  • 2 BPs = Buy 10x pawns Creo, spends 7x on Longevity ritual, and then 3x later on Everfull Waterskin. Zero remain.
  • 16 BPs = Buy item - Cloak of the Snowy Owl
  • 8 BPs = Buy item - Amulet of Impenetrable Fur
  • 1 BPs = Buy 5x pawns Mentem, spend 4x. 1x Mentem pawn left unspent.
  • 8 BPs = Buy item - Curio of Evasiveness
  • 12 BPs = Buy item - Ring of Curious Questions
  • 10 BPs = Buy item - Satchel of Incorruptable Sustenance (similar to LoH p100)(CrAn(He)24)
  • 1 BPs = Buy 5x pawns Aquam for Ice Rock Wand
  • 10 BPs = 1x Aquam Tractatus at Quality 10 "Aquam Transmuted"
  • 30 BPs = Rego Summa Level 17, Quality 13, "Order, Structure, Uniformity"
  • 10 BPs = Buy Teacher / Lab Assistant with MaTh +5, Com 3, Teaching 2
  • 8 BPs = Lab text: Tireless Servant (Cov p?)(ReCo40)
  • 4 BPs = Lab text: Orb of Obiedient Sunlight (LoH p117)(CrIg20)
  • 3 BPs = Gather Essence of the Beast (ReVi15)
  • 5 BPs = Opening the Intangible Tunnel (ReVi 25)
  • 6 BPs = Vis Stock: 35x pawns, as … Cr 5, Re 5, Aq 5, Co 5, Te 5, Vi 5,
  • 1 BPs = 10 pound of silver in coins and jewellery.




Karhu, a magical Polar Bear
Karhu is a stoic creature. As one of the few magical beasts who inhabit the polar region he has grown used to quiet nights and peaceful landscapes. He was content with simple pleasures of plentiful food and being one of the more powerful beasts in the region. He and Agnarr crossed paths unexpectedly while both were hunting, and neither thought the other appetising. Initially they hunted apart, but the rare occasion when brother bear wasn't able to quickly fill his belly, Agnarr shared a fresh seal kill. They then watched each other for many days, hunting and continuing to share food. After the initial meeting Agnar returned a few years later and befriended Karhu. Now years later the two are both magically and mentally joined.

Personality - Speaks very little, even to Agnarr.

Stats before Binding
Magic Might: 10
Characteristics: Int +1, Per 0, Pre 0, Com -5, Str +6, Sta +4, Dex +2, Qik 0
Size: +2
Age: -- (--), Height: 300 cm, Weight: 900 kg, Gender: Male
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0 (0)
Confidence: 1 (3)
Virtues and Flaws: Ferocity (When injured), Improved Characteristics (×2), Magic Animal, Might 10 (Animal) [Form:
Animal], Puissant Brawl, Shapeshifter (Snow Eagle, Killer Whale, Arctic Fox), Size: +2, Soak: 3, Tough (Soak: +3), Unaffected by
The Gift*, Warrior*, Ways of the Tundra, Fury (when wounded) (Enraged: +3 damage, -1 on all other scores), Greedy* (Food),
Mute*, No Hands* (Spellcasting: -5), Overconfident, Reclusive* (Stoic)
Qualities and Inferiorities: Improved Attack × 1 (Claws: +2), Improved Damage × 2 (Claws: +6), Lesser Power × 3: 75/75, Major
Virtue (Shapeshifter), Minor Virtue (Unaffected by The Gift), Minor Virtue (Warrior), Personal Power × 1: 25/25, Reduced Might ×
5, Ritual Power × 1: 25/25
Personality Traits: Polar Bear* +3, Reclusive +1, Stoic +1
Reputations: Ferocious (Local) 2

Claws: Init: +0, Attack +17, Defense +11, Damage +16
Bite: Init: +0, Attack +14, Defense +9, Damage +7
Soak: +10
Fatigue levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-7), -3 (8-14), -5 (15-21), Incapacitated (22-28), Dead (29+)

Abilities: Area Lore: Arctic 3, Athletics 3 (sprinting), Awareness 3 (prey), Hunt 4 (seal), Brawl 6+2 (20), Shapeshifter 3, Stealth 2,
Survival 5 (foraging), Swim 3 (against the current)


Grant Apt Student (Ritual: 25), Cost: 25, Points: 5, Initiative: Qik-10, Form: Vim, Range: Touch, +1, Duration: Sun, +0, Target:
Ind, +0, Virtue: Apt Student

Grant Puissance in Hunt (Lesser: 35), Points: 1, Initiative: Qik-8, Form: Corpus, Range: Voice, +2, Duration: Sun, +2, Target:
Group, +2, Level: MuCo20, Design: 20 levels, Base 2, +2 Voice, +2 Sun, +2 Group, -3 Might cost, Ability: Hunt

Hands of the Magical Animal (Personal: 25), Points: 0, Initiative: Qik-1, Form: Terram, Range: Touch, +1, Duration: Sun, +2,
Target: Ind, +0, Level: ReTe15, Design: 15 levels, Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +1 constant, -2 Might cost

The Inexorable Hunter (Lesser: 40), Points: 2, Initiative: Qik-10, Form: Corpus, Range: Arc, +4, Duration: Conc, +1, Target: Ind,
+0, Level: InCo25, Requisite: Animal, Design: 25 levels, Base 3, +4 Arc, +1 Conc, +1 An requisite, -3 Might cost

Binding summary
Bind Familiar (LT51 [Cr 14, Aq 21, Int 3, MT 7, Aura 3, IG 3] vs CrAq50, 10x pawns),
2x Enchant Familiar (mental speech 2x for magus and familiar) (LT40 vs CrMe20, one season each, 4x pawns),

Animal: Polar Bear

  • Size 2, Might 10,
  • Bond Level 50, Vis needed 10, LT 52

Bonds (45 pts)

  • Gold Cord 2 15
  • Silver Cord 0 0
  • Bronze Cord 3 30

Stats after years advancement

  • as above and add: Magic Theory 3 (30)

Shapeshifter shapes: 3x Snow Owl, Orca Whale, Arctic Fox

Advancement after 30 Years, for review.

Characteristics: Int +3, Per -1 (preoccupied), Pre 0, Com +3, Str -1 (thin build), Sta +2 (tenacious), Dex 0, Qik -3 (stoic)
Size: 0, Age: 46 (35), Height: 168 cm, Weight: 72 kg, Gender: Male
Decrepitude: 0, Warping Score: 0 (0), Confidence: 1 (3)

Virtues and Flaws: Affinity with Aquam, Affinity with Ignem, Deft Form (Aquam) [Form: Aquam], Flawless Magic (Spell Mastery Experience: Doubled), The Gift, Greater Immunity (Cold), Hermetic Magus, Inventive Genius (Invent Lab Totals: +3), Minor Magical Focus (Ice), Puissant Magic Theory, Puissant Aquam, Withstand Casting, Covenant Upbringing, Driven (Grow
magical line), Environmental Magic Condition (Temp above 15c)*, Favors (Previous Coven magi), Hedge Wizard, Warped Magic (Nearby items become cold) [Side Effect: Nearby items become cold], Weird Magic (Botches on Stressed Casting: Extra botch die) Reputations: Hedge Wizard 3

Abilities: Animal Handling 1 (1), Area Lore: Finland 1, Area Lore: ApprCov 1, Artes Liberales 1 (ritual magic), Athletics 1,
Awareness 2 (alertness), Brawl 1 (Dodge), Concentration 2 (spell concentration), Finesse 4 (targeting), Finnish 5, Folk Ken 2, Great
Weapon 2, Guile 2, Hunt 1 (tracking), Latin 4 (hermetic usage), Leadership 1 (laboratory work), Magic Lore 1, Magic Theory 6+2
(Aquam) (15), Order of Hermes Lore 1 (House Ex Misc), Parma Magica 4 (Aquam), Penetration 3 (Aquam), Scribe 1 (copying),
Survival 3 (very cold climates), Teaching 2

Adventure/Lab Seasons (270 xp)

Arts: Cr 15, In 7, Mu 10, Pe 10, Re 10, An 10, Aq 20+3, Au 10, Co 10, He 5, Ig 12, Im 5, Me 10, Te 5, Vi 5

Spells Known:

  • Conjure Ice Temporarily (CrAq 5) +56, Mastery 1 (fast casting). Creates a block of ice a little over eight feet per side, totaling 560 cubic feet and weighing 14 tons. The spell was invented as the raw materials for other spells which manipulate ice, with a low level to assist with penetration.
  • Armour of Unbreakable Ice (Cr(Mu)Aq(Te) 10) +23, Mastery 1 (fast casting). The caster is encased in a thick armour of unnaturally resilient ice, which offers protection akin to skin of metal armour. The ice moves with the caster, adjusting to their movements which provides an additional 6 Protection and 3 Load. Without some extra tolerance to cold conditions the caster will find themselves uncomfortably chilled, losing a Fatigue level per diameter of exposure.
  • Floor of Slippery Ice (CrAq 10) +56, Mastery 1 (imperturbable casting). This spell creates a smooth layer of ice across the ground in an area surrounding the caster.
  • Persistent Circle of Ice (CrAq 10) +56, Mastery 1 (penetration). Conjures a block of ice within the drawn circle, shaped to the size of the circle. The ice will persist until the circle is broken. Anything else within the circle will be encapsulated.
  • Javelin of Sharpened Ice (Cr(Re)Aq 15) +47, Mastery 2 (multiple casting). (Multiple Casting 2x) As per "Dagger of Ice" altered to be sharper and stronger, inflicting +10 damage.
  • Barrier of Sharpened Ice (CrAq 20) +56, Mastery 1 (multiple casting). This spell creates an ice wall with sharp and pointed barbs along one side. The sides of the wall are 5 feet high, and the wall can be up to 20 feet long, and 2 feet deep. The caster may choose the shape of the barrier when cast.
  • Conjure the Refuge from Ice and Snow (CrAq 20) +56, Mastery 1 (lab mastery). This spell conjures a simple single room ice shelter for protection against the elements, large enough to hold 10 travelers with their gear. The refuge has solid walls and roof, a long curved entryway, and a thin chimney.
  • Encase in Ice (CrAq 20) +56, Mastery 1 (penetration). The target is surrounded in ice, potentially encasing the target. Enveloped targets may attempt to break free, see Shackles of Frozen Ice (ReAq20, HoH:S p.35). If the target is too large the ice will cover an area up to 560 cubic feet.
  • Shape the Servant of Ice (Cr(Re)Aq(Me) 20) +33, Mastery 1 (penetration). This spell conjures a figure of ice, grants it a simple intellect, and allows it to move to obey the caster’s commands. The figure can be made up the size of a large humaniod (size +2).
  • Shape the Frozen Hound (Cr(Re)Aq(An) 25) +33, Mastery 1 (penetration). This spell creates a size +0 dog shaped from ice, and animates it under the caster’s control so it can follow simple commands. The Animal requisite grants the animation the behaviours and habits instinctive to trained sled dogs.
  • Obstructive Ice Block (CrAq 30) +56, Mastery 1 (multiple casting). This spell creates a large block of ice in a simple shape (walls, rings, arcs) and orientation chosen by the caster within range, up to 5600 cubic feet of ice; akin to a wall roughly 6 feet tall, 3 feet thick, and 300 feet long (roughly 90 yards); for the duration. A Finesse check is required for particularly fine placement or targeting specific people.
  • Clear Sight of the Naiad (InAq 5) +33, Mastery 1Touch of the Pearls (InAq 5) +33, Mastery 1 (fast casting)
  • Clear Sight of the Arctic Fox (InAq 15) +33, Mastery 1 (fast casting). The caster can see through snow and ice, which appear as highly translucent shadows of their previous images. This allows the caster to see through barriers and obstructions, and clearly in snowstorms.
  • Eye for the Treacherous Flow (InAq 20) +33, Mastery 1 (lab mastery). You can intuitively tell if any Aquam based natural terrain is treacherous, such as thin ice or a deep current.
  • Lungs of the Fish (Personal) (MuAq(Au) 15) +23, Mastery 1 (fast casting)
  • Object of Unbreakable Ice (MuAq(Te) 15) +23, Mastery 1 (lab mastery). The ice object touched is made very strong and non-brittle, gaining resistance to shattering and the resilience of stone. The object may be as large as a small pond.
  • Object of Malleable Ice (MuAq 25) +46, Mastery 1 (lab mastery). The ice targeted becomes unnaturally soft, dry, and flexible, but still retains its basic shape. The force required to break the ice remains unchanged.
  • Break the Oncoming Wave (ReAq 10) +36, Mastery 1 (fast casting)
  • Shackles of the Frozen Ice (ReAq 20) +46, Mastery 1 (multiple casting)
  • Swallowed by the Mist (ReAq 20) +36, Mastery 1 (multiple casting). See MoH, p75 - This spell turns the targeted section of water to mist, causing swimmers and ships alike to plummet to the ground while the mist rises up, and then the sea crashes down around them. Successfully targeting this attack requires a Perception + Finesse roll against an Ease Factor of 9 (6 if the target is smaller than a rowboat, as there is more leeway in the transformed area). Observers of this spell will often just see a large cloud of mist rise around the target, and the ship will simply be gone.
  • Cirque of the Frozen Ice (ReAq 25) +46, Mastery 1 (fast casting). The targeted area of water is turned into ice and will remain frozen for the duration. When the spell expires the ice will begin to melt normally. The caster can choose how much of the water to affect and what simple shape, up to 5,600 cubic feet of water can be changed. If an object is targeted refer to Shackles of Frozen Ice (HoH:S p35).
  • The Mystical Ice Carver (ReAq 25) +46, Mastery 1 (precise casting). The targeted ice is shaped as if worked upon as an ice carving. The spell affects a large volume, or even a part of huge ice formations, up to 5600 cubic feet. While the spell is intended to be used to carve specific useful shapes in the ice it is also possible to carve out he space within the ice as a cavity or to destabilise the ice. A Perception + Finesse check is required to confirm the quality of the work, with an initial ease factor of 6 for simple shapes.
  • Subsume the Frigid Beast (ReAq 25) +46, Mastery 1 (fast casting). This spell alters the ice within the target area so that it is transformed into steam. Anything within the target area will fall as they lack support, and items resting upon these surfaces will be quickly encased when the spell is ended. If the spell is targeted beneath a specific spot, such as beneath a particular creature a targeting roll is required. The effect is designed to affect a bowl shaped area, with a volume up to 5600 cubic feet, although the maximum volume is not required.
  • Ominous Levitation of the Frozen Obelisk (ReAq 35) +46, Mastery 1 (precise casting). Allows the caster to control and direct ice using unnaturally rapid movement, equivalent to as fast as a bird flies. As the spell includes Target: Part it may manipulate items which are covered in ice, or push and direct part of a larger mass of ice. The caster must direct the movement through concentration and the ice object will remain where it is placed or floats for the spell duration. The spell affects up to 35,000 cubic feet of ice.
  • Aura of Winter's Cold (PeIg 10) +25, Mastery 1 (lab mastery). The area immediately surrounding the caster is lowered to just above freezing for the duration.
  • Winter's Icy Touch (PeIg 10) +25, Mastery 1 (multiple casting)
  • Ward Against Winter's Cold (ReIg 15) +25, Mastery 1 (still casting). Base 4 to ward against code in the same manner as heat. This spell protects again all normal cold, as cold spells inflicting up to +5 damage.
  • Wizard's Reach (Aquam) (MuVi 20) +18, Mastery 1 (imperturbable casting)
  • Sap the Griffin's Strength (PeVi 5) +18, Mastery 1 (multiple casting)
  • Unravelling the Fabric of Aquam (PeVi 5) +18, Mastery 1 (unraveling)
  • Maintaining the Demanding Spell (ReVi 20) +18, Mastery 1 (still casting)

Devices crafted in yearly advancement.


Bps finished & updated here and in the shared sheet.
2/4 mooched my BPs to add 10 silver and reduce 5x pawns of vis in the muster out.

Potential future plans

In-game plans

  1. Find & train an apprentice.
  2. Create a Talisman (? Rock Crystal +3 Ice, Marble +3 Cold, Jade +4 Aquam, Necklace protect transform, ruby +5, staff with inlaid components).
  3. Grow/build covenant.
  • Protect crops from winter and cold? So they can grow well, specifically not casting on the crops, but influence the surrounding environment. Perhaps converting snow to water as it falls, or moving it away?
  • Establish defences? Persistent ice walls?.
  1. More specialist spells and items.

Future spells?

... Reworking Ward Against Heat and Flame, though perhaps I'll just use that instead if it can be purchased.