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Aitano was born in Potenza, where he was orphaned at a young age, and was taken in by a local witch, when she discovered his ability, and penchant to sow discord. She spent much time to hone his skills, and to turn him into a tool both to sow discord amongst her enemies, and to gather Arcane Connections for her to use.
He grew up a spiteful man, and thought that between his powers, and his Witch patron, he can get away with anything. And that led to his downfall. He attempted to cause a man to attack his business associate, only to have it backfire, and the man's rage was turned against him. He was so severely wounded that those who found him thought he was dead, and so they called a priest to perform the last rites on him.
But then, before his burial, he recovered enough, to the astonishment of those witnessing it. He has since shunned the light of day, and does his best to hide, for the man he tried to affect was the brother of the Bishop of Potenza, and that Bishop still holds a grudge, after learning that he still lives.
Since then, he has made his way north, and has been using his unique skills to get by, and to sell his services to whoever he can, so when he encountered one of the founding Magi, and was offered a position, he gladly accepted it.