Alienor Ex Merinita

please document what initiation have been undergone and reference where you found the scripts.

The only canon script I think I used was The one listed under Followers of Pendule for Sdell TIming. Other than that I just gave myself the required Ordeals.

We discussed the fact that the spell timing one is a Major Ordeal for a minor and there would be Initiation scripts for Binding the Gift which took advantage of the lowered difficulty probably common in House Merinita from previous Ordeals.

I have not finished up her background, hence why that's blank at this point.

I have a lot going on- if you are referencing Initiations I posted elsewhere, please give me a reference to them so I don't have as much digging through my notes to do. This is part of why I prefer initiations to be done after character creation...

The script I used for Spell Timing is on p102 of HoH:MC. It grants 3 minor virtues which, as we've seen from the Criamon Scripts, counts as a Major Ordeal.

I can work out a script for the other two. What should I assume my Parens' House Merinita Lore and Presence are? The section on the Glamour Mystery states Vulnerable Magic is a required flaw so I will have that as another Major ordeal in that script as it is in the Sample script under Shadow-Masters (p83) but I will not use that script as I don't see it as being how the Followers of Pendule would go about that initiation.

I generally prefer doing them in game as well but since the particular lineage she's in states that these two mysteries are initiated by the Parens it makes sense that she'd have these.

I do not allow player created scripts unless you are creating them in game with sufficient mystery cult lore.
Right now I am on the edge of rejecting this character because it feels like you have been duplicitous and deceptive in trying to slide in unauthorized initiations without discussions.
Instead I am going to disallow all non-canon initiations at character creation.

I am not being duplicitous. I am not trying to “slide in non-standard initiations.” The Ordeal Flaw I would receive for the initiation is the same ordeal that Shadow Masters get for their initiation of the same mystery virtue since that flaw is required by the mystery as an ordeal see HoH:MC starting on p101, Glamour. The issue is more story that the Certamen as a part of the initiation on page 83 does not fit the followers of Pendule IMO. So the other elements of the initiation as background story would merely be fluff. If you want my fluff to be a Certamen I can do that but it seems to not fit the concept of Followers of Pendule.

the non-standard initiation (there is no canon initiation) for Binding the Gift is something we have discussed.

From that post to this post

I got the impression there was a script, which I assumed you would design, to allow me to take Binding the gift. You did not design one. If you would like me to use whatever script Hugh used I will. If I need to take yet another flaw above my virtues I will.

The problem here is that initiations are not simply a matter of this for that. They are essentially story events being, at character creation, written into your background. Are you also looking to reconnect with Diedne roots like Hugh? The binding the Gift initiation is fine, it has been discussed before and it is one mystagogs use to get 3 seasons of service from those seeking the initiation.
What I am irritated and frustrated about here is people seeming to act as though initiations get handed out like candy on Halloween. when I ask where you are getting the initiations from, then is when to make a reference to the conversations we have had and places in the rule books, because I do not have instant recollection of every conversation I have had. I have repeatedly stated that initiations need to be discussed, and your first two responses seemed to be avoiding discussing these. If we have already discussed this with regards to this character then I will reconsider what I have just said, but anything discussed on discord gets buried so quickly it is essentially undocumented for most intents- posting information in these threads is where I need to see the documentation on the character creation process.

I have now looked over the third initiation and it is approved as being implicitly cannon through inference.

I do not think I am taking initiations like they are candy, I read this line from p102 of HoH:MC, "Followers of Pendule usually Initiate Spell Timing and Glamour from their mas-ters." Which I read as initiated in those things during apprenticeship as it discusses a few other virtues the parens often initiates or virtues and flaws common to the lineage and, the following paragraph discusses that parens only initiate the Perpetuity Mystery when they believe they are about to die. Since my understanding of this saga is there are no initiations before gauntlet without the "Cabal Legacy Flaw" which makes no sense for the House mysteries and I have no interest in wasting my story flaw slot on I did those initiations after apprenticeship. I also wanted Binding the Gift which is described as being extremely common in the house. If I need to I will make her a ear older and take a full year for that minor initiation.

Regarding your claim that I am not answering your questions:

Which I took to mean solely where is the script in the books. I then told you there was only a script for Spell Timing which is true (to a point). It was my understanding that we had discussed and come to agreement in all of this but I guess I misunderstood. Please let me know how I can have all three of these initiations, I will write them into my backstory as you desire. I can ask Plot Device for the script he used or was given for Binding the Gift. Answered

From my side, I feel like I am being reprimanded for asking about this over 2 weeks ago, getting what I felt were complete enough answers to work on the character, then being mostly silent w/r/t questions about her since then. I don't think I understood the "trade 3 seasons" thing, sure, my mistake but I was not trying to be duplicitous. From now on as soon as character Gen opens up for a Tribunal I will ask you to create a topic for my character so that all discussion about them can be in one easy to find place.

The reprimand is realistically more about how you addressed the question in this thread- asking for a thread before the character is created is fine, and probably preferable, so long as you can give me a name.

Much as "Name first" is totally backwards to how I make characters usually :smiley: I will do that.

So when writing her backstory for the Initiation, as long as I keep the elements the same (as in category of thing that provides the bonus), may I change the fluff around the certamen in the shadow-masters Glamour initiation. The rest of the script seems fitting enough I feel like Followers of Pendule despise the stuffy certamen houses enough that they would not do that. I can leave it if you'd rather. I think the +1 from CrIm Certamen and +1 for "until one of them falls unconscious from loss of fatigue" is likely the variable sympathetic script component since it doesn't seem to fit either of the other +1 bonus options.

Do I need to spend a whole year to gain Binding the gift. If so I can easily change her age so she's helping the Mystagogue for a year (or a season if I'm misunderstanding the time requirement), though she'll probably also spend sometime inventing a glamour spell during the season that will now be free in the year she is currently listed as gaining that initiation in.

You only need the three seasons to initiate the Binding, not a year
The initiation for spell timing is done in a day, and you could have done that the same season as being gauntleted.
I'm also trying to figure out your usage of a year and a half between being gauntleted and being initiated into spell timing, especially in terms of experience distribution. You have enough xp in abilities and arts to be age 31 if this were the end of your apprenticeship or 26 if you had spent 5 years past apprenticeship- and this is before taking into account seasons spent binding & teaching familiars or initiating...
the initiation as I see it will consist solely of whatever ordeal gives you the vulnerable magic flaw.
you may write what fluff you like around it, I might make minor adaptations of it and adopt it as cannon.

I think that may be a typo, where I meant her to be gauntleted at the beginning of Spring. I spent 4 years post gauntlet, 2 years mostly spent improving my House Lore. I was working on the assumption that Initiations of minor virtues always take a season even when the rite itself is quite short. My seasonal breakdown is below for the seasons. I have a total of 345xp, 45 for early childhood, 45 age 0-8, 240 for std apprenticeship, and 60 for 2 years post-gauntlet where I gain xp.

I will double check my entry on the wiki so please bear with me for that. the 345 I could total quite easily.

It sounds like I have an extra season from initiation of Spell timing being rolled into Gauntlet but that I need to free up two more season to gain Binding the gift, am I understanding that correctly?

yes, though you can probably save a season on Glamour if the ordeal is short enough.

My data entry to the wiki appears correct from my spread sheet. The only place I can see that might be a place it seems I went over is if you aren't accounting for my Affinity with Imaginem or it's reading the +3 for Puissant Imaginem strangely.

the problem seems to be that you have your music listed at level 15 on your character sheet, which my spreadsheet translated to level 5 because I assumed that there wouldn't be any double digit abilities, and then calculated experience based on it being level 5

I totally missed that. Yes, that is incorrect. It is lvl 2, will fix.

now it seems to be simply an issue of correcting the post gauntlet seasons and adjusting for those...