.... And Ravens

The thread I will be using for the group travelling towards the covenant

It is the begginning of winter when the group departs Durenmar bound for Ad Fons, Katja has been intending to travel to Ad Fons for a while as there she will be nearer her mundane family. The journey has been brought forward at the request of her Parens Occultes he has asked her to take with her the visiting Flambeau Regius Bestia as many of her fellow mages find him a bit disruptive . To express the thanks of the mages of Durenamr he gifts her with a magic theory tractatii of his scribing (MT Tractatii Q11).

Regius Bestia and his companion have been asked to accompany the maga Katje on her journey to Ad Fons , as she lacks the martial skills to defend herself and they would feel greatly reassured if a she could have such a strong escort.

The Journey itself will tkae the mages cross country initially to Fengheld covenant and then doen to the coast near Lubeck before following the coastal roads until the need to head inland to Ad Fons .

With the provisions Katje is able to store in her sled and the shelter she can provide with Terram at night the journey is less ardous than it could have been although there are a few days of heavy snowfall when it is difficult to travel.

The Journey as far as Fengheld is uneventful.

[color=blue]Feel free to interact a bit your stay at Fengheld will be short before contining along the journey

Katja's travels are pleasant since the snow doesn't slow down her sled at all and the front seat of the sled can easily hold two since she is small framed. Regius Bestia unfortunately has to walk as her sled can in no way penetrate the parma of the beastial flambeau.

She easily provides stone shelters for the night though the will last for a month to get shelter other traveling for the moon duration. A large tarp provides the roof to her travel shelters (6' high stone walls, 15' long on 3 sides).

At the arrival to Fengheld, Katja looks around carefully and sets the sled down just outside the Aegis as indicated by the sled being stopped by the aegis and wait for the Fendheld turb to approach and greet. The tradition of hospitality is important thankfully and her sled would have made it clear that at least one of the group's number was a mage.

Regius seems undeterred by the snow, as it reaches merely a quarter of the way up his calf as he treads on the balls of his feet. The loud crunch of his footsteps make up for the silence of the hover sled. His eyes are narrow and predatory as they survey the peripheral woods. He swats the few low (relatively speaking) branches with his left hand like a normal man swats a fly.

The shelters prove somewhat inconvenient for him and he is often heard giving a low growl each morn when his head inevitably pushes against the tarp when he rises. Partly because of this, he assumes the lion's share of watch duties.

Upon the sight of the coven, his jaw clenches and the grip on the hilt of his great sword tightens. He stands at his full height as opposed to the trek through the wilds where he was partially hunched forward.

Ricardo meets up with Regius and Katja at Fengheld, as was his plan :wink:

Compared Regius, Katja is a small thing but she takes the most valuable of her items including the tractus from her sled and then casts walls around it. She has a small arcane connection to the sled in a pouch from when she made it if she needs to access it again.

She then starts towards the walls and the sentries to seek shelter and hospitality for the night or longer. Perhaps she can even arrange a trade of spells for the future. There is one spell she wishes a copy of and Fengheld might want a copy of her spells.

The group is greeted by well disciplined armed men bearing the device of Fengheld on their shields. After ascertaining that the group are magi they are poliely directed to a guest house located outside the covenants inner defenses , they are offerred food and rest and told that the magi of Fengheld will be notified of their arrival .

Ricardo admires the discipline and professionalism of the armed men. He doesn't say much though. He is a stoic and silent type :slight_smile:

There is a 2nd Guesthouse which is guarded by armed men, not bearing the emblem of Fengheld. They wear White surcoats and their shield have the badge of the Scales and sword upon them


Not being a student of heraldry, the second design does interest Katja and she pauses to ask her guide. [color=blue]"I couldn't help but notice two liveries. Who are those of the second group. The ones in white with the scales and sword symbol?"

She will gladly partake of some food and rest until the lords of Fengheld chose to receive her. She is a journeywoman mage but that means she waits on the pleasure of the masters and not vice versa.

The Flambeau is silent throughout the proceedings. He does seem to be measuring up the leader of the custos should a fight break out.

Ricardo boldly introduces himself to the soldiers, praising their profesionalism and decorum.

The guide responds to Katja [color=red]"They are the Honour guard of a visiting archmage, Quasitor Justice of Tremere she has business with some of the senior magi.

Ricardo finds the soldiers of Fengheld to be sociable and willing to talk, the white garbed honour guard are very uncommunicative apprently when on duty they are not expected to talk to people unless they have business with them. The off duty guards are apperentlyin the guest house resting as it seems the group is expected to depart before nightfall tonight.

The guest house itself is comfortable and well furnished it seems to be heated and lighted magically and has running water available to the guests .

Katja is very pleased with the accomodations and has her goods brought in side so that they are safe. She takes the time to check her tubes, fine sand supply and tints have suffered no damage during the trip. she packed them carefully but better safe than sorry.

All of the supplies have survived the journey so far intact.
An early evening meal is served by the covenants servants and is of excellent quaility . As the meal is finished the mages here a commotion outside and looking out of the window can see a group gathering outside the other guest house consisting of the white liveried soldiers and an armoured women, they are mounting up ready to leave the covenant, noticably although the men at arms are mounted on horses the woman seems to have a Unicorn as her mount.

At the same time a messenger arrives apologising that Archmage Stentorius will be too busy to meet with the guests for several weeks but that Maga Dorana of Bonisagius will be happy to meet with them in the morning.

Katja recalls that Dorana is an associate of her paren's

Katja find that to be more than acceptable to her and says so to the messenger. [color=blue]"That will be more than sufficient. I believe that goals and desires can be achieved with such an exchange."

That her items are intact is good though she did pack them with plenty to pad them just in case of accidents and such. Still, she doesn't like leaving them out in the cold more than she must.

A unicorn mount, eh? Impressive :smiley: Being ridden y an armoured woman? Normal or side saddle? This character is not sexist the way Robberto is. If she rides side saddle, Ricardo will ride over by her and suggest the proper riding technique. If she rides properly, then he merely nods and salutes them.

The rider of the Unicorn is indeed riding in the conventional manner. As she departs both Ricardo and Regnus Bestia will notice that the sword she carries is of a most unnusual design unlike anything they have seen before. (In fact it is a Katana)

The guards of Fengheld seem to relax somewhat now these soldiers and their mistress has departed.

A whatatana? Ricardo notes the oddity of her weapon, and doubts it is as good as strong Spanish steel. Still, it seems interesting, and he wonders how it handles.