.... And Ravens

Katja looks at Regius on the trip, [color=blue]"I am curious why you are heading to Ad Fons. I know that I seek a covenant close to my family and while Durenmar allowed me to study a time after my apprenticeship, my welcome had worn out that I need to find a covenant for myself where I have a stake. In return for joining, I can bring a thriving glassmakers trade and contacts with a prosperous merchant family in one of the nearest cities."

The comfort of a good house and good meal rather than roughing it has her speaking to learn more about her traveling companion.

He eyes the woman longly as she departs in the distance before the guards snap him back at attention. He follows along listlessly.

He does not react at first at being spoken to. After it seems the slight woman is indeed addressing him he turns his head slowly to look down at her.

[color=blue]"You find it odd that I would want to learn about the one that I will be traveling with more?" The small bonisagus studies the man carefully. She knows that her shelter was short for him but she hadn't created a true travel shelter spell yet.

He stares blankly at the woman before shrugging. "I don't know."

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After their conversation the magi rest and are woken by servants bringing breakfast in the morning. After morning ablutions with running hot water and an excellent breakfast .
Once breakfast is finished Maga Dorana arrives from the main covenant to speak with you. After some polite conversation and catching up on matters of interest to house Bonisagius the conversation turns to business.
Dorana inquires if there is anything which Fengheld covenant can do to help you.

[color=blue]"There are some spells I am hoping to perhaps get a scribed copy as well. I admit that I have a limited repertoire but I might know a spell or two that are not in the common use such as that which I use to move my stone cart and can be used to move large stone blocks to help reinforce or expand the walls. The main one that I am looking for is one to conjure a tower of stone. It would be nice to start relations and cooperation where we can." She considers, [color=blue]"Of course once I learn it, I plan to craft a smaller version of a different duration for travel shelters of sun and moon durations. Normally copies would only go to Durenmar but perhaps I could see a copy comes here."

[color=red]"We would be happy to trade with the covenant of Ad Fons, or yourself at the moment we have several perenigator mages in residence so at the moment access to our library is fairly full, and I am afraid we don't have a copy of the mystical tower ritual as it would be of limited utility to us. We do have a lot of other terram spells and a good library and we are of course always interested in adding to our collection

[color=blue]"That is a shame as that was the specific spell I was hoping to find but perhaps if you tell me what you do have we could arrange for a trade. I am sure you have scribes that copy the books or lab texts when they become free and we can discuss what you want in return? I have my spell for moving large blocks of stone and another to create a well sized perfectly to block access to a sanctum for a moon. WIth Rego corpus magic to get in and out, the stone wall is a near perfect defense to your lab."

[color=blue]I do not have a copy of everything Fengheld has in their library it is apparently extensive but tending towards the lower level spells. Also I prefer that Max handles most of the gaining new stuff for the covenant by negotiation material as he is the main SG and I don't want to give too much to the covenant.

Katja and Dorana discuss matters of magical trade for a while and it becomes apparent that Fengheld is prepared to trade books and spells for Vis or original material but prefers to do so at a covenant level rather than with individual magi and would prefer to deal with Katja when she is speaking for Ad Fons or another covenant . It also seems that they are busy at the moment and that most if not all of their magi and scribes are committed to various projects for the next couple of seasons.

After the conversation is over the group prepares to set off again with Dorana promising to provide good weather for the first day or so of the journey before they get beyond her range

Katja does make sure then to get food supplies for the travel. Preferably ones that can be eaten or prepared by those that lack any real cooking skills.

One the sled is properly loaded, she will cast the spell to cause it to rise and move again, prepared for the ride towards Ad Fons. There is plenty of room for all the gear of the three of them considering the cargo area of the sled is ninety cubic feet and the front bench can easily hold two sitting side by side since Katja is so small. [color=blue]"I still wonder if it is wise for three wizards to travel without any guards." The sled travels only a foot above ground for now though she can easily raise to ten feet over ground to avoid threats and crouching down in back can even make it nearly impossible for arrows to hit.

Breaking his habitual silence, the monstrous Flambeau replies. "We are safe." The grip on the handle quivers, nearly in anticipation of a good scrap.

After a time, Katja raises the sled to four feet over the ground to make for more comfortable sitting but it still moves only as fast as the flambeau can walk. She could go a lot faster but then the flambeau would be left behind.

[color=red]Hahahaha!!! Do not worry little one, you are in the company of Men. So harm shall befall ye while my Flambeau friend and I still stand.
Hmmmm, she said "three wizards". I wonder if she understands just what I am?

The Journey takes the group north past Magdeburg towards the Baltic coast which they should make near Rostov before heading alon the caost to Kolberg where they will turn inland to Ad Fons.

The Journey as far as Rostov is not particualry difficult depsite the winter conditions as their unnusual means of locomotion makes moving the supplies much easier than normal. It is also helpful that the weather is largely clear if very cold.

Supplies are holding out well.

OOC Can you give link to a map. My google earth is showing Rostov way way far away on sea of Azov. My Guardians of forest has Madgeburg and kolberg. Do you mean Restock? As for food, if we can keep supplied as far as Stettin (Szczecin In Slavic), we can restock food from my family since that is where Katja is from.

Yes I meant Rostock. In an online wargame I am curretnly trying to capture Rostov so I got the name mixed up

Katja knows she has money for some supplies if needed and she considers the level of supplies. [color=blue]"We might want to see about stopping at a farm to buy some supplies the silver will be valuable to them." She really doesn't want to run short. [color=blue]"We can also stop to hunt for a day or two. We only need to get to Stettin though since my family can supply us in return for a couple of my glasswork pieces to sell."

[color=blue]OOC I tend to not worry about the details of things like suplies in a PbP game
The journey as far as Stettin procedes without any real problems. The weather remains as good as it is going to be in winter and the group are able to avoid any Storms.
Katja is aware that Stettin is a walled town and she will have problems if she turns up at the gate with a flying Sled and a scarred Giant.

The flying sled won't be as much of a problem as it can be disguised as a wooden sled. The giant is likely to be an issue. Thankfully she knows that there are farms outside the walls and from there, she can wall up her cart and have a farm boy run a message into her family. Borrowing a wagon would would also be a possbility with a tarp thrown over most of the sled as it floats just over the wagon's bed. Either way, she will be able to either leave her companions outside the city for the night or perhaps with her family, smuggle them into the city with help of friendly guards.

[color=blue]"Here at Stettin we are likely to have some problems. They can probably be overcome if I can get into the city to my family. They are a very prosperous merchant clan with the glassblowers as core but have branched out. The key is that while they know what I am, until I speak to them, our group might not be welcome into the town. Would you two be willing to wait here while I went into the city to contact them. We can set up one of the stone shelters just out of sight of the walls for safety."

"We will not hide." He says with a certain pride in his voice.