.... And Ravens

[color=red]Indeed, I agree with my Flambeau sodale. I do not understand why we must wait outside the gates like wet dogs. Why would I, of all people, be unwelcome in your town? They should be happy to have me! They should sing songs and throw a parade :laughing:. I joke, but I think you are overly paranoid and over react.

[color=blue]"It is a walled town that would not let us in the gates as we are. The code rules against Interference with mundanes means we do not fight our way into a town, killing and rampaging and that is what would be involved. There are times when discretion and subtlety are more important." Katja frowns. She had hoped that the two would be reasonable. [color=blue]"My gift does not set off the mundanes and I will fit in. I dress like them, I am one of them. I grew up here. We can find a farm to stay at while I head into the city for supplies and see my family."

(shakes head)

[color=red]You make too many presumptions. I am not livestock, I am a man. The merchants of the town will be glad to see me. I have money to spend :smiley:

OOC - You do realize that my character does not have the Gift, don't you?

Regius remains silent in the argument for now.

[color=blue]"Ricardo, you have several flaws to your thinking. One, Regius would antogonize them by his size and his gift that they would be reluctant to speak with him. Second, While I could spont a spell to make my sled look wooden and normal, it would still not be pulled by anything so would stand out as magical." She sighs, [color=blue]"you could probably manage to do well in the town on your own though you would be a stranger in a strange land while I am native. It would be best keep the sled and Regius though from town."

She might get lucky and perhaps know the gate guards from her youth but she wouldn't count on it.

(ooc - does he have the regular gift or the blatant gift?)

[color=red]His size is the main reason I would expect people to step aside and let the man walk through. But to ease your worries, have him stay by me and he will do allright. I will watch him for you. As for your contraption, even I think it is strange. You both should learn to ride horses like I do. :wink:

(Regular gift, but warped magic should he cast a spell)

Regius makes his way to the sled and rummages through the supplies and grabs a rope, tying it to the sled. He strings it up over his shoulder as if to pull it.

My impression is that Regius is planning to walk up to the city in Broad daylight and see if they will let him in. It is my inpression that this would be a bad idea

  1. he is 10 feet tall
  2. He is gifted
  3. He is horribly scarred

They will certainly not let him in , it is quite possible they will open fire on him before he reaches the gate.

As a note there is a chapter house of the Knights of the Sword in Stettin who are the sort of people to be particularly aggravated by Giant monstrosities at their gate. Fortunatly they would not be invovled until things go bad and they get called in to kill the monster

I feel it better to point his out before things go pear shaped

Riccardo has no worries for himself. As for Regulus, well, he needs to make his own decisions.

[color=red]Regulus, why don't you hang back and guard our posessions while I investigate the town.

If you tell a Flambeau something is dangerous, that is like enticing him to do it. Give him an excuse, something more important, so that he doesn't feel like there is any loss of face or that he is being cautious or timid. He has the Reckless Flaw. Reckless people do not consider consequences.

Katja was trying to similiar thing by pointing out that him killing all the mundanes would violate the code and risk the other two, not that the giant would be at risk.

Of course the redcap who is good friends with the giant had to make a fuss rather than her running into town to see her family and get supplies and return. She rolls her eyes. She knows her way around the city too. The fact that she has family, gentle gift and magic makes this a lot easier on her than anyone else.

Both Riccardo and Katja are able to enter Stettin without trouble , there are a fair number of travellers entering and leaving the city and with nothing much to draw attention to themselves they pass without notice from the guards at the gates.

Katja is easily able to find her family who are pleased to see her, they are also able to provide some more supplies for the rest of the journey.

Riccardo is able to view the town , it is a fairly standard Northern German town without much to recomend it as of interest, except for the looming fortress of the Prince of Pomerania located on the bluffs above the town.

Riccardo admires the looming fortress, then he looks around for a tavern. He doesn't drink, he just wants fresh cooked food :smiley:
Tired of that campfire chow.

(OOC: 8 feet, not 10 :slight_smile: and there's no social stigma about the giant's blood merit. Everything else there is so it ends up being the same )

Despondantly, he snorts and watches the two leave. In the mean time he'll be venting out his anger on the local flora, cutting tree branches with his sword or what not to pass the time.

ROP Magic 8 to 10 feet
Ordinary people do not treat a 9 foot tall giant as normal, they treat it as an ogre or Giant.
The Locals would not have let you into their town , and there would have been a good chance of them opening fire on you. If you want to be large but fudnemtally normal then take large not Giant. I would have locals prejudiced against most faerie or magical blood as well as they look slightly unnatural however that is normall easier to hide compared to being 50% taller and about triple the weight of a normal person.

The time passes uneventfully

It comes from the core ArM5, not RoP Magic. Giant Blood from RAW is 7 to 8 feet (I think). It does not and should not cause any social penalty. He is built like a professional wrestler :laughing:. People should stand back and give him space as he walks by, not treat him like a monster. In Novus Mane, Friar Marcello and Jan Axel each have giant blood, and no one treats them like monsters :wink:

But he is disfigued and scarred, so the would disike him for that alone, the size turns distrust into fear I would figure.

:smiley: double post :smiley:

Before leaving to enter town, Katja would have put up her four walls and tarp roof and cast heating the frigid hall so Regius has a warm place to rest while she is gone.

It was good to see her family and she spends a couple hours making a beautiful glass cup in the family workshop, her labor being repayment for te supplies. She lets them know that she is moving somewhere not too far away in the forest that she will be able to visit much more often.

If Regius stayed with her, he could have gotten a meal with her family.

Katja arranges for an very large but good meal to be prepared that can easily be warmed (or kept warm with magic) to bring back to Regius with the supplies. She glances up at the large church which was the major social center when the various craftsmen came here.

OOC I have watched glassblowers make a single tinted cup in about an hour during demo at renfaire. If I put a box around the meal, heating the frigid hall (on box for inside) will keep it warm (not hot) during trip back with the supplies. (and hopefully a brother or cousin to help carry the supplies. )

The town does have a major church and a very thriving community of craftsmen based around it.

However they have not apeared in a plot I am running so my interpreation has not come up. Incidentally I expect my own giant blooded characters to be treated as very suspicous by mundanes , same for Faerie blood .

Katja and Riccardo are both able to return to their camp with the fresh supplies and hot food before setting off again towards Ad Fons.
For several days the journey is uneventful however about half a days travel before the reach Kolberg and turn in land to Ad Fons there is an incident.
With almost no warning three arrows are fired from a clump of bushes about 50 yards off the side of the road , 2 are targeted on Regius and 1 on Riccardo . Riccardo see's the flicker of the bushes as the arrows are fired at the last moment and makes an attempt to dodge while Regius is completely suprised (as is Katja)
[color=blue]Regius actually botched his perception check, Katja had a total of 1 and Riccardo managed a 10 the three bandits all rolled well and got a 10 or more on their stealth tests
Both arrows strike Regius and even with such a perfect target one of them bounces of his mail armour and the 2nd inflicts a light wound (by 1 point). Riccardo is able to interpose his shield and block the arrow.(I did remember the shriek of the steel shafts and the arrow wouldn't have achieved anythign without it)
Every one is free to act but Regius has no clue where the arrows came from yet.