Another walk in the Garden (summer 1236)

Lucia, recalling what happened in spring last year, and being rather miffed at Epona for going and getting pregnant, has invited a number of people she knows from the covenant to join her in "exploring Fleur's garden"

Carlos is up for it :slight_smile:

Lucia escorts Carlos to the garden whispering in his ear "I must confess I am trying to make Epona jealous, but don't want to lead you on. Do you mind playing along? I wouldn't normally do this, but she did go out and get herself pregnant."

[color=blue]I didn't do it. I swear!
I am not a womanizer or a lustful man, despite what some people say. I just really like women, and for some reason they seem to like me. Then they trip me.
But I just enjoy your company. I brought my guitar if you would like me to play. And this time I brout my sword just in case :slight_smile:

"I know it wasn't you, it was while she was on some adventure with Fleur, something about a dragon, Felicia really got a raw deal on that one, she had a dragon kitten. For all I know the child will be dragon blooded or whatever. Anything that impregnates a cat and a lesbian is obviously not picky about their partners." she grins "this is just a little payback." She takes his arm in hers. "So are you thinking we should pursue the beast this time?"

[color=blue]It is best to avoid that if we can. But just in case, y'know.
So who else is joining us?

"I thought there would be more, but it looks like it is just us. Guess we have to fight over the women." She grins wickedly at Carlos. "So I guess we head in and go to sleep."

((What date is it? Bernat was present last time - which is not to say he'd want to be present this time - but he's also in the City of Brass))

sorry, this is summer 1236

which would be after the city of brass is finished...

CoB runs Winter and Spring, so Summer is free.

Then sure, if Lucia wants him there, Bernat will join you.

The three then retire to the garden for a picnic lunch and afterwards to lie in the grass and nap...

... awakening as before in a meadow near two mounds lying next to each other, one with a red crystal flower and the other with a more transparent crystal flower whose colors shift as with a prismatic cut crystal.

[color=blue]You know, I knew better but did it anyway. Well, it worked out lst time and it should work out this time. Let us investigate?

Lucia shrugs "I don't know of another way through, and last time things seemed to start happening after we picked the flowers. Do either of you want to get ready somehow before I pick them?"

How 'bout you don't pick them. That just causes trouble.

(assuming it is a major plot point, I presume she will do it anyway :mrgreen: )

"Okay, we could try that, although that guy last time said they have vis in them. I figure the magi would like it if we brought back some vis."

[color=blue]Well, do you have a use for vis? You need to learn to think for yourself girl! Most of those guys are freaks and perverts.
I take that back. I know from experience that it is just magic messing with perception. My best friend is a wizard, and it took me years to get used to his gift. It wasn't until he started sharing Parma with me that I got to know him and we became friends. He didn't always have the Gentle Gift.
But really, do you think the risk is worth it?
Still, it will work out for the best one way or another. So go ahead and give it a try. Just that any trouble it causes is on your head...

"freaks and perverts huh? Is that how you see Epona and my relationship too?" she reaches down and plucks the flowers...

... and the sky darkens, clouds roll in, and you hear the sound of growling...

[color=blue]I wasn't taking about you. I mean magi. Then I recanted, recognizing it was a knee jerk reaction to a phenomenon I am familiar with. And...
Hey! No-no-no-no! Don't do that! It...
Aw fcuknutz...