Anulus Connectens: Bausas

Side stepping the above issue for the moment, a few spells:

Since this is a 6th magnitude spell, it causes 1 Warping Point to each individual in the circle.
Essentially just a T: Circle version of Gentle Caress of Aesclepius.
Bausas spent 1 season inventing this spell.

Since this is a 6th magnitude spell, it causes 1 Warping Point to each individual in the circle.
Essentially just a T: Circle version of The Severed Limb Made Whole, but with no discount for the old limb being needed, which is an anomaly anyway.
This spell uses interpretation 3 from the discussion above.
Bausas spent 1 season inventing this spell.

Since this is a 8th magnitude spell, it causes 1 Warping Point to each individual in the circle.
Essentially just a T: Circle version of Incantation of the Body Made Whole.
Bausas spent 2 seasons inventing this spell.

Since this is a 8th magnitude spell, it causes 1 Warping Point to each individual affected.
Bausas considers this spell to be a failure. It was designed to help peasants by alliviating their sufferings and hardship, giving them more time and energy to strive to become better individuals.
They did not. Instead, peasants affected by this spell engaged in all sorts of in-apt behaviour and defilements of the flesh.
Because of this, Bausas refuses to cast this spell again, at least until he has found a way to guide the peasants towards better behaviour.
Bausas spent 3 seasons inventing this spell.

EDIT: All the stuff I frgot to put in the first time :-/

Cessation of suffering is a dangerous spell. It lets folks get back up to hurt themselves again. I think it could lead to some great emotional conflicts in stories with PC's arguing with one another.

Sure. But if you have to fight and you're hurt, you'll get less hurt by future attacks than if you were suffering from the penalties. Consider two -1 wounds and a -3 wound. Your defense will be at -5. That means anything that hits you does an extra 5 damage, meaning does a whole next severity of wound. You're that much more likely to get hurt worse or die. So it also protects you from a lot of danger.

Very. This is essentially why Bausas considers this spell a failure.

Correct. Mind you, fr use on your grogs, lesser parameters might well be a better choice.
Also, Bausas hasn't even considered the miitary applications.

True as far as you go, but in a game with the players and the story guide all being influenced by the social dynamic around the table stories often twist when you take violence off of the list of things that are going to resolve the conflict without some of the PC's getting killed. This spell puts that point of "now you have to think of something else" further in the future and I've seen dice kill more characters than drama. This spell can ratchet up the tension in a game even if the "in game" effect is things being more safe for the characters.

Bausas, after 30 years.

During his 30th year out of Gauntlet, Bausas wnet to Egypt using an Arcane Connection optained via Janus.
Here he encountered a vervet monkey playing in the ruins of an ancient temple.
It seemed unafraid and Bausas lured it close. Sensing its magic, Bausas decided that it must be the host for a nother Immortal Soul, striving towards release from suffering, into the Enigma, and bound it as a familiar, giving it the name Callidus

(note! I should probably do Callidus' stats as a Magical Animal from RoP:M - and indeed I might. But it won't be right now.)

Over these 15 years, Bausas has effectively spent 8 years on Arts, 2 years on spells, 3 years on abilities, 1 year on an initiation, and 1 year on aquiring, binding and emowering Callidus.
Bausas has experienced (and controlled) a single further Twillight episode, as well as Initiating The Avenue of Subduing the Meat and the Station of the Perfect Tool - the first initiation on the Path of the Body (HoH: MC, p. 61)

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EDIT: It takes Bausas 2 seasons to invent this spell

A slightly stronger variant of Purification of the Festering Wounds (ArM5, p. 129) and takes most of it's text from that spell.
It is intentionally designed at 5th magnitude, so as not to cause Warping to recipients.

So, is Basuas going to invent the Presence and Communication variants of this ritual anytime early in the year 31-45?
Because Janus' apprentice might benefit from being included

Intelligence, yes.
I wasn't planning on Communication at all, and possible Presence not as a Circle.

Also please remember that these rituals cause Warping, which matters with apprentices, though less so with familiars.

EDIT: Also, possibly not so much early in 31-45 so much as near the middle

IIRC Andreva had a desire for these as well.
As for Warping: Pah! A true magus is going to get that anyway, in time.

Circles to Presence and Communication 0 for now then.
Though casting all of those cuts into Bausas' Vis budget - someone else might have to front that.

Also, if you want Circles that go above +0, please consider how you might help a CrMe labtotal :slight_smile:

It takes Bausas 2 seasons to invent this spell

It takes Bausas 2 seasons to invent this spell

Andreva already knows the target individual versions of these and she'd be willing to cast them with her mastery score and strong golden cord so as to limit the chance of botching if only Janus would provide the vis.

No, she learned versions of them from lab notes in the 16-30 period because she was sick of the social ramifications of having com -3 and Prs -2. She's fine now.

Sure. I'd like two castings of each, since Vesta has -2 Com and -2 Prs off the bat.
Since we aren't micromanaging vis, and since Janus has spent a lot of vis but more or less only for the covenant I don't think this will be a problem. In any case I could have him design some devices to use when hunting for vis. Or may just have him spent time in a lab building an item commissioned by someone else. Although it is more fun to actually design the thing, so I'll go into detail with this. Which is kind of the point with this exercise anyway.

Andreva bothered with R:Touch T:Ind versions of these, instead of T:Per? So she expected to cast them on someone else then? Why not T:Circle, for vis efficiency then?

Because I judged those would be the ones available as lab notes. They're the ones that are in the books. I realize that they're inefficient but she didn't have the lab totals to research better versions herself.

I think we're just more used to sagas where the extra work is usually justified, due to the scarcity of Vis. :-/

Well Andreva's lab total was exactly the spell level. It would have taken her an infinite number of seasons to develop the circle version (or six for range personal). I suppose that waiting was in order until her lab total was higher, or alternately I could have claimed she got her hands on casting tablets and saved herself two seasons.

That makes sense. A lot of sense.

This is Callidus before being bounds as a familiar:

I should advance Callidus, using the same method as Erik over here, meaning 25 XPs per year.
Similarly to Grace, Callidus will get
Artes Liberales 1 (5 xp)
Magic theory 6 (105 xp)

However, much of Callidus' time is spent assisting in the lab, and much more time will be used on Area Lores.
In the end, I think I will not track Callidus' abilities. Though I suspect Callidus' Magic Theory score will mirror Bausas' at all times.