Anulus Connectens: Bausas

Andreva already knows the target individual versions of these and she'd be willing to cast them with her mastery score and strong golden cord so as to limit the chance of botching if only Janus would provide the vis.

No, she learned versions of them from lab notes in the 16-30 period because she was sick of the social ramifications of having com -3 and Prs -2. She's fine now.

Sure. I'd like two castings of each, since Vesta has -2 Com and -2 Prs off the bat.
Since we aren't micromanaging vis, and since Janus has spent a lot of vis but more or less only for the covenant I don't think this will be a problem. In any case I could have him design some devices to use when hunting for vis. Or may just have him spent time in a lab building an item commissioned by someone else. Although it is more fun to actually design the thing, so I'll go into detail with this. Which is kind of the point with this exercise anyway.

Andreva bothered with R:Touch T:Ind versions of these, instead of T:Per? So she expected to cast them on someone else then? Why not T:Circle, for vis efficiency then?

Because I judged those would be the ones available as lab notes. They're the ones that are in the books. I realize that they're inefficient but she didn't have the lab totals to research better versions herself.

I think we're just more used to sagas where the extra work is usually justified, due to the scarcity of Vis. :-/

Well Andreva's lab total was exactly the spell level. It would have taken her an infinite number of seasons to develop the circle version (or six for range personal). I suppose that waiting was in order until her lab total was higher, or alternately I could have claimed she got her hands on casting tablets and saved herself two seasons.

That makes sense. A lot of sense.

This is Callidus before being bounds as a familiar:

I should advance Callidus, using the same method as Erik over here, meaning 25 XPs per year.
Similarly to Grace, Callidus will get
Artes Liberales 1 (5 xp)
Magic theory 6 (105 xp)

However, much of Callidus' time is spent assisting in the lab, and much more time will be used on Area Lores.
In the end, I think I will not track Callidus' abilities. Though I suspect Callidus' Magic Theory score will mirror Bausas' at all times.

About year 41, Bausas come up with this spell

EDIT: It takes Bausas 2 seasons to invent this spell

It took Bausas 2 seasons to invent this spell.

I've now made the changes in the Andreva thread so this weird tangent in the Bausas thread, that mainly concerns Andreva and Janus can conclude.

I see no issue with the new spells. In time the covenant could have some very smart familiars and apprentices. What is Bausas' casting sigil?

Bausas spent 3 seasons creating this spell.

Bausas has come to realise that much of what he wants to do involves other people, and that he needs to be able to affect others.
In particular, he has become fascinated with the idea of becomming a mystagogue within his house. To do this, he needs to become more impressive.
And so he has decided to assume this mantle.

When does he do this? Year 16-30 or 31-45?

year 42 :-/

You're that far already? I haven't even started Janus post year +30.

That explains how that much power is available. This is around the time Vesta is Gauntleted, maybe she should look into this in order to become a great leader for House with her Story Flaw this much social force may be necessary to deal with the troublesome individuals who always seem to come her way and act up when most inconvenient.
Wait - R.Personal? Forget about it :wink:

...and here I thought I was behind :wink:

I thought I was too fast with the first two periods, so when we spoke about setting up a situation I paused. And then I may have been caught up with writing that convoluted story-like setup.

Bausas will enchant this into the familiar bond with Callidus, with enough uses per day that it is effectively constant for both of them.
Since each target (Bausas and Callidus) are targeted by seperate activations, this is not a MuMe effect.

With the examples on page 105 of sense sharing and mental communication the effect has to be instilled in the bond twice one time to put thoughts in the mind of the familiar and once to put thoughts in the mind of the magus. Wouldn't this be similar?

from page 105 "powers are limited to effects which target the maga, the familiar, or both." I think the intent of that statement is that you can't have a power that targets one of them or one that targets the pair of them together but you can not have a power that targets either one individually depending upon which one needs the power.

It would. Thank you for reminding me about that.
So, Invested twice, but with fewer uses per day.

Looks like you are correct. Excellent.