Anulus Connectens: Bausas

Bausas after 45 years:

Callidus at Bausas' 45 years mark:

6 Years have been spent on Arts
3 Years have been spent on Abilities
3 Years have been spent on Inventing Spells
2 Years have been spent on Callidus, mostly on empowering the Familiar Bond
1 Year have been spent on improving the Lab

I see you've raised Callidus' Intelligence to +3. So I would be justified in raising Grace's intelligence to +3 by the end of the 31-45 period as well, because if we're spending vis, why not include more targets in the circle? Yes?

Exactly. That goes for everyone else as well.

Count me in. Janus has found a white cat of Mercere's lineage back at Harco. That could have been at the end of year 31-45 as well, as he is bound to have visited Harco once Vesta is Gauntleted. Janus won't be bonding with the familiar until until the start of year 46-60 though.

Unless the familiar already has an Intelligence score (as opposed to a Cunning score), the ritual will not affect it, as it is a Mentem ritual, and thus only affects valid Mentem targets.
..which is the reason for the somewhat tortured phrasing of the spell.

Roger. The cat template on RoP:M page 70 lists Int 0, as a free choice for magical animals

Bausas, aged Gauntlet +60 years.

3 years spent on Arts - including a full year spent on Auram, which I envision as Bausas being fascinated with the process of breathing.
10 years spent on abilities.
1 season spent on spells.
1 season spent on empowering the bond with Callidus.
2 seasons spent on self-initiating Spiritual Nourishment (Criamon mystery)
1 year spent on his apprentice Saiua (1 season on finding her, 3 seasons teaching her)
2 Twilight episodes, each controlled sucesfully (I had my gf roll)

Callidus, as of year +60

Saiua, apprenticed to Bausas, year +60 (end of her 3rd year as apprentice).

Please note that her virtues and flaws may well change fully (twice, at ages 14 and 21), and that she has not yet learned Enigmatic Wisdom, but with Bausas as her teacher, I have no doubt that any necessary initiations will be arranged.

Don't characteristic raising spells need to specify which stat they raise? All the example spells in the core book and HoH:TL either affect one stat only or specify 4 variants exist?

Also did you mean "A Gift of Understanding Onto the Multitudes" or "A Gift of Understanding Unto the Multitudes"?

they do, you're absolutely correct. All spells have (I belive) been clearly outlined and defined earlier in the thread. That does not mean I should correct them above tohugh. Thank you.

Unto. Apologies.

Corrected above. I hope - feel free to check. :slight_smile:

As I was reminded (here), effects have to be invested into the familiar bond seperately for the magus and the familiar. So now it'll be invested correctly:

invested twice, for respectively the Naked Ape and the Clever Monkey. This is done in a single season.

Per earlier request, in year +61, Bausas creates

This takes 2 seasons to create.

1 season.

Nice. I think maybe Babuas would be highly appreciated if he could be available for Longevity should anyone fail it this next period. I haven't done the math, but it may happen sooner than we expect.

Sure. I'll leave a season open for everyone, for now.

If you do so would you consider spending 5 points on leadership 1 (in the laboratory) to allow both the magus in question and your familiar (or possibly two magi) to aid. I figure that after 60+ years the magi trust one another enough to work together on pushing back old age.

Certainly Andreva would be happy to assist in an updated ritual for Bausas, heck if Janus or one of the rest want to join in Andeva could clear a third season to help (i.e Andreva and Janus/Hector/SaoirsΓ© both act as lab assistants for the creation of rituals for all three of the involved magi).

ArM5, page 103, central column, the rules say you can always have 1 assistant (plus Familar) helping in the lab. So you'd need Leadership 2 and another magus or apprentice willing to spend time assisting to get any benefit.

But I like the idea of boosting lab totals for Longevity with multiple magi helping. How would it work with the familiars of assisting magi? I think it's only for the magus they are bound to that they don't count against the number of assistants. It seems to easy otherwise. So Basuas would need Leadership 4 to have both Andreva and Janus along with both of their Familiars helping him.