Apeworld On Fire

A new adventure, a new thread. I'm preparing "Apeworld On Fire" for my group and I had a sudden realisation.

I've never done much with the future juncture, it never seemed very interesting to me. So having a pre-written adventure to show me what's cool about it is great.

However I'm having trouble with the logic of the setting. If the C-Bomb destroyed all Chi in the future juncture then surely that means that no Chi powers will work. Which will badly hose the majority of PCs. Have I missed something which explains how that works? Do the PCs pull Chi from their home juncture?

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If the C-Bomb had destroyed ALL chi, everyone would be dead. So there's still some chi.

In short: Chi powers all work normally.

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So, and this has nothing to do with Apeworld on Fire, would a sufficiently masterful geomancer be able to craft a building of such exquisite beauty and quality that it would be a meagre feng shui site? And in a era without any other such sites would the tiny improvement in fortune make the owners gods among men?

That sounds like a challenge for the Dragons and an excellent way to have everyone and their dog gunning for them and their homestead.

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That's the first session done. Our Archer, Sorcerer, Sword Master and Martial Artist returned from Burning Dragon and were joined by a Maverick Cop. A character with a gun! The Archer was cock-a-hoop.

We played through the initial chase and found that we blasted through the 4 musketeers and Miami vice before the mooks from those junctures could act. We then spent the rest of the chase on Mars. So don't be surprised if you barely spend any time in some junctures.

The whole cavalcade through the Netherworld was certainly unexpected by my players.

Because I don't run chases very often I put together an equivalent to the turn tracker to allow me to track what was going on. That worked pretty well but I still need a cheat-sheet for things like crash damage. That and other little used rules.

I also created a named character worksheet for tracking their damage which worked well. It made me realise I also need one for tracking damage to vehicles because you have the added complication of chase points vs. actual damage.

Now that the PCs have arrived at the plot I'm looking forward to seeing what they do.


I made a 'Driving Rules' précis sheet for my own game, if that would be useful? It's a PDF, though, so I can't share it directly here. (Don't know if I'd be allowed to, admittedly!)

We just finished running ApeWorld on Fire. Man what a blast. Although, I make things a little 'darker' this was the most fun our group have had with an adventure in FS2 yet. The car chase was a big hit, second only to the final battle which we had the entire party split across the city for.

Was thinking, the old app isn't going to be available on Android is it? Would be so handy. :slight_smile:

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Wish we could! I use Android myself and would love to make more use of the app. But the framework it was built on ended up not being able to make the leap across platforms.

It's great to hear about your experiences with Apeworld!