Before opening the arts, Warping has the same effects on a gifted child as it does other people, as in results in flaws at warping score of 1, 3, and a virtue at 5, correct? If so, I realized I did something incorrectly because I previously assumed Faerie Background allowed taking a Sympathy of 1 without warping but it doesn't. If this is the case, I need to raise my warping and would like to swap out a flaw on Apollon.

Late bloomer to Warped by Faerie (Same as "Warped by Magic" Grogs p 85, but warping from a Faerie, his Faerie God Father).
I then need to pick a separate minor flaw that does not give me points to buy Virtues since Late Bloomer is a Child Flaw and can't really work here.

Nevermind. Just now saw your most recent reading of taking Faerie Background in the discussion so, since this character has Strong Faerie Blood I could raise those to 1 no problem.

looking through the mysteries... when you refer to learning his true name, what are you referencing, because it looks like you would need additional advantages to make use of that, it isn't like a medicinal formula...

I’m referencing RoP:I and TC&TC and the only thing I would assume you’d need is either a spell that targets a Daimon at AC range (a spell created to summon him using Hermetic Theurgy, for instance, but you don’t need Hermetic Theurgy to learn or cast one, only invent one) or penetration if I met said Daimon on the street (unlikely). What do you think I need to make use of that?

That said, I would like for Appollon to look into Theurgy, which could happen in a variety of ways.

I do not take Name Magic, Synthemata, or Invocation magic as the same thing as True Names.

In RoPI it is p34 and TC&TC it is p93 but might also be talked about somewhere else in TC&TC.

There is also discussion of True Names and magic relevant to the Daimons who have them on p110 of RoP:M, both in the insert and the normal section that starts on that page.

okay, I was looking through mysteries and somehow that bit had been left out of those descriptions. this ties clarifies a great deal.

Yeah. I feel like they were going one direction with True Names then decided another but that the original direction didn't really conflict with the new direction. But maybe I'm wrong, dunno.

or they felt it was in enough places they didn't need to repeat it but should have at least referenced it...

Oh. Never checked but just assumed RoP:I came out after Mysteries I definitely bought Mysteries as soon as it was available and that was not the case with RoP:I.

it looks like you forgot the artes liberales...

That I did. Added. It's a 2.

Don't forget learning the True Name cost 5 xp out of the advancement total for Magic Lore but gives 1 xp in Magic Lore when it's fully learned so if there's either a -4 or +1 discrepancy in the total, that is it.

looks good...

Edited Apollon because I realized when I increased his age I did not account for his Late Bloomer flaw. I also changed his personality traits around since the one I gave him not based on his flaws ran counter to the concept of him being like Apollon, instead of proud he is now honest and diligent.

after the tribunal your arts are opened, then you are taught magic theory (SQ:18) before being required to assist in th elab for two season (InVi and cr te), then a season teaching you faerie magic (SQ:18), and then you are given a book on corpus (SQ:18), then assisting two more seasons on CrTe, after which he teaches you creo(SQ:18), has you read a book on aquum (Q:24), and then assist with one more lab of CrTe before you leave for a trip to Olympus (adventure!)

Apologies it took me a few days to get back to it but Apollon has be updated with the seasonal activities up to Summer of 1196 and the Adventure to Olympus.

I keep forgetting to ask but couple questions about the personal vis source.
a) How many pawns/yr for Theban characters?
b) I was thinking Ignem but then thought of perhaps a more interesting way in which the vis forms:
Once a year Apollon starts feeling somewhat agitated and strongly feels the need to write and when he sits to write he goes into a trance and does not come out of the trance until he has filled a few pages with gibberish (least it seems to be gibberish) and each page holds a pawn or two of vis. This idea seems to fit Mentem or Creo or, possibly, Imaginem a bit better than Ignem unless we're looking at fire purely in its sympathy with passion/creativity/creation. I feel like this fits interestingly with his antipathy for passion and that this virtue came from his "Boundless Energy" child virtue, the reason I initially thought of ignem was just the Boundless energy link. afterwards he is calmer/more dispassionate. Any thoughts?

a) 5 pawns/yr
b) lets use the writing vis idea, and it will be creo

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of course during apprenticeship your parens is entitled to the vis...

Wait, what! I don't get to have 75 or so pawns of Creo vis as I'm just out of Gautlet?
(EDIT: my "end sarcasm" tag did not show up. So just to be clear, this is sarcasm.)