there are 8 points in flaws and 10 points in virtues

I did forget Dutybound, a free flaw that comes with Hyperborean Descent but I have listed 2 Majors (Falling Evil and Turbulence Prone) and 4 minor flaws. Perhaps one of those majors was listed as a minor on your sheet?

yes, I knew falling evil was from grogs and assumed it was minor
my mistake

I need to double check the sheet in the morning

No worries, one of the very few major flaws in that book.

Cool. Hope everything else checks out.

Unsure if you noticed, it's only in the Seasonal Tracking thing on his sheet but Apollon arrives at Epidauros in 1189. Season can change, year can change if that's too early by your estimation etc. but that was what I was thinking. Obviously they'll probably send him along to Polyaigos but figured you'd let me know what happens to him between then and the Apprentice Auction.

the character is approved- I'll deal with seasonal issues at the end of the story.

Yeah, he shows up at Epidauros and the Epidauros story hasn't actually finished yet so was figuring that would wait until then.

Apollon will be sent to polyaigos in the summer of 1190, We can assume that spring of 1190 will be largely travel related, Winter of 1189 he has free at the covenant of epiduros, as long as he stays out of the way, to study or exposure experience.
From the summer of 1190 though the spring of 1191 he will be tutored in Ancient Greek, with a final SQ (including penalties for the Gift) of 15 per season up to half of that can be redirected to artes liberales. At this point he will be given chores for the summer of 1191 and trained in philosophae in the fall, then chores in the winter followed by a tutoring in magic theory in the spring. This cycle will be maintained until you head to the tribunal in the summer of 1193 (so 2 seasons each of philosophae and magic theory at 15xp/season)

If possible, during Winter of 1189, Apollon would sneak outside the Aegis of Epidauros and receive instruction from his Magical Spirit Companion. Thoughts on what the Spirit would teach him and what its source quality might be? (I have not built the spirit as a character figuring its possibly nefarious designs should be left to you.)

Spring 1190, travel season, I should just take exposure xp in something related to travel?

Seasons of Greek Instruction:60 xp total, 50 into Ancient Greek and 10 into Artes Liberales.

So that's 4 seasons of "Chores" which should count as exposure? If so does 5 xp in Cov Lore: Polyaigos and 3 xp in Org Lore: Order of Hermes sound good?

Other seasons are self explanatory.

Oh, and a side question related to Apollon:
I listed a couple inherited flaws as becoming apparent when he experiences his first Twilight. I was thinking his Turbulence Prone become Twilight Prone when the Arts are opened so hopefully he will experience a twilight episode without this but, if not, are you cool with handing him a twilight episode by SG fiat sometime before he's 21 when all inherited V/Fs must manifest?

it may depend on who his master winds up being. I will work up the magical spirit tomorrow and give you SQ and topic- likely magic lore.

Magic Lore is what I would assume but weird cryptic spirits that arrange for earthly conceptions between a Faerie God and a young woman with "the right traits"... who knows what's on their mind. (Other than you.)

winter 1189 you receive instruction from your spirit companion in magic lore with a SQ of 20, including a -6 penalty for your spirit teacher having the equivalent of the blatant gift.

May I put 5 xp into a Daimon’s True Name? If so, which one does he teach me?

Prometheus, and it is a she

Sorry, Prometheus's True Name is the True Name she teaches me or her name? Which then makesme wonder what her name is, least what name she has told me.

[edit:] Also, EFF YES! Prometheus is a good one to know.

She teaches you Prometheus true name. She tells you that you can call her Dawn.

Saw this in Tasos' thread:

And was wondering if you meant "may go into Artes Liberales or Ancient Greek"? Cause, if so, I'm gonna move some points around for Apollon.

no, the rules come from arts and academe- when Latin (or in this case Ancient Greek) is being taught points may be diverted into artes liberales or teaching- for any other subject taught through formal education up to half the points may be diverted into Latin (in this case Ancient Greek) or teaching.
the season being taught by dawn does not utilize the rules of formal education.

Figured wrt Magic Lore, was thinking of taking some points from Philosophiae and moving them to Artes Libearales... Might still do that with Teaching and/or Classic Greek but less sure.