Apprentices Table of Contents

The Table of Contents for the upcoming Apprentices Ars Magica supplement is now available. Enjoy! ... ntents.pdf

This is brilliant.

That is all.

I'm pleased by the table of contents

I'm eager to see how "a standard apprenticeship" differs from my present model of a standard apprenticeship which was refined in this thread:

Nice familiar there!!! :smiley: I guess there will be rules for Virtue/Flaw swapping though the ages


Sounds like a nice book :slight_smile:


Very interesting contents.

What are the Cantations?

I suspect they are... under NDA for now.

My guess is that they are some form of proto-spells - little bits of magic that ensure that your apprentice character has some spells to use in those apprentice-level stories.

It looks truly interesting, but it seems to be rather short.

My guess (like marklawford's) is that they're the Ars equivalent of the old D&D Cantrips - low-level spells that an apprentice could learn (or spont) after a season or two of studying the appropriate Arts. For example, The Appropriate Attire could be a MuAn to change the apprentice's clothes...level 4 for Sun Duration. The Cleric’s Pate may well be a Level 3 PeCo affect to remove part or all of the apprentice's hair (although part of the hair would probably be Level 4).

Regardless, I'm looking forward to this coming out, especially since I'm running an apprentice in one of the sagas I'm in.

"Cantamen" is the latin word for "spell". So I'd guess this is about learning spells.

Can't wait for this one.. something a little different.
If this is anything to go by I also have high hopes for the Grogs book which should be even more useful in a normal campaign.