Aqaba covenant

Aqaba is in ruins, but well located, and probably has strong remnants of divine aura as there have been multiple mosques built in the area and used from 650 to 1116, meaning the divine aura would decay to zero by 1582. However the Muslim city was built outside the walls of an older pagan city captured by Muslims in 650 which had existed since 4000 BC, and had been prosperous since 735 BC, which again means there could be some major magical auras or regio just outside the remaining divine aura the divine aura at this point would be at level 2 throughout the old city boundaries.
Aqaba is along a trade route, but it is also way outside of the crusader kingdoms and the mass of Hermetic covenants (such as it is), and deep in Arab lands, south of Petra. To play what the book considers a medium strength covenant it would need to be either summer or autumn. Given the location I would suggest Summer, where what was a small outpost has managed to get itself past the founding pains and established in teh region, but has not yet developed a strong political reputation, indeed it would probably have the hook of unsafe and the boon of ungoverned, or possibly a major hook of war zone, depending on whether we want to assume that the troops marching between Egypt and Damascus would get close enough to involve the covenant.. At the time of the story it is not actively used as a trade route, and what remains of the community (displaced from both original sites) is a simple fishing village.