Are you planning a post a day this November?

It seems a very long time since I did thirty Saints, and I can't remember what I did the first year. :slight_smile: I see there is now a whole subfora dedicated to them, so what are people considering this year?

I'm using it as a scourge to force me to write my back catalog of monsters for GFF.

I have to admit that November has snuck up on me this year, so I hadn't given it any thought until I saw this post. Working from home since March has ruined my sense of time and dates...

I'm thinking I might do 30 magic spirits. At least in my group players seem to find magical beings (besides magic animals) to be less intuitive than Faeries, Demons, and Angels/Saints and RoP:M doesn't really have as many examples as the other Realm books.

I started but never finished a project a while ago to flesh out some magical spirits you might find in a hermetic covenant. After all, magi spend almost their whole lives living in often quite strong magic auras where there might be a spirit for every rock and blade of grass. Mostly very minor spirits, but that doesn't mean they can't be interesting.

I know it's just days away, and this would be a great time to pick up my grog creation, but on the other hand, I am low on inspiration and kept busy by the game I run.
So, not sure...

I might do my threatened "packets of rumours from redcaps" for storyguides to give a background of a bustling order. By default not story hook as too minor, but could be expanded. However due to work I wont start until at least the 9th.

Also I need to finally finish off the Folio ones I started a couple of years ago.


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I never finished my wealth creation scheme on from January, so I could finish that - but then I might accidentally repeat stuff from the magical industry thread.

I think I could do a vis source a day instead, if that would be helpful.

I am (loosely) planning on doing a collection of Faerie Bargains from my covenant's travelling Faerie Merchant vis source.

I might do 30 Sihr's if my life permits it

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