ArM 5 publishing schedule

Back to the original question there an upcoming release schedule somewhere? Maybe I missed that in the would be nice to know what books to look forward to. I just bought my first few and we are starting our game in March - I can't wait :slight_smile:

I don't remember exactly where I heard it, but The Church is scheduled for March and Legends of Hermes is due in June. Nothing beyond that has been officially announced, however.

Our official release schedule is in the left column of the front page of our website, at . We sometimes mention upcoming releases on the forums, but they're not official until their product page is put up on the website. So right now, The Church and Legends of Hermes are in the official release queue ... we usually have at least the next planned release displayed there.

Hi, do you know which book you will publish after The Cradle and the Crescent (the last announced-but-not-in-store book for 2011)?

A Tribunal one? A rules compendium, unification or simplification? Or a book on some other topic?

We're currently proofreading Hermetic Projects. :slight_smile:

Ohhh... Interesting title... Are these artefacts? spells? hermetic original research?

Could you please give us more details? :slight_smile:

I assume you also have other books on your schedule that are maybe not yet ready to be proof-read?

I doubt it ... the books spring fully formed from the authors' heads, just when needed. :laughing: :laughing:

We actually have the next three years of books planned out and in development. We generally put up a product page that gives details about three months before release (when it's officially announced), and put out the table of contents when it goes to press (about a month or so before release). We'd rather let you look forward to the next one, which we have firm info on, than glut our announcement stream with far-off things that might change.

I can honestly really respect that. I'm a big fan of Fantasy Flight Game's Rogue Trader series, but they advertised a whole slew of books in advance, and are not at all meeting the deadlines they set out for themselves. It is frustrating. I like how Atlas is pretty upfront about 4 books a year, and the books are rarely late.

Can you glut out when, if any, Egypt book is due out? :smiley:

It's in development, but the manuscript hasn't been turned over to me for layout yet.


Yes. That's my professional, articulate response.

An Egypt book? Is this in the works? I thought it a bit odd that the Levant wasn't covered in Cradle and the Crecent, but I guess one only has so many pages to work with. :stuck_out_tongue:

But what book is after Hermetic Projects? Very curious. :slight_smile:



And we already ended up with more pages than that.

Egypt is very likely to be covered in a book that is in an extremely early stage of development. You won't hear any more about it for years (literally) unless you're a playtester. In which case it will be months.

Barring unforeseeable catastrophes, which could still happen with this book, Apprentices. It's a short book. The topic should be obvious, and should appeal to the people who found Projects a bit high fantasy for their tastes...

Nice, thanks for the info. :slight_smile:



I don't understand how, after so much published work, you guys still manage to produce books that make me want to buy them ASAP. But that's great! Keep it up! :smiley:

Wouldn't the Levant need a full tribunal book to cover it?

There is a 4th edition Levant book Blood and Sand, combining it with The Cradle and the Crescent makes for oodles of source material to work from for Levant Tribunal.

There really needs to be a Provencal book and an update of Iberia and Rome, the last two haven't been touched since 3rd edition.


Michelle or David, what will be the next Ars Magica books after Antagonists?

Thanks a lot in advance,

Michelle didn't reply, so I guess this is not quite ready for announcement yet. The next one should be announced soon, though, because the draft has been turned over to Atlas and the cover art is basically done.

Be patient a little longer. :smiley: