ArM 5 publishing schedule

Well, it's been officially announced now:

Tales of Power! :smiley:

Details about the book and its release date can be found here:

Holy mother of god*... That's just too good to be true... I love you, Atlas Games! (And the authors!!!!! Never forget the Authors!!!)

  • Funnily enough, this is the kind of reaction I never get in my native tongue, but that I've picked up by reading english. The only thing that's crossed the language barrier is "Oh my god": I now find myself regularly saying "Oh mon dieu"...

Sorry, I'm working part time from home right now (post-maternity leave), so I'm not as on the ball as usual. Tales of Power ... yay! (Thanks Gremlin!)

Hi guys. First time posting here. Maybe Michelle or David could clarify what is the next title due for release in December? I figure its about five months to the nominal release date and they appear to be usually announced 4-5 months out from that date. Thanks.

We're only publishing 3 ArM books in 2013, so the last one will come out in October. It's the long-awaited Hibernia Tribunal book, The Contested Isle! You can read more at

Thanks Jessica. I must admit I was a bit surprised to hear that since 4 releases a year has pretty much been the regular number each year for a while. Whats the reason for that change?

Update: As it turns out, there WILL be a fourth book in 2013, though it'll be published in December. The schedule shifted by a few weeks this year to accommodate the hand-off of primary editing/layout duties to Cam Banks, the new brand manager, so it looked like we'd only get three books out, but it now appears that we'll be able to squeeze in the fourth one before 2014. The title and everything will be announced toward Autumn. Sorry for the confusion!

Thanks again Jess, that good to hear. Looking forward to the announcement.

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Now that we are closer to autumn, any chance of an update on the December release?

Still any chance of an update on this?

The next Ars Magica supplement is on schedule for a December release! We haven't released the name of the book yet but that's due in the next week or two, once The Contested Isle comes back from the printers. I can tell you that it's a tremendously useful sourcebook for anyone who has wanted to make major changes to Mythic Europe but wasn't sure how. More details to come!

Tres cool.

Ooooh, if this is the book I think it is, people will be very happy! :smiley:

Not least of all me since I was set to lose many a quatloo wagering on its appearance this year... :blush:

I can't think of any other book you could be mistaking it for, and I hope you are right.

Don't bet on RPG publication schedules, gremlin...

Now I have TWO ars things to look forward to eagerly, this and the Contested island! :mrgreen: happy to see the rythm is kept :slight_smile:

Thanks guys this sounds intriguing! Keep up the great work!

Somehow information is leaking.
This is, according to google, about a week old. ... jNjmT_3O8A

You might want to see what's up with that.

It's not strictly a leak. John Nephew solicited distributors for the book about a week ago. Not being in the office I can't be sure, but given that there was no cover mock-up in the distributor solicitation, I guess we were waiting for the cover art to do an official announcement on the site. (The text is all done, proofed, and ready for layout, so this is the point when art normally happens.)

Still, I guess that now it's out there, I might as well start a thread for it on the Ars Magica board.

No one's to be marched then? More's the pity... :frowning: puts morning-star away