ArM 5 publishing schedule

Sorry if this is listed elsewhere. Can I ask if there is a publishing schedule, or at least a planned releases list somewhere for supplements.

Older stuff is getting harder and harder to procure and I am beginning to wonder if I need to 'grab as much as a I can' whilst it is still available.

In particular are the tribunal supplements due for release within the next year? I am in dire need of the British tribunal information but dont really want to buy the old supplement and only to see it released in a few months for 5th.

Kaiser: I'm not Atlas, but none of the Tribunal books have ever been rereleased for a later edition. They have always instead just moved on to one not previously done.

So, the Stonehenge and Loch Leagan ones? I should imagine you'll not see them for 5th. There's a 2 page layout for Ireland in Order of Hermes for 2nd edition...

Of course, I could be wrong: the Atlas strategy might have changed.

Hi there. Yes, our general approach is to tackle a new tribunal rather than re-work an already-covered one. We have the finished manuscript for Thebes on hand for publication in 2010 as our next tribunal book, but it's slated for release after Lords of Men and Rival Magic ... so mid-year at the earliest.

Salvete Sodales!

Thebes - Great! But what is 'Rival Magic'? Haven't heard anything in the forum so far. Please, give us more...

Alexios ex Miscellanea

We haven't officially announced it on the schedule yet, so consider this just a "leak." Sorry!

Rival magic sounds like Bad Guys with a power level similar to the OoH. Just guessing. In any case it sounds cool!!! :smiley: Thanks for the leak :wink:


Salvete Sodales

No need to feel sorry. Now there is something I can look forward to. I'll just wait for more info (and a fixed publication date of LoM).

Alexios ex Miscellanea

If Atlas Games was Marvel Comics, the first you'd hear about them would be this piece of art that showed them in dark shilloutette, with lightning behind them.


(Added later: which isn't a comment on the contents at all. It's just that I was looking at some Marvel comics and I noticed that pretty much everything that's not Heroic Age is first teased by a grim shillouette. Dark Avengers, New Avengers, Dark X Men...hero teams just seem to like posing in the rain at night for some reason.)

Hee hee. grin

Good guess. The aim was "slightly weaker, but with something that makes them a real challenge". But no more details until it's officially announced.

I will also confirm that we have no plans to repeat Tribunal books until they're all done. Provencal will be last, because it was covered in quite a bit of detail in ArM2, even if it never had a Tribunal book, and Hibernia will be next-to-last, because of those two pages in OoH. I also aim for one Tribunal book per year. And I think that's enough information to work out our Tribunal book schedule. No guarantees that we'll keep to that, however. Stuff we haven't officially announced may definitely end up as vapourware.

For the sake of clarity, was "Rival Magic" given a different tenative title at any point during the writing/playtest/editting stage?

Why would that clarify anything? :wink: (Yes.)

Now that Lords of Men is in stores, isn't it good time to give more information about this Rival Magic book? :wink:

Pleeeease :slight_smile:

After our last discussion on this, I editted a copy of the cover into "I am a Secret Avenger" shillouettes, but with apt phrases. :slight_smile:

Ummm aparently Michelle was either wrong or changed her mind because TSE now appears to be the next title up for publishing...

Hmmm my last post didn't show for some reason...

Ah well, I was just going to say that with The Sundered Eagle currently listed as the next release, I'm more interested in the contents of that book for the time being...

We'll put up the table of contents soon as we can. Be patient! :wink:

Speaking of the book of the Theban Tribunal, is there any news of when will be avaiable through Warehouse 23? I´m eagerly waiting now :slight_smile:

Salvete, Sodales!

I just come from the atlas site. The Theban tribunale has arrived at the Atlas warehouse, they have started to ship it to oversea distributors, and it should be available in US stores sometime next week.

Alexios ex Miscellanea

The Sundered Eagle should be arriving at distributor warehouses around the USA today.

About older tribunal books: I should mention that Heirs to Merlin is now sold out. We hope to have a PDF of it available soon, but in the meantime if you want a dead tree version you should snap one up while you can.