ArM5: Isle of Wrath

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Welcome to Isle Of Wrath.

This is the story of a new Covenant founded on the Isle of Inchmore in Lough Ree one of the largest lakes in Ireland. Inchmore Covenant is being founded during troubled times. And those troubles come in variety. The English have invaded and hold dominion over large parts of the island while the Irish Lords are as fractious as ever as likely to fight one another as the English. Indeed there are several Irish Kings, rulers of Clans and Lands each that comprise a regional power on Ireland at best. There is no Irish High King to unite Ireland at this time and has not been in living memory.

In addition to these mundane conflicts the magical society of Ireland is amidst a conflict just as fractious and violent. Continental Magi, troubled both by recent events and large differences in the Peripheral Code of the Hibernian Tribunal, have mounted what in many ways amounts to a very similar invasion as to the English. Covenants have been destroyed and founded in this conflict. Yet foremost among them is Praesis. Praesis a Covenant that once epitomized Hibernian traditions and views was conquered in a siege, under legal declaration of Wizard War, less than a year ago. Conquered and then occupied by the victors. Thus is Praesis now transformed.

Praesis is now the Covenant that is the seat of the Continental movement to import themselves and their ways into Ireland, into Hibernia. To begin a process of Reform of the Peripheral Code, by which they mean to begin to make it more Continental.

And Praesis is roughly three days travel north from Inchmore.

Inchmore has been founded with the backing of sponsors and those are sponsors both mighty and with purpose. Circulus Rubur and Lombard are the primary sponsors of Inchmore with full intent that Inchmore become a thorn in the side of Praesis and long term a force against the Continental Reform movement.

Therefore Inchmore is a Covenant founded during stark Hermetic and Mundane conflict with the founding itself being an open gambit therein.

Welcome to Hibernia.