ArM5: Triamore [seeking around 4-6 players]

Campaign Title: Triamore

System: ArM5, we start in 1220

of Players: around 4-6 (I’ll ask for a forum as soon as 4 players show interest in the game)

Deadline: The sooner the better

Starting Level: Gauntlet + 1d10 seasons. Develop a character up to gauntlet. Then plan her first 10 seasons after gauntlet and then roll a d10 (0 counts as zero seasons) to see how many of these seasons pass before the game begins.
Use standard extremely detailed rules for post gauntlet development. Exceptions:

  • no lab improvement or trading between characters is possible (you are assumed to be perigrinatores)
  • only 1 warping point for characters who haven’t used a longevity ritual yet.
  • Vis is not freely available at all.
  • Adventuring is an option:
    a) An adventure has a chance to produce a special animal to turn into a familiar – chances depend on animal handling/kind of gift/presence/applicable virtues
    b) An adventure has a chance to produce vis (4pawns of form vis of the player’s choice/season) – if he manages to roll more 4 using a simple die. If the roll fails, no vis is gained because your adventure failed and you spend the three months licking your wounds.
    Why a random number of post gauntlet seasons? Because this simulates that magi always have plans that are interrupted by stories. It also helps me to see which way you want your character to develop (which helps making adventures and rewards more attractive).

Advancement Rules: Between small adventures, characters will advance 1d10 seasons. Like above, with the difference that they get the chance of settling at Triamore and using its resources to build their own power base. Players that stay with the game will eventually get full access to the council and its coffers.

Combat Rules: I like combat, but I like to keep it simple.

Dice-Rolling Rules: invisible castle

Special Rules:
Most PeVi spells must have a duration greater than moment (e.g. Demon’s Eternal Oblivion).
I have about half of the books and only understand the core rules well. HoH and GotF Virtues are no problem, but you’ll have to ask for other virtues (and expect me to disallow more than half of them). I like my magi fairly standard. Don’t plague me with rare hedge wizards or complicated RoP powers.
I expect you to build a character that is designed beautifully: By that, I mean that I dislike characters that are just a collection of powerful virtues, flaws that do no harm and Str-3 to raise Sta. Don’t get me wrong: There is nothing wrong with playing a strong and focused concept (and yes, you can of course use your focus and similar virtues when choosing apprenticeship spells), but make sure you can explain how a virtue or flaw fits your overall concept.
Your starting spells are limited by your House and by the ones in the core book. You can learn one personally invented spell before gauntlet. Make sure it is a signature spell of your character. Parma starts at 1. Remember: Germans/the French do not usually understand Latin.

Posting Rate: The more the merrier. 1 per 48 hours maybe.
Absences: Stop posting for 96 hours without prior announcement and I’ll use your character as a redshirt when an opportunity presents itself. If you return before the character is ash, good for you, if you don’t, I’ll recruit a new player to make sure the game doesn’t suffer because of unreliable players.

Writing Expectations: Give your best (did you really expect me to say anything else?)

Text Formatting: Bold for direct speech. I hate colors.

Plot- or Character-Driven: I will use the 4th edition supplement Triamore as a quarry. Do read the chapters on Bois de Haillaut and Lucien's Folly if you have it, but do not read the chapter on politics or nearby sites. It helps create a setting to play in. Some of the content of the book will be changed (NPC adversaries, adventure sites), so you can’t rely on those details. This tale consists of several small chapters (maybe 2-3 months of real time), followed by some seasons of development, followed by another adventure, and another round of development, and so on. Some of those tales are part of my story arc, some are minor stories set around Triamore, and some are dictated by your characters’ backgrounds. Triamore’s interests are simply making the covenant more powerful. So expect them to tap into new resources, play around with the idea of a new tribunal, and fight those that stand between them and more power (using anything from words to fireballs).
Character Types: Hermetic magi. Don’t create companions at first. The first two players that create a finished magus I approve of are allowed to create a single grog or servant for their character.
How does it start? A letter invites you to study at Triamore. You accept and arrive there at the same time as the others (or a little earlier if finishing their characters takes a lot of time)

I'm interested, I'll think thorough the night to see If I can handle 2 pbp campaign at the same time. I'll confirm tomorrow. Probably a Terram focused magus.

ive got the the time to do so, ive yet to have the chance to put together a flambeau and im a fan of Triamore. ...Whats the invisible castle thing for dice rules?

It's, an online dice roller. No registration is needed and the results can be linked to this forum quite easily.

Count me in, I don't own the book so I can't really read It.

A few question : For your House rule on spells do you allow changes on targets, range or duration ?

I've got a few half finished concept I need to rework to fit your rules, maybe you can tell me which one will better fit the saga ?:
1-An Herbam specialist with strong Faery blood (nymph or dryad whatever the name any faerie sexual predatory) and Hatred for the likes of her mother (uses seeds and CrHe for fast growth to make permanent creations without the need for vis or rituals...) not sure about House maybe Flambeau with affinity with Creo.
2-I still have this Merenita follower of pendule Idea but maybe you don't wanna play a second campaign with spell glamour as an incredible peak of power...
3-I have the Guernicus Terrae cult magus but he's based on the terrae cult In TSE p67 so I guess He's disqualified because there is no such cult in Rhine tribunal.
4-Classic Tremere Leadworker or other kinds of Ghost necro (including a benevolant Criamon but I'm not sure you'll allow if : has "spirit familiar" ghost that boost enigmatic wisdom so even if that makes sense It's kinda powerful...)
5-Variations around Intelligo specialist either with sight of active magic as signature but they all rely on PeVi for offence do they took quite a blow with House rule or Quaesitor style Guernicus using eavily astrology with Inexorable search, Sight of molting magus, whole from the part...

Those limitations are for apprenticeship spells only. Only if there is an in character reason to slightly change a spell (like a character with Short-Ranged Magic or an unusual spell sigil), small changes are okay.

  1. why not?
  2. I'd like #1 better
  3. A terram Guernicus is okay, but I feel uncomfortable about the summoning virtue that uses the Infernal book
  4. We'd have to agree on a reading of the Leadworker virtue, but it's doable. The Criamon version would also work - there are more worrisome things than a character good at enigmatic wisdom.
  5. would work

Ok so let's forget about 2 and 3, and I already played 5 so i'll pick 1 or 4

Do you allow the "variant house benefits" from HoH:S p27 cause I can't really use strong perdo or Ignem efficiently and would rather use puissant finesse If you allow It.

looks to bitter Go team flambeau?

Sure but don't burn my things :slight_smile:

The varied house virtues from HoH are no problem at all!

sweet action, im biting between Stereotypical fire, or more varied perdo

The covenant comes with a tremere and a knightlike Jerbiton, so making them a martial covenant would work rather well.

Magus:Eduardo Rana
Birth name: Cullain Delgado
Age: 22
House: Flambeau
Sigil: Crumbling Pillar

Sta: 2
Int: 1
Pre: 1
Qui: 1

Brave: +2
Refined: +1
Loyal: +2

Venus' Blessing (Minor)

Subtle Magic (Minor)
Quiet Magic (Minor)
Quiet Magic (Minor)

Affinity with Perdo (Minor)
Puissant Penetration (Minor)
Cautious Sorceror (Minor)

Diedne Magic (Major)

Pussiant Perdo * Free *


Difficult Longevity Ritual (major)
Overconfident (major)
Enemies (major)
One Ear (minor)

Dark Secret * Free *

Mischevious Childhood

Brawl 2 [Knives]
Guile 2 [Faking Fatigue]
Spanish 5 [Poetry]
Stealth 2 [Urban Areas]

Later Life

15 Athletics 2 [Acrobatics]
15 Awareness 2 [Alertness]

magi life

Artres liberales 1 [Ritual Magic]
latin 4 [Hermetic Use]
magic theory 3 [Inventing Spells]
parma magica 1 [Ignem]

5 Charm 1 [Courtly Love]
15 Penetration 2 (4) [Terram]
5 Order Lore 1 [History]
5 Code of Hermes 1 [Loopholes]

6 Creo 3
6 Muto 3
6 Intelligo 3
6 Rego 3
45 Perdo 11 (14) [1 left over]

10 Corpus 4
10 Terram 4
6 Vim 3
1 Animal 1
1 Herbam 1

Spells 120 (tech/form+7)

Touch of Goose Feathers PeCo 5 Voice,Mon,Ind
Crown of Blood PeCo 20 Voice,Mon,Ind (Causes Medium Wound)
Grip of the Choking Hand PeCo 25 Voice,Conc,Ind

Pit of Gaping Earth PeTe 15 Voice,Mom,Part
Rusted Decay of Ten Score Years PeTe 10 Voice,Mom,Ind
Fist of Shattering PeTe 10 Voice,Mom,Ind
End of the Mighty Castle PeTe 25 Voice,Mom,Str

Demons Eternal Oblivion PeVi 10 Voice,Mom,Ind

I'm not totally happy with your draft (at gauntlet) mostly
a) because I think you've cheated yourself.
b) because I'm curious how a Druid ends up in House Flambeau.

Sigil crumbling pillar? A crumbling sigil doesn't sound like a good voting sigil and if it is a spell sigil, then how does it manifest?

Your total is 6. Not 7.

A young Flambeau with Diedne magic? You'd need a very good explanation to get away with that! Flambeau are not exactly pro-Druid, after all.

Major Overconfident should result in some personality trait like overconfident+3 (or higher up to +6)
Who are the enemies? Or do you want me to choose enemies for him (his enemies must be powerful and unrelated to his dark secret, because if they knew, he wouldn't be alive. A combination of Dark Secrets and enemies seems truly dangerous. Eventually someone will learn his dark secret (that's why it's called a story flaw), and then all his enemies have to do is write to the Order and see if House Tremere, or House Flambeau gets to your character first.

Notation for Puissant penetration is unusual (normally Puissant is written with a +: Penetration 2+2)
"Loopholes" seems like a specialty that can be used for all rolls.
120xp spent on abilities

Perdo 45xp1,5= 45xp+22,5xp=68xp (feels free to round up the total number of xp spent)
Art xp: 5

If my numbers are right, your numbers are wrong (apprenticeship ability xp+art xp<240xp)

Demon's Eternal Oblivion must have a duration greater mom according to the house rules (which means that destruction is "healed" when spell ends if target is still alive)
The other spells, including your signature spell, are fine and worthy of a son of Apromor!

Hildegarde Flambonis at gauntlet (I'll use dice after diner for progression)

Voting sigil : An Hourglass made of a polished petrified wood frame and a glass tank (?) containing seeds.
Casting sigil : eyes project green glimmering dust like ephemeral particles sideways (see pic : )

int 2 (synthetic)
perc 1 (trained)
str 0
sta 1 (energetic)
pre 0
com 0+1 (Faery blood)
dex -1 (too reliant on rego magic)
quick 2 (Fast processing)

Puissant Finesse (Hermetic free)
Flawless magic (Major Hermetic)
Minor magical focus : controlling living plants (Hermetic Minor)
Fairy blood :nymph +1 com (supernatural minor)
Affinity with Rego (Hermetic Minor)
Affinity with herbam (Hermetic Minor)
Deft Form : Herbam (Hermetic Minor)
Skilled Parens (Hermetic minor)
Fast caster (Hermetic minor)

Hatred : every faery sexual predator like her mother (perso major)
Temperate ( perso minor) seems to make sense from above
Supernatural nuisance : Faery enmity (story major)
Weak magic resistance :In divine aura (hermetic major)

childhood : (45 +free living language)
French 5 (nature terminology) free
awareness 3(spells)
Charm 1(first impression)
Folk keen 1(mage)
Guile 1 (fast talk)

Later life (75xp)
concentration 1 (spells)
Lore : Order of hermes 1 (personalities
Swim 1 (not drowning) 1
Survival 1 (Forest)
Etiquette 2 (Mage)
Charm 1-->2 (First Impression)
Athletics 1 (running)
Brawl 1(Evasion)
Folk Keen 1--> 2(mage)
Fairy Lore (Faeries forests) 1
Stealth 1 (Night)

Gauntlet : 300

Magic theory 4 (inventing spells) (50xp)
Latin 4 (hermetic)(50xp)
Artes liberales 1 (astrology) (5xp)
Finesse 2+2 (aiming spell) (15xp)
Parma magica 1 (mentem) (5xp)
Code of Hermes 1(relation to fairy) (5xp)
Scribe 1 (Precision) (5xp)
Mastery of Invisible sling of Vilano 2 (5xp)
Mastery of all other spells 1 (0xp)
Penetration 1 (Herbam) (5xp)
Carouse (drinking song) 5xp

Arts 150 :
Re 10 +1xp towards 11 (37xp)
Cr 8 (36xp)
Mu 4 (10xp)
Pe 5 (15xp)
He 10 +1xp towards 11 (37xp)
Te 5 (15xp)

Spells : 150 lvl
Freeing the Striding Tree ReHe 30 (multicast)
Twist the living tree ReHe 25(Imperturbable casting)
The great Rot PeHe25 (multiple casting)
Invisible sling of vilano ReTe 10 (fast cast ;multicast)
Wizard's Leap ReCo 15 (precise casting)
Trap the entwining vines CrHe 15 (fast cast)
Thaumaturgical Transformation of plant to Iron MuHe(Te) 20 (multicast)
Wizard's sidestep ReIm 10 (Quiet casting)

4 pawns of virtus vim from 1st season

[edit : forgot arts :slight_smile: ]
[edit 2 : corrections after SG reviews]
[edit 3 : 1st season]

Create 10 seasons first. Then roll 1d10.

Sure will do !

A powerful build, but one that is build around an idea. Great character!

Quite obvious for a spell sigil especially around mundanes (might be worth the warped magic flaw). Of course those particles must also be recognizable when someone scrutinizes your spells - probably very small green particles that can be seen with a magnifying lens

powerful, yet plausible. Very nice! I like the herbam cluster and how Qik and Fast caster add up.

Plausible again. Weak magic resistance in a divine aura is kind of cheap, but if you keep your rather obvious sigil, it's a fair choice.

French specialty missing, maybe a sociolect, a dialect, or 'nature terminology'?

OOHL specialty missing
What do you mean by swim: 'not drawn'?

145xp? Add 5xp!

Why 38xp on creo? Cr 8-->36xp

One spell level is too high (unless you raise Pe or He)

Well the reasoning behind Weak magical resistance in divine aura was some kind of interaction between the Dominion and her faery condition, I don't find It cheap cause in every city there is a divine aura but I can take warped magic flaw for free I don't mind, I like the picture too much to drop It.

French (nature terminology)
swim (not drowning) sorry typo
Order of Hermes Lore (personalities)
for the 5 missing xp I guess If I forgot them I don't really need them, make It Carouse (Drinking song) for good measure.

Yeah i've got 1xp towards lvl 11 in rego and He but 36 isn't enough..

Arts : If I'm not wrong this should be good this time.
Re 10 +1xp towards 11 (37xp)
Cr 8 (36xp)
Mu 4 (10xp)
Pe 5 (15xp)
He 10 +1xp towards 11 (37xp)
Te 5 (15xp)

Looks good so far. Up to you if you want to actually write down the sigil effect as a flaw (doesn't change a thing either way).