Ars fanzine - launch 24 September

Hi all,

After a long wait, Sub Rosa, the new Ars Magica fanzine will be launched on 24 September.

Subscriptions are now open.

For more details, see:

You can see sample content here: ... review.pdf

  • Alex -

(Edit: changed sample link)

For those new to our community: if you want a magazine you need to show the idea some love right now.

I know its tempting to wait for some idiot to post it on a list, or to try to find a torrent of the collected magazine in a year's time. People have done similar things to some of the past magazines. This attitude kills fan based magazines stone dead. Our community is really small, and if you want a magazine, you really do need to open up your wallet and show Alex some support here.

Is there any other way to pay for it than paypall Alex?

I tried using Paypall once and it was not Brazillian friendly...

Great initiative. Subscribed!

I'm looking to subscribe right now!

But the instructions on the site's subscription page aren't technophobe-friendly. I presume by "follow the prompts" it means "email Alex and use paypal to send the subscription fee to Alex' email address".

Hi all,

We've moved to a brand new Sub Rosa website.

For people who don't like PayPal, just email me ( and we can come to another arrangement.

Edit: Yes, go to the Paypal website and send the money to

  • Alex -

I'm really encouraged by the response so far, but Timothy is right. This magazine relies on fans.

Contributors get a free copy of the magazine, so if you don't have a credit card or PayPal account, you can still get access to a copy by writing something for issue 2.

  • Alex -

Arf, paypal is impossible for me (I've got no internationnal credit card), I'll see if a friend can use his account to pay for me

Sent my 4 issue subscription - got to support the hobby after all!

Looks great so far Alex. Kudos!

Bird of Hermes Saga
Troupe Subscription -- 1 year


I strongly second Timothy's call.

It's blood, sweat and tears on any fanzine so I'd urge everyone interested to pitch in and subscribe for a full 4 issues at least - for $US16 I'm sure it will be well worth it. Remember many of the existing ArM5 authors got their start in fanzines like these and have made outstanding contributions to the line since.

You never know when you might get an email over a piece you've written for Alex's mag and asked to contribute to the line or just even an appreciative word of thanks for something that's worked well in someone else's home Saga.

I'm signed up for a full 4 as of today and can't wait for the first issue.


It's worth noting that I will be reading Sub Rosa looking for potential new authors. Of course, the zine will only continue if you subscribe to it...

Yeah, but have you subscribed..?

No, sire, please, it was in jest only...

Just to point out that the content might interest some of us that the piotential of being stalked by certain line editor :wink: LOL

Subscribing to it when I finnish the bitchy work I are inmersed in right now. (And trying to do the piece of subrosa stuff that I promised when I can, Alex!)

Thank you a lot for putting up the effort to run the project. Hope it goes well.


PD: Alex, your stated gmail address is incorrect. It needs a ".com" (I think) at the end!


Ah, an article on the Templars! I cannot resist!


Well, I can use a friend's account to pay (I'll send her money) :smiley:, but this would arrive at her email adress :laughing:
So I've mailed alex to see what we can do about it

You can put in the notes section which email address you want the magazine emailed to.

  • Alex -

The First Issue has now been sent out to subscribers. Email me if you have subscribed but did not receive an email from me.

  • Alex -

This is really cool! Thank you, Alex! I will subscribe, of course.

Finally managed to send the money and a message, hopefully, everything's gonna be alright :smiley: