Ars Magica: Ad fons

I condn't find anyone starting up a games like this for me to join so I better start up one of my own.

Campaign Title: Ad fons (at the spring)
System: Ars Magica, 5th Edition
Players Wanted: 4-6 Players
Posting Rate: 2-4 times a week.
Special Rules: All that is published yet and that will be published.
Advancement Rules: Mainly Rules As Written, it will be noted in the game when advances occur.
Deadline: At most 30days. I start when I have a full team of players.

Brief Description : A new started covenant in the Pomeranian forrest. An old friend has invited you to join him in the covenant. Player character must be max 5 years out of apprenticeship. The common friend is Justus Felix Magus Ex Micellanea.

I'm interested. Magus concept: an awful dark fey from Ex Misc.

I suggest advertise also on the general forum.

I would like to join too, playing an divination criamon.

I'd like to join in with a Bjoernaer/Snake/Spy.
Does that fit into your plans?

I would certainly be interested, its been a while since I played on-line but I do now have the time required.

No strong preference on Magus, given an open choice; perhaps a Merinita illusion specialist for a change

Is there any rumors about this covenant? Is it founded already? Who are they? Reputations? Enemies?
My magus is from Poland if possible and I ask my parens about it. And about Justus.
And I ask also Justus: What should I know about your covenant? Why did you founded it or do you want just found it?

Did Pomeranians speak an own language? Or simply Polish?

Justus Felix is a magus ex Miscellanea and he has himself founded this new covenant. The purpose of the covenant is for Justus to find and perhaps convince the witches and werewolves of Pomeranian to join the order. Justus Felix is capable wizard five years out of apprenticeship who is set out on a mission to civilise the Pomeranian forest. His is a follower Pralix.

For those that know Justus Felix he is a tall and handsome man that is easy to get along with for most others. He has during the last five years travelled far and wide in the Rihne tribunal in order to both secure political support for his covenant and to improve his own power so that he can civilise the denizens of the forest.

The covenant is very new, you are the first generation of magi who will occupy the covenant. Its poor on mundane wealth but have a somewhat good supply of vis for a starter covenant. It is located in the middle of the forest near an unclaimed magical spring. There is a local dialect of low german spoken in the are even though polish would fine amongst most people.

I will post more details during the week, I hope I get a separate forum where there could be posting in a more proper way.

That all for now, feel free to ask questions. Please start up character making as fast as possible. If there are any one who feel that this will take to long or that you don’t feel like it any more, say so now and don’t waste other people’s time. (Sorry I just have to write it, had some not so good experiences of internet gaming.)

Happy hunting!


Nissa ex Merinita is a diminutive bundle of energy. Only about 4' 6" tall but with the features and flowing blonde hair of a Viking. She is frequently accompanied by an even smaller figure (11½" to be precise, and better not forget the half!) dressed in green with a jaunty red cap, whom she endearing refers to as 'Uncle Kostya'

She met Justus when he followed up rumours of a white wolf in the forest and instead fell into one of Nissa's game traps. Since then they have been fast friends and the new Covenant position really appeals, plenty of Vis and a huge wild forest, what could be more fun?

I am interested if there are still spaces , but at the moment I am on Holiday with limited Internet and Ars Magica book access. I will be back at home from a week tomorrow.

I would also be interested in playing Ardath, an Ex Miscellanea Summoner from the Novgorod tribunal, with an interest in Terram Magics.

However, although I'd like to try, I may have some difficulties to play due to limited internet access, so I'd understand if you prefered me to abstain.


I'll be going away for the weekend. I can replie to any messages on sunday at earliest.


If this is still open for new entrants (I don't think so) I would like to introduce Foresta, an Ex Miscellanea wolf mage with her wolf pack and a really bad reputation among farmers in the area. I would go for her instead of Marcellus ex Flambonis because this seems like a covenant of outcasts, reading the other membership!* :stuck_out_tongue:



*And because I still have not been able to lay my hands on the Societates book :frowning:

I will be unavailable until tuesday, due to transatlantic flight and Jetlag. I will post a character outline on tuesday

Character is ready, still working to write the details of her history. I have everything in my head, but still must write and order it all.

Ready, too.


Please start joining the Ad fons forum.


I have requested membership

I want a new account with my character's name I'm waiting for the approval of this account since 5 long days.
My magus is ready.

What about you, girls and guys?

Ready, as soon as i'm in the play-by-post-group?

I post here the char sheet for now.

Manius Niger ex Miscellanea, description:

Manius is a medium sized man with black skin and hair but he isn't an African (for those who know how an African looks). He has a strange face but you don’t know why. He looks like being around 30 years old. Manius looks and behaves threateningly people tend to obey him automatically. Sometimes even their flesh creep in his presence.
He dresses like a lesser noble and wears a hat. When Manius arrived (on horseback!) he wore a hauberk with coif. He usually wears a sword and has a whip hanging from his belt but he didn't used it yet.
Manius sometimes changes his appearance when needed. He often uses telekinesis when doesn't want to stand up, dismount the horse and such.
He speaks low German. Manius is a Latin name and means dawn so his name is a play with words.