Ars Magica: fight or flight?

The Albisinian crusade has grown as France is swallowing Provence and the Inquisition along with it. In The Kingdom of Sicilly and the Holy Roman Empire Fredrick II has issued an edict calling for the death of all non-Christians who practice magic. The crusades into the middle east continue and new crusades have begun launched towards Novgarad. Many within the order feel as though The Church is grabbing power, and are afraid that the Order could soon be in its crosshairs. in the grand Tribunal of 1228 it has been decided that each Tribunal may adjust their own understanding of non interference in mundane affairs as hey see fit, as a strict policy of non involvement no longer seems possible.
Meanwhile it has allocated parts of Africa to the tribunals of the Levant, Rome, and Iberia. A Bonisagus magus has found a ritual link to Vineland which offers the possibility of exploration there, and another magus returned from a long journey through the magic realms claiming to have found another world on the other side, though it will require much research and many magi to establish a breakthrough, or perhaps several breakthroughs, capable of reaching it reliably.
Players would be allowed to have multiple magi characters in a campaign which would occur over multiple covenants through multiple tribunals.

I would be interested in joining. I don't have any particular character concepts in mind at the moment. Did you have in mind any character archetypes you're hoping to have filled? In addition do you have any questions about play style, or play experience?

As I stated above, payers would be allowed to have multiple magi, of multiple types, and the first stage would actually be to create the covenants in differing tribunals that the players want to engage in playing within, which can range from whole cloth creation of a covenant to simply fleshing out the build points on existing covenants. So to start with which tribunals are you interested in being represented in?

I would be interested in playing in the Roman Tribunal, the Levant, and/or the Greater Alps. I would be more interested in building my own covenants rather than fleshing out existing covenants.

now we just need some more people who are interested...

This sounds extremely interesting, but also incredibly wide in scope. The description says that each Tribunal may adjust their own understanding of non-interference in mundane affairs, and also describes possible exploration of Africa, Vineland and a strange new world through the magic realms.

How many covenants are you expecting people to play in? Is there a lower or upper limit you want to see?

How experienced do you expect player character magi to be?

What sort of pace of play are you expecting - will this be slow or fast?

How many adventures are you expecting to play out, and how much time will be covered by seasonal research/study?

Will characters be able to move between covenants if good in-game reasons arrive?

I'm just trying to get a handle on the scope of this so I don't over-commit.

Upper limit would be defined by the population of the order- I think it would be hard to have more than a dozen in a tribunal. Lower limit is probably about 6 or 8, so there is some range to play with.

all over the map

It will depend- I expect the speed of play will vary between adventures and covenants, but overall I'm hoping the game will cover 30-50 years, and probably last 2-3 years real time. A lot of that will likely be lab time, and the schedule is certainly flexible, especially on the real time aspect, I am certainly willing to go longer.

again this will vary quite a bit from character to character, but where there is not a lot of research there will probably be quite a lot of travel.

yes, but events will be manipulated to prevent one player from dominating any given covenant, unless they go found a covenant by themselves in game...

The scope is best described as epic, as in several phases of Marvel movies epic. How much any one player commits is obviously going to be less than that, and having co-GMs might be a good idea if there is enough interest to handle certain sub plots...

I'm potentially interested, but I'm a bit confused by the reference to Vineland, is that something canon ? I can't find any reference for It. Is that the viking colony of North America ?

I would like to join, but to be honest I'm not sure what to expect. First time engaging in play by post.

Yes, Vinland is the Viking colony of North America. This however will be "Mythic Vinland" which will bear so little resemblance to the north America you know that you might as well forget about it being North America. Vinland has been abandoned by the Vikings for 200 years, but a covenant in Iberia discovered that they had brought back a ritual link which had been fixed and then forgotten until recently. From the tales of the storms involved in crossing and the tales of strange peoples there is a strong suspicion that it is in the Anticthonal region.

We have four people potentially interested, so what tribunals is everyone interested in, and keep in mind this is not a vote so much as figuring out what covenants get created in what method and order and where to place them.

Well, as I said, I'm interested in playing in the Roman, Levant, and Greater Alps Tribunals, although on consideration I think I will pare that down to Roman and Greater Alps so that I don't have to run 3 characters and keep track of 3 covenants.

Is playing in a covenant or something similar to a chapter House in one of the parts of Africa being linked to European tribunal an option ? I have books for neither Rome, Levant nor Iberia so I don't really have a strong opinion on these...

I don't have a strong preference for the tribunal.
I was thinking about playing in the Levant, but again it's no issue. Just pick what suits everyone best, I will work from that.

Question. Since neither of the 3 tribunal has been ported to the 5th edition, how are we supposed to consider the previous edition books, for reference ?

I would really like to play in a covenant with the chance for exploring Africa, so Iberia/Rome/Levant would be great.
I would like to explore the parts where the conflict between the Christian magi and non-Christians is in the foreground - so Levant, Iberia or Novgorod would be great.
I would like to play in Provence as the mixture of peoples, rulers and religious beliefs would make for turbulent situation.
I'm also interested in the Greater Alps simply because I've never had the opportunity to play there.

Looking at the above, as long as there's one Iberian or Levant covenant with links to Africa I'll be happy.

The books from prior editions may have some applicability to tone, but since I do not have them aside from some hardcopy 3rd edition material, it can be largely disregarded (especially Rome, we aren't going back to any of the 3rd edition material on that tribunal.) so we will largely be creating them whole cloth, from after the tribunal of 1228. You can actually play in spring covenants in Africa attached to Iberia, Levant or Roman Tribunals, and as I stated from the beginning this game will eventually span multiple covenants in multiple tribunals- not every character will need to have a character in every tribunal never mind every covenant, but right now the largest number of votes seems to be for the Levant, so lets start with that.
Mundanely, the crusades are at a tipping point- it is the beginning of the 6th crusade in which King Fredrick II of Germany is attempting to take Jeruselem by attacking Egypt, and the order has technically increased the boundaries of the levant to include Egypt, Arabia, and modern day Jordan, Syria and Iraq. To the north the boundaries of the Theban tribunal have been technically expanded to vaguely border the levant, but this is hermetically unoccupied and exact boundaries would be determined by new covenants deciding which tribunal they want to be in.
This leaves the Levant on the fringe of an expanding christiandom, but in an area where that expansion may have stalled, and with the order of Sulemian, which supports the Arab caliphate, though they are also facing the Mongol hordes, which also frankly have some Eastern Europeans rather nervous.
Hermetically speaking it does not have the vast vis resources of other border regions such as Hibernia or Novgorod, but there is a combination of freedom and academic connection greater than other tribunals. How it is governed is something that we should discuss however. Within, obviously, the context of the greater code...

We now have a game in the forums:

I am also very interested in joining. Levant or Vineland have high appeal and I'd love to join in on either of those. I'd prefer to stick to only one magus and one companion if possible.

I've been playing TT AM5 for a few years, but never by post before, so please forgive ignorance on my part.

Is it still possible to wave my arm frantically to join?

Certainly, I'm not going to require anyone to make multiple magi, but you can also add one later if you have a new idea that you like for a magus. Vinland will start out in Europe with locating the magi with the Arcane connections who are organizing the trips across the Atlantic and dealing with them (and probably fixing an arcane connection to whatever you want to be your return point within Europe.)

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