That's what we've been playing. Have we got that wrong? :blush:

In all honesty I couldn't say, but "Touch" is pretty low down the range spectrum and it seems like a pretty big advantage (and it already gets a penetration-boost by simply being of a lower level to, say, a "Sight" range spell which enhances their basic penetration),

Arcane connections don't seem to get a lot of discussion in the rules, but if just touching them was enough then why not looking at them? My feeling is that taking ownership of it has to come into it somewhere (so snatching an item of clothing or jewellery from the target would work, but simply touching the item in their possesion would not),

Thanks for the explanation, Gareth. You are probably right. In the brief discussion that we had about it, our SG decided that if the caster got close enough to touch the target, then they deserved the modifier to Penetration.

(I'm used to just hand-waving all of this stuff in our 3rd edition game.)

Sorry if I'm misunderstanding you (or misunderstanding the rules), but is that relevant? The Target is Part, not Individual.
Yes, and the targeting levels were applied correctly. My claim is that the spell uses Rego magic beyond its limits. If the heart is teleported away from the body, the body has decayed away from the platonic form, and that is beyond the power of Rego. That is why there is a Perdo technique.

I see. Thanks.

No one of my Magi ahve been a Ignem Specialist of House Flambeau but...

Curse of the Heating Humour - Creo Ignem (Corpus,Animal) level 30
R: Voice, D: Momentaneus, T: Part
Cursing the enemy, that spell cause explode teh heart of a beast or a human in fire, if penetrate. Normally is deathly, but a Magical o other way supernatural victim could suffer instance of a inmediately death +15 damage. The body is burn mainly inside, suffering more damages any rest. This spell clearly don't count any armour or hide.
In the verison of Fax of Flambeu the bright of the burning heart can be seen throguh the flesh and skin of the victim, by the light related to their Magic and Sigil.
Base 10 - burn something barely flammable, range voice 2, part 1, +1 for requisite to burn both, animal and human hearts.

Punish the Conspirancy Indoors - Creo Ignem (Corpus) level 25
R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Room
This spell is the terror, since the Founder himself saw imposible creat anything inside the limits, but yes he could affect the inhabitants from a space. This spell need only thouch the door os imilar to make burn the bodys of the victimis, suffering a sad death if they can survive the +15 of damage directly in their bodys. After the first conflagration, they still suffering fire damages, the half of the total difference between the firrst damages and the Soak total. That spell don't count Armour Soak.
Normally the first conflagration is really marked by the sigil of the caster.
Base 10, +1 Touch, +2 room.

The wizardry beehive - Creo (Rego) Animal level 35
That spell make appear form the mouth, hair and clothes of the wizard an swarm of bees. Any other that the wizard inside a five pase of the caster suffer +10 of damage, since the swarm isn't so easily comparable with one fiighter of any type; being imposible defensive normal moves. The bees bees follow and defend the caster,and if he still concentrate, more bees appear to replace the deads. The magi can make attack any objective with difficult 6 and a perception + finess roll.
The moves and the appearance of the bees are where you can see the Sigil of the caster.
Base 5 - create and insect, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration,+2 group, +2 requisite to don't harm the caster and give them orders.

Aurulentus of Magi of Hermes uses a MuCo spell for this, as the CrCo spells induce warping at levels you need to be effective.

I am new to the game, and would like some help. I want to devise a spell that would allow the caster to understand and be understood by the target, despite language barriers.
I'd assume such a spell would be Intellego Mentem, but I have no clue on how to 'build' it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Greyskull, the spell you're describing has two effects (transmit and receive) and so might work better if designed as an item. Some SGs may even require you to develop two spells. Nevertheless, I will endeavor to illustrate how such a spell might de designed and integrated into a single spell.

Send Thoughts
Creo Mentem 10
Range: Eye-Contact. Duration: Diameter. Target: Individual.
Similar to "Words of the Unbroken Silence" except that, as per A&A we are using the guideline to create not words, but instead basic thoughts into the target's Imaginative faculty.
(Base 4, +1 Eye-Contact, +1 Diameter)

Receive Thoughs
Intellego Mentem 15
Range: Eye-Contact. Duration: Diameter. Targe: Individual.
As per "Thoughts within Babble", but at modified to have the same Range, Duration & Target as "Send Thoughts".
(Base 5, +1 Eye-Contact, +1 Diameter)

Two-in-One Spell: As I've already modified the spells to have the same RDT parameters, my next step is to select the spell with the greater magnitude (Receive Thoughs) and modify it so as to incorporate the lower-level effect.

Freeing the Tongue from Babel's Chain
Intellego (Creo) Mentem 20
Range: Eye-Contact. Duration: Diameter. Target: Individual.
This spell allows the caster to speak intelligibly to, and understand the target in spite of any language barrier or magically induced muteness that might be in effect.
(Base 5, +1 Eye-Contact, +1 Diameter, +1 Creo Requisite).

The final (optional) stage involves comparing the new spell to an existing effect. In this case I chose an Meditation/Intervention guideline from RoP: TD that gives a similar benefit and used it to create a comparable effect that was of approximately the same modified level thus suggesting that my spell isn't terribly over or underpowered.

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I have another question, if I may. My maga wants to researcha spell that will allow him to read books in different languages, without studying those languages, which is a chore.
Browsing through the books I was thinking that it would be an Intellego spell, but couldn't see anything in the spell guidelines that will come close to approximating it. I then looked at Muto, but nothing there either. So am not sure which Form and Technique to use to build this spell.

The things written are or Imaginem or Aquam/Terram of the Ink and Animal or Herbam for the book. You need ever know read to take advantege of a text. You could use a InMe spell to read the thinking of a person that can read the text, like very much it is what you want.

Questions in seperate threads please, finished spells only here.
thank you.

These probably should've been posted here in the first place so I thought I should at least provide a link for those forum-goers who're interested in non-hermetic magics...

[size=120]Teamwork of the Untested Rabble[/size]
MuMe, Level 30
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Group

Allows a group of up to six to act as if a Trained group in combat without the need for time spent training together, providing that all other requirements are met normally (i.e.: the leader must have a high enough leadership to lead the group, otherwise they will still act as if untrained as per the normal rules for group combat).
When casting the spell the caster must briefly touch the intended group leader, and the spell will provide no benefit upon him leaving the group (through death, injury, or whatever), though it will technically still be in effect.
Base 5 (Incline a person to a particular sort of response) + 1 (Touch) + 2 (Sun) + 2 (Group)

Abusive? The guideline seems right, but I'm not certain that there shouldn't be an additional magnitude or two because of the scope of the mental effects (it would need to cover more than a single response to a single stimulus, as there is more to working as a group than just following the leaders instructions),

Incidentally, for group targets do you need to penetrate everyone in the groups magic resistance?

Spell revised to Touch range

Personal and groups are impossible.
Group must be at least at touch range.


If that's the only criticism, I can live with that change,

Yup, the spell feels good otherwise :slight_smile:

Some spells I am dabbling with for an Imaginem focused wizard.

The Archer's Good Fortune
Re(Cr)Im 10
R: Personal, D: Concentration, T: Ind
The magus appears to fall to the ground, pierced by an arrow to the heart. The arrow can be heard hissing through the air and striking the target, and the magus appears to gasp and die, bleeding from an arrow to the heart, eye or similar. The magus is invisible and scentless for the duration of this spell, as long as he stays within 5 paces of the "corpse". This illusion of the magus' appears real to sight and smell, but touching it reveals it to be an illusion.
[Base: 3, +1 duration, +1 extra sense, +1 Creo Requisite]

This one I am trying to put together here at work, but I feel like it's off. I need to sit down with the core book and review it.

Phantasm of The Haunted Castle
Mu(Re)Im 40
R:Touch, D: Sun, T: Structure
Casting Requisite: Creo, Herbam, Terram
Causes a structure to appear to be haunted. Air seems colder, and all sights and sounds (including those of people within it) are twisted to seem more sinister or jarring, smells are noxious or foreboding. Those failing a Brave stress roll vs. an Ease of 6 will feel ill at ease and take any excuse to leave the foreboding place; botches indicate fleeing in terror. The spell makes doors and windows randomly appear a few feet from where they really are, or moves the images of items at unfortunate moments to cause confusion and dismay - a key may seem to be on a shelf, and then appear on the floor when reached for. This causes applicable botches within the structure to gain an two die.

With a Creo requisite, the already foreboding structure becomes rife with spectral phantasms, ghostly whispers and sinister laughter, making the Brave stress roll an Ease of 9.

Cast with a Herbam or Terram Requisite causes the structure to become randomly animate in a hostile fashion - doors slam, curtains blow in unseen winds and may attempt to tangle anyone within, ropes lash about, and so on. The Brave stress roll Ease increases by 3 due to this effect, and moving through the building becomes an arduous affair. This adds two dice to botches within the structure (for a total of 3)

This spell can be invented so that it does not harass those bearing a specific token.

[Base 5, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +3 Structure, +1 Rego]

Another one:
The House is On Fire!
Mu(Cr)CrIm 25
R: Voice, D: Concentration, T: Structure
The house or other building targeted by this spell appears to start burning, and within moments seems to be ablaze. The image, sound, and heat of fire is created, as well as the sight and smell of smoke. Though the illusionary flames cannot burn, and the illusionary smoke cannot choke, it can cause panic in those not expecting it, and obscures the interior of the structure so that targeting and vision can be hard to accomplish (Awareness rolls receive a penalty, and normally clear sightlines can be obscured, aiding a stealthy entrance or escape. Note that the illusion responds to mundane attempts to put out the fire with water and so on - though it does not respond to Perdo Ignem and other magical means to douse a fire.

Victus of Merinita often used this spell to appear to be a mighty Ignem magus, up until he ran into Laurence Milites of Flambeau.
[Base 3, +2 Voice, +1 Conc., +3 Structure]

Please let me know what you think...

Last things first:

Please post spells first in another thread for discusson - this is manly for finshed spells.
Also, could we have a clean-up crew in here, please!

Feels like a way of becomming invisible without mucking about with Perdo?

Very nice! Should drive anyone out right quick!
Maybe with a size modifier though?

Not at all. it's the same way to become invisible as the image of the wizard thorn.
You are perfectly visible. It's your Image who is not linked to you.

But, I would use a Muto requisite and not a creo one, because IMO, the "changing image" thing (falling) is muto imaginem and not rego imaginem. Rego would be only the split up of the image and your true place.
Creo is useless when you use Muto requisite for the falling part.