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personnal is possible if you are the leader (like for exemple my flambeau of school ramius who could lead, with that spell the group of 5 grogs at competition)

but touch is better as you can also cast it on another leader.

Lady Merlina, this statements stricly opposes what is said page 111 of the core book, in the personal parameter : "the target is thus never larger than individual".

Walk on Water
ReAq 20

Upon casting the next time within the duration the caster touchers a pool of water the water within a 5 pace circle begins to flow upwards providing enough support to stand, walk and run on. For the duration of the spell as the caster steps the circle of water moves to centre itself on the casters feet. The spell ends if the caster places both feet on solid ground. In Andrius of Tremere's version of the spell the top of the water begins to freeze over slightly consistent with his sigil of cold and ice.

Base 4 Touch (+1), Diam (+1), Part (+1), slightly unnatural movement (+1)

Can you guys see any way I could shave this down to a lower level version (while remaining in ReAq or MuAq and in flavour)?

I'm not sure you need the "part" in there. Look at Push of the Gentle Wave. The target is individual, and the basic idea is pretty similar (calm but forceful motion, oriented on an object for the duration, which in this case is a boat). The only reason that spell seems to need voice range is that you can't always reach the water behind a boat from a boat. If you were willing to stick to rowboats or willing to dangle from a rope or something you could probably make a touch version of the spell.

Push of the Gentle Wave seems to use an "individual" quantity of water that is more like the Auram definition of "individual", ie a volume of water near the casting point, rather than a whole lake or ocean.

"Individual: a stretch of water with the same composition and curent. A small pond, part of a stream, or a spring.". We would use the first definition, not the second.

What Push of the Gentle Wave does is define "the water around the boat" to have that composition and current. The fact that the current is set by the rego spell or the fact that the water could be a pond or an ocean is irrelevant, the spell itself has now set up a defined aquam individual as a result of casting the spell.

Unlike push of the gentle wave, upwellings forceful enough to support something as heavy as a human aren't real common in nature, so the unnatural+1 probably has to stay.

Lets see where that puts us

Base effect5 (forceful but gentle=4, +1 touch, +0 individual)

reaq10 Gift of the Crocodile's Legs (diameter) - you can run at full speed over any mud that is not so deep that it would completely prevent normal (non-swimming) movement without the spell (a crocodile can charge over mud just as fast as it can over dry land, if not faster. The rego just holds the mud together long enough to support you without sinking where your feet are)

reaq10 Gift of the Floating Wood (diameter) - this spell will allow you to float on the surface of the water, preventing sinking, but you are still at the mercy of waves and current, and must swim (rather than stand/run) to move in any way other than bobbing like a cork.

reaq10 Push of the Friendly Wave (concentrate) - touch version of Push of the Gentle Wave, this could allow you to swim faster or could complement gift of the floating wood to let you mitigate current. It wouldn't help a bad swimmer stay afloat, but you're probably fine with a minimal swim check (maybe encumbrance+swim+strength>0) just to keep your head above water and let the wave carry you.

reaq10 Skip the Stone (unnatural+1, momentary) - you can run for one round over water. If you stop moving, you will sink. Fastcasting is required to stay above the water for longer distances. This spell doesn't help if you are already immersed in water.

reaq15 Water Walk ( unnatural+1,diameter) - for the duration of the spell you can stand/walk/sit/lie on water with no ill effects. If cast while immersed in water, you are pushed out of the water.

reaq15 Neptune's Gift (complex effect+1, concentration) - You don't sink no matter how bad you are at swimming, and a friendly wave/current takes you in a direction you want to go. The direction is set at time of spellcasting, a single large wave carries you until it breaks on a shore or you stop concentrating.


ReIm 30
R: Eye, D: Sun, T: Individual
By staring in the eyes of your victim, you can take him into the void. After but a moment, the target of the spell will find himself lost with only light to comfort him, providing that a source of light is available in the reality, or in complete darkness if none are.

Note that all present, save the target of the spell, actually see, hear, smell, etc all that is happening. Target of the spell will still feel pain if he is hit but is oblivious to the source of the pain.

Augustus of Criamon used this spell to contemplate oblivion as part of his research on the enigma.
(Base: 15 (ward vs species), R: Eye+1, D: Sun +2, T: Individual)
Contributor: William

Two Spells that i created today:

Earthen Awareness
Range: Touch, Duration: Momentary, Target: Individual
(Base 5?, +1 Touch)
Description: By touching the earth or something resting on earth know its location to within 1 league. You also know the direction of north.

The rationale is that something resting on soil is connected through the earth to all other points on the earth (by digging down, then sideways, then up). The spell reads the earth as a whole, somewhat like a compass does, with a gps thrown in.

My SG and I weren't sure what level to assign to this as it seems unlike any spell we could find. We based the level instead on its apparant usefulness. I use it to avoid getting lost while teleporting in 1 league jumps. I have also found it helpful when cast through an Intangible Tunnel to roughly locate things to which I have an arcane connection. I think my SG's attitude is that it helps move the adventure along. It gets us to difficult situations without helping us to reslve them especially. Not to scientific I know but it has not proved to be unbalancing in play.

Any thoughts?

If the target is the whole earth (or "merely" the continent of Europe), then you'll need a bazillion extra magnitudes for size. If the target is the thing you're trying to locate, then Range: Touch won't suffice (and the spell would affect only items in the Terram form).

My mistake. I posted this in another thread as per the rules but should have removed the post here re Earthern Awareness.


I'm not sure about a bazillion -- the Earth (whose volume was known to Heratostenes and Ptolemy to a fairly good approximation) adds 22 magnitudes using the base Indvidual for stone (1 cubic pace), or 21 using the base Individual for "earth/dirt" (10 cubic paces). Europe (affected as a Boundary) adds "only" 10 magnitudes (on top of the +4 required for Boundary); I was in a game where a Living Ghost used it as a Haunt.

"Bazillion" = "I don't want to do the math". :mrgreen:

Interesting point though about stone vs. dirt. From a modern perspective, the Earth contains a lot that is neither (molten rock for example). What is true in the medieval paradigm?

According to ArM5 intellego spells are not affected by target size. Then again, many of the actual spells are, like Prying Eyes. Earthen Awareness would likely be a Target: Part spell functioning similarly to a compass. There's more in the other thread that I linked to earlier.

Yah, but literally on the spell "Voice of the Lake" InAq 25 says: "Genuine Lakes are generally too large for this spell to affect"
Then.... Is the comment about size and intellego un-related a errata or this part of the Spell?

One category of spell that has been continuously bothersome for me is teleportation spells for inanimate objects.

HoH: TL includes spells like the "Unfaithful Favour" which uses Base 1 (manipulate animal products at a distance) and R: Arcane with ++ for complexity to send a hankerchief to an arcane distance to throttle whoever is on the other end.

Works out to ReAn20

In a Saga, I play a Bjornaer who wants to be able to summon clothing to himself or send it home, using ReAn. Can he use Base 1 to do so? If not, which base is appropriate to sending or summoning a piece of dead animal material?

The spell I have is:

Summon the Human Furs
R: Arc D: Mom T: Ind
Summon a piece of clothing to which you have an arcane connection to your current location.

The next problem is to figure the base to send a piece of clothing to a place to which one has an Arcane connection.

Any ideas for a base for that? As a rule, controlling animal bodies and products seems to be simpler than Corpus spells.

For example, Circular Ward against Animals is only ReAn5, whereas Tytalus's Prison is ReCo10.

Moving animal products are a lower level than that, too, at least.

So, perhaps:
Shed the Human Furs
R: Touch D: Mom T: Ind
Sends a piece of clothing to a place to which you have an Arcane Connection.

From what I can see, where you want to move something to which you have an Arcane Connection, and Arcane is not part of the Guidelines, the +4 magnitudes is built into the base, over the base for teleporting at all.

Without clearer guidelines, its impossible to write up.

Discussions should go in special thread, not here.

on that topic: just use the general guideline found in LoH or MoH about teleporting inanimate matter. The guidelines are (for metal) same level as corpus ones. Retro calculate from it.


If you have a general question, or if advice is given and someone has a question or disagrees (and the difference seems worth discussing), start a new general thread and post a link here.

A few spells for enhancing melee combat and gear.

The Resistant Skin
Muto Corpus 20,
R: Personal, D: Sun, T: Individual
The casters body is enhanced and toughened, gaining a +2 bonus to Soak for the duration.
From the Ars Magica muto corpus guidelines p. 132.
(Base 10, +2 Sun)

Blessing of Oreus’s Fortitude
Muto Corpus 35,
R: Touch, D: Diameter, T: Group
This effect enhances a group of up to 10 soldiers soak scores for two minutes, with a +3 bonus.
(Base 15, +1 Touch, +1 Diameter, +2 Group)

Buoyant Arms and Armor
Muto Terram 30,
R: Touch, D: Diameter, T: Group
The metal weapons and armor of all members in a group are have their effective weight reduced to zero for combat purposes. The weapons and armor effected are rendered almost weightless.
Optional rule: The weight is reduced by two thirds round down, to reflect movement encumbrance.
(Base 4, +2 metal, +1 Touch, +1 Diameter, +2 Group)

Strength of Titan Steel
Muto Terram 15,
R: Touch, D: Diameter, T: Individual

The metal weapons and armor carried by the target are made far stronger and more resilient. Reduce the number of botch dice rolled when checking for a breakage by one, even if this means no botch dice are rolled.

Optional rule: If Lords of Men breakage check is used, modify the enhanced weapon’s Weapon Breakage roll by +5, and increase the Damage Levels the weapon has by +1. This is greatly decrease the change that the weapon will be damaged as a result of combat stress, but retains the initial check to see which combatant’s weapon is affected by a breakage check.
(Base 3, +2 metal, +1 Touch, +1 Diameter)

(It's interesting that this effect can be achieved by Muto (to change metal to something that weighs nothing), Rego (to "carry" the weight), or Perdo (to destroy one aspect of the metal - weight. In theory even Creo, to create very unusual metal, tho' that would be a bit high-magnitude.)

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Cruciatus Curse (Perdo Corpus 20)

R: Voice, D: Concentration, T: Individual
This spell causes the target excruciating pain, and he must make a Stamina + Size roll against an Ease Factor of 9 to be able to do anything but writhe in agony. Enduring Constitution adds 3 to the Stamina roll; other Virtues, Flaws, or Abilities that affect the ability to endure pain may also modify the roll as appropriate.

(Base 5, +2 Voice, +1 Concentration)

(three pages of vetting over in the Cruciatus for ArM thread)