Ars Magica Online

I ws just curious if anyone was unning an Ars Magica campaign online using YIM. I am new to this game and want to play a bit to get the hang of it, and since there is no one in my area...

Hello Iwakari. Welcome to the boards :slight_smile:

I might be interested in attempting an online game, but definitely not over Yahoo Messenger! Online games are carried out using various Virtual Tabletop programs. A good short list and comparison can be found here, and a more exhaustive list can be found here. The latter page also includes links to various other resources, like voice-over-IP programs that can be used to enhance the gameplay. Of these, I would personally prefer Skype (simply because I have it), although I've heared Ventrilio or TeamSpeak are far superior for online gaming (taking up less CPU time and bandwidth).

You might also be interested in reading others' thoughts on these matters - Atlas posted a survey not too long ago, and there has been a good discussion over on the ENWorld boards.


well I am new to the online RPG thing since no one here knows of Ars Magica. So if you decide to do that, please let me know. I would definately join.

I'm not familiar with VT play either, though I'm reading about and considering it lately. I'm afraid just us two isn't enough for a game (and we haven't even compared our time-tables to see if we can arrange a regular session yet...). If you're interested, however, perhaps we can try to recruit more people and try to form a group.

I don't have time to SG a group, just to play as a player.


Quite interested. Have FG up and running with a ArsMagica charsheet entered in if anyone is interested.

Wouldn't it be better to run this as a play by email saga? Online sessions tend to have problems for what I have heard


Given notice , even people in different time zones can usually co-ordinate.
As with tabletop , it is only a problem if people drop out at the last minute.

I am in an excellent friday campaign on OpenRPG. The GM is in England, I'm on the Pacific Coast of the US, and the others are on the East Coast of the United States.

I play almost every week with my friends back in Montreal. We usually play saturday or sunday night for them, which is sunday or monday afternoon for me (in Australia-New Zealand). We use Teamspeak to talk together and MSN to send files. We all have Metacreator so the GM (me) has all the character sheets if needed. Combats are kept simple! The delay is sometimes bad, but most of the time we understand one another quite well. Of course we,re not always the 6 players at the same time, but we're regularly 4 or 5.

It works for us!

I found PBeM problematic. PbP [Play-by-Post, in a forum like this one] works better, but I find that I try to invest too much thought and time into my character's actions and my posts, taking up too much time. The lack of clear scheduale for gameplay also hurts my focus.

VTP [Virtual Tabletop Play] will commit me to a fixed scheduale (pre-arranged sessions) and quick (tabletop-like) responses, which I think will work better for me. I'm ready to try it out.

Oh, very good. We have three players thus far, right? I reckon we need more. Volunteers?

Too those boasting of their games - congradulations, I envy you :imp:

Sweet, I am really interested in joining one of those. I live in the US, Michigan to be precise. I have nights available as well as sundays off.
Also, I am new to this game, so patience will be required with me. I have a core book of 5th edition but without the ability to play, I can't learn too well.

YR7, count me in if and when you get this up and running.

A friend and I have been playing through a wiki, updating our character's journals and other information. It's been fun, and a good way to actually progress our characters from the tabletop game that ended when I moved.

Since AM takes a lot of paperwork and book-keeping behind the scenes, perhaps a combination of the two? A PbP/web style format for some aspects, and a real-time action period (which can then be logged on the web pages?)

Darn it! This thread is joining the list of things that make me wish that the day had a few more hours! :slight_smile:

Any possibility that we can get a link to that wiki? It would be an interesting read.


We could create a map as to where we all are :

Good idea.

Alright, that's four. I reckon that's enough to start, if we can arrange a semi-regular meeting. I suggest a weekly or bimonthly session. Shall we discuss a day and time? Most comfortable for me will probably be

Thursday, 16:00 GMT

I'm pretty flexible, although the weekends are less favorable (as I also have other things to attend to...)

(I am at the GMT+02:00 timezone.)

I have the unhappy prospect of working afternoons. ( 16:00 - 22:00) on GMT +1 (Sweden)

well, since I am not sure how that relates to my time, I am in Michigan, don't know the time zone for that...
I am available after 5:00 PM and have every sunday off. so what ever you decide, I should be able to attend.