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If you mean the State of Michigan , it is GMT -5.00 hours.
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...still tempted... but only lurking atm 8)

I wold like to join in. I have been looking for an online ars magica group for some time. For that mater any online gaming group as there are very few game shops or ppl interested in gaming where i live. unfortunately i only have the 4th ed. of the game but if there is serious interest in forming a group i could buy and learn the new ed(or some one could send me the pdf. :exclamation: ). i wold also be willing to share in the responsibilities of running the campaign.

I wold like to be in a group that keeps true to the wizard as a wizard no kung fu flips or armour for the mage . this is an edit after reading through some of the spells and chr. others have posted . ( even if your mage is based on Richard from the sword of truth series. he had serious limits but was a war wizard. ) i guess you could call it keeping it real in fantasy lol

You may have to contact Atlas about a 5th Ed pdf.

Guardians of the Forests: The Rhine Tribunal
Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults
Houses of Hermes: True Lineages
The Broken Covenant of Calebais
Metacreator and Ars Magica Template

Alright then, so far we have:

Iwakari - Available 22:00 GMT, and every Sunday off. (Lives at GMT-05:00)

Oberoten - Available from 21:00 GMT. (Lives at GMT+01:00)

YR7 (Me) - GMT 16:00 or higher every day, preferably Thursday and not weekends. (Lives in GMT+02:00)

spun_zombie - Unknown

We need to settle on a time. spun_zombie, can you say when you're available?
(Based on just the above, I would suggest Sunday 16:00 GMT, assuming Oberoten can manage a Sunday off occasionally. Otherwise, 22:00 GMT without me... [22:00 GMT means 24:00 for me, and playing till 04:00 or 06:00 is just too insane for me])

Excellent. :slight_smile: I would note that if you're looking for online games, the forums of the various VTP providers (links at first post) or the online PbP providers (such as RolePlayOnline) or big communities (such as ENWorld) are a good place to browse. (The big advantage of D&D is that the basic rules are available online for free; ArM4 shares this advantage, for which I'm very happy.)

I am afraid no one is selling the ArM5 pdf, and I doubt Atlas would. (I wish it would, but I suspect it won't.) Some of the supplements are available as pdfs, Ravenscroft provided the links, but not the core book. (Metacreator allows you to create the character, but is a bit hard to understand and use without the book on hand, and you'll be missing rules and paying nearly the same as for the book.) The file is available in pdf through P2P networks. Although I'd strongly recommend purchasing the book instead of (or at least in additon to) downloading it.

I would personally prefer an AM5 game over an AM4 one. It's just a much better game. But I think we better decide that after we decide on the group and regular meeting time (and frequency).

Certainly. I'd suggest a Yahoo/Google group, wiki, and/or website would be most appropriate.

Yuppz... Should be able to hack that. Even if I might be an hour or so late if I work the day-shift. (Will be doing so this wekend ) then I have two weekends of evening shifts... and two off.

a lurker shifts in his place 8) ... those sundays - how often/regular do you intend to play..?

I suggest very regularly, once every two weeks.

Still entruiged... but not sure about my calendar, which often change to accomedate a variety of things..

Sundays every two week sound so tempting... :cry:

Depending on what sunday it is, I might be interested (I am busy every second sunday, so iot might not be possible). In any case I am likely to lurk in your game to see how it goes :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay - the temptation is slowly getting the better off me :smiling_imp:

What mainly tempts me is the luring adventure of trying out a completely new format for roleplaying - testing it and learing from the experiene...

Would you people accept a player even if it is not certain that I could participate every session?

I am also sorely tempted by trying a new format of play. I just recently relocated to the Chicago-land area and have lost my group. I generally free on Sundays, barring real life concerns/activities (Plus football is over). I am interested in seeing what type of stories other players are wanting/interested in running? Also setting and time period. Some of the most frequent I have seen/heard about:

  • Standard 1220 - Rhine Tribunal
  • Schism War 1003-1012 - Normandy or Iberian Tribunals
  • War Against the Spider 810-816 - Loch Leglean, Hibernian, and Stonehenge Tribunals (obvious a predominate Ex Miscellenea campaign)
  • Old 3rd Standard 1196 - Provencal Tribunal
    Oh well, just throwing some ideas around


Iwakari & Oberoten: Is every other week good for you?
spun_zombie: Are you still with us? Is the suggested schedule good for you?

Ranald & Furion: I'd personally be happy to have you on board. I'm also intrigued by the new format, too :slight_smile: One of the things I'm curious about is how Furion sounds like :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Another question - who will SG the saga?! I am rather busy, I can adopt some SGing duties if needed but can't really do justice to the role of a primary SG. Anyone volunteering to be an alpha-SG? To present the first adventure? I suggest we have troupe-style SGing, so anyone could SG if desired - but I don't want to be the first to run an adventure.

Another issue is not where but what kind of game we want to play. I'm most attracted to fairly straight-forward supernaturally-caused problems - stories such as "the broken Faerie pact", "the infernal corruption of the priest", "the war with the Witch Queen of the North", and so on.
The stories we tell can change easily. But we better pick a setting and covenant appropriate for the type of stories we think we want to tell. For my preference, I think a summer-to-autumn covenant (has basics, but occasional problems creep up) with several villages under its wing (source of troubles that need addressing) at the north-east of the 1220 Rhine (opening up paganism, northern wizards, christian crusaders...) is most appropriate.

HA HA HA! You'd wish :stuck_out_tongue: Just think high-pitched and shrilling :smiley: (nah - not really...).

But the true question is whether you're curious about my (Jeppe's) voice, the voice I use (probably to my players horrible gut-wrenching fits of laughter) when voice-acting the NPC Furion in my saga, or the voice I'd use for whatever character I might make if getting the possibility of playing with you. Actually the last bit I'd be curious about my self!! :unamused:

OK. Do count me in. My Sundays are free and I'm in a compatible time zone (GMT+1), so it would be criminal to miss that opportunity to play again. Troupe-style is fine, I can SG some, though be warned I rather suck at it. :frowning:

Well, I've only played Spring covenants, but I'm quite willing to try something else. :slight_smile:

Sure. ... /Main_Page



Sounds like a good saga :slight_smile: Pitty you do not have a more "external user friendly" version of the site. It is obvious that it is for self consumption, since I had to peruse through most pages to get a general impression of the covenant. You have quite a hefty library and magic items there! :smiley:

As a suggestion to the magi, I would sugfgest using circle duration if they want to get more illumination devices and such. Drops the requisites for vis tenfold doing that, since most stuff you have in your covenant could have been done by spells with circle duration instead of magic items. :slight_smile: More vis to put up to vanish demons and smithe people that need to be vindicated :wink:


Actually, we do. Most of those items were inherited with the covenant... and from 4th edition. Since we didn't invent them it didn't seem necessary to reconvert them into more efficient 5th ed items. You can really see it in our most powerful inherited item, the Spade of Prodigious Excavation ( In 4th ed. design (and early 5th) it had a PeTe 20 a MuTe 25 and a ReTe 20 effect. In 5th ed. it could arguably be reduced to ReTe 30, thanks to additional guidelines in Covenants.

And yeah, the site isn't really visitor friendly (at the least we could use some more overview descriptions). I keep thinking I want to go into the two character's journals and cross-link a lot more so that you can see the other character's take on events easily.

But considering it's really just for our use, we find it works pretty well.