Ars Magica Quiz

I used a simple quiz creator to create a Ars Quiz. Have a go. It asks for an email address, but seems to accept any. ... fc80c642a5

cj x

Just to note: the answer I give in the quiz in the HOH:MC size for a rat -- the core book Size is one smaller. The closest answer option to the Core Book answer is still correct, juts in case you were wondering. :slight_smile: I'm amused and amazed someone got 100%!

Oh and yes I know it says I got 100%, but that is not impressive -- I wrote the quiz! I simply ran through it to test it afterwards. :slight_smile: Well dome to those who scored 80%, that is incredibly impressive. Some of the questions are pretty horrible after all :slight_smile:

cj x

Not horrible per se CJ, you just seem to mix 4th end 5th ed together.
I thought it was fun, trying to remember all the geographical tribunals and counting them off on my fingers.

And about the rat, MC should be more correct as it is the latest published book of the two. And BTW the value given in core rules is equally distant from the two closest possibilities.

Yes the HOH:MC Rat is the size given. That is one larger than the Core book size. The only Fourth Ed question states so, but I'm pretty sure the answer in 5th ed is the same: it relates to the relative size of Houses.

cj x

Ah, so it was a smokescreen?
There was never any doubt, I just raised my eyebrows at the 4th ed mention, as it has been quite a while since I played that.

Now, why not make a quiz for old farts, who know the 1st to 3rd ed questions? :wink:

I missed two. I do know I missed the Grand Tribunal UK, that's when I noticed whether it was telling me I was correct/incorrect. I'm not sure which other question I missed because I wasn't paying attention to the correct/incorrect as it went along.
Is there any way to see which one was incorrect after the fact? I suspect it was either the spell level/magnitude[1] calculation or maybe the 4th edition question.

[1] I tend to rely on the crutch of MetaCreator to do on the fly spell level calculations, which I didn't do here. I need to grab those tables and print them out... :smiley: So, I don't usually remember R/D/T magnitude increases based on those items...

Well the Grand Tribunal UK question was a joke to remind people to go to and book tickets to come here to Cheltenham in August. :slight_smile: Unfortunately it is a very simple quiz creator i used and I'm not sure there is a way to check :frowning:

cj x

I'd love to go. In some ways getting there might be easier to than getting to the US one. But, I don't think my wife would go for a solo trip (to either locale) nor would she be interested in doing her own thing while I'm in Mythic Europe... :smiley:

Well to be fair Cheltenham is only one of the attractions of the UK: if you and your wife ever want to come for a few days I promise to take you personally to Stonehenge, a decent castle (Monmouth or St. Briavels), a majestic 13th century cathedral, and a neolithic burial mound. That would add two days to the itinerary, but to be honest the UK is not expensive. :slight_smile: I also have a few concubines who could be persuaded to organise a serious shopping expedition to Bristol, Birmingham or just Cheltenham while the convention is under way for any WAGs (Wives & Girlfriends) + HABS (HUsbands & Boyfriends) who really can't face being stuck in a poxy community centre with a bunch of roleplayers! :smiley:

cj x

Well if I got the rat question and the Grand tribunal question (Cheltenham) right, I can't figure out which one I got wrong.

Perhaps the Dominion level one.

Edit: I see, it tells you on the top of the page. I got the smallest house wrong.

I,m one of those that scored 16, but I answered quickly. For my defense, some of the questions (like Grand Tribunal U.K.) were about things that I don't really pay attention to...

Augh, noble's parma is killing me!

[pedant]I'd note that technically, Branugurix (the domus magna of House Diedne) was in the Stonehenge Tribunal. Brittany only became part of the Normandy Tribunal after the Schism War.[/pedant]
Fortunately, Stonehenge wasn't an option on that question. :slight_smile:


17/20 here. Failed the one about infernal aura malus (problems with the use of HR, that you forget the official rules sometimes...), the size of a rat and what house was the smallest in 4th edition. That one hit me square in the face as well.


I got 16/20 and while I can't remember all of the questions I missed, two of them were:

Tribunals - For some reason I never thought to count them out in my head and just guessed.

Smallest House of 4E - I forgot to include redcaps and picked Mercere...

Someone else want to make a quiz? :slight_smile:

cj x

16 out of 20 for me. The browser crashed just as I finished, so I'm not sure which ones I got wrong :slight_smile:

...but I really can't afford the cost to my soul? So does it really matter that I got the Grand Tribunal in the wrong place? It's in England! It'll be 2 or 3 hour drive tops from any of those location to the right one anyway!

...sorry. Also, given how unfamiliar with the road system over there, I might be off by a heck of a lot.

Forgot proven├žal tribunal; failed my math 3+2+1 isnt 15 in level; didn't know anything about 4th edition or UK GT; did something wrong about the emerald. Totally forgot you substract 5x might power (I basically always put powers at 0 cost because otherwise it sucks); totally forgot normal aura in village is 2 since we always use 3 for churches and assume there is a church in every village worth of interest. In fact, it was fun to remember some things :slight_smile:.