ArsMagica [5th] The Covenant Adrift 4-6 players

Campaign Title: The Covenant Adrift
System: Ars Magic 5th Ed.

of Players: 4+, probably no more than 12 total and only 6 to begin with

Deadline: When you want all PC info to be in.
Starting Level: Magi will be predominantly freshly gauntleted, there is room for one more experienced mage
Advancement Rules: Standard seasonal
Combat Rules: This will be discussed, I am not committed to a single method
Dice-Rolling Rules: This will be troupe style, and may change by SG.
Special Rules: Using basic book, True Lineages, mystery cults,Societes, all realms of power, city and guild, arts and academe, ancient magic, apprentices, hedge magic,
Posting Rate: generally 3-4 times a week.
Absences:This is heavily dependent on where things are and what is going on- I expect to potentially be running multiple stories concurrently, additionally characters can advance outside of stories- generally speaking they will be written out of the current story and will advance seasonally when they return.
Writing Expectations: There should be enough to clearly communicate what teh character is doing, and a sense of the character themselves. Going above and beyond this is well so long as they do not speak for others (trying to specify NPC reactions for example).
Text Formatting: Color will define language, bold for regular speech (with quotes) italics for non-verbal communication
Plot- or Character-Driven: This will be largely character driven, with a few plot points either pre-determined or to be set by the troup.
Focus: Establishing and growing a covenant, from “seedling” (before spring) through winter.
Character Types: I want each initial player to submit 1 magus, 1 companion, and 2 grogs Magi should be freshly gauntleted, with possibly 1 exception. All houses are allowed, all should speak Greek as well as Latin (Greek does not have to be native, but if not there needs to be a backstory of why), Grogs should be maritime characters, companions at least make sense to be on the ship.
Campaign Description: The idea behind this game is to handle the actual founding of a covenant, starting from finding a location. The scenario is pretty simple- in the Theban council from an Autumn (some would say winter) covenant a boat was carrying freshly gauntleted mages to the tribunal for official recognition (game begins in 1222) an obviously unnatural storm blew the ship off course and now they are not clear where they are- they have 6 magi, companions, and the ships crew, and will need to found a new covenant. Each season a number of potential adventures will be proposed, either by SGs who have external events they want to start an adventure, or character driven where characters want to meet certain objectives. Additionally each character will need to describe (at least for companions and magi) what their non-adventure seasonal activities are.
I have a proposed ‘starting condition’ for the covenant:
Covenant of Inconvenience: 0 BP
Constantly moving (major hook)
No Aura (major hook)
Poverty (major hook)
Literate Covenfolk (minor boon)
Loyal Covenfolk (minor boon)

I would be interested in playing. Probably with a Seirene tradition Ex Miscellanea, which should be appropriate on the sea :slight_smile:

I would be somewhat interested.

I'm also interested in playing.

I just realized the entire proposed "starting covenant" did not post-
Constantly moving (major hook)
No Aura (major hook)
Poverty (major hook)
Literate Covenfolk (minor boon)
Loyal Covenfolk (minor boon)
Strong Community (minor boon)
Missile Weapons (minor boon)
Superior Engineering (major boon)
Ungoverned (minor boon)
Healthy Feature – sea air (minor boon)
I have submitted a request for a forum, hopefully we can take detailed conversations there soon.


We got a forum. Should we start posting character ideas there?

I have set up the thread for character building, go ahead and post there.

Interested. In fact, just joined forum to express my interest.

Character idea:
ex Misc Magus who is a shapeshifter, but bad at standard muto magic.

I'm about to head off on holiday for a week, and so won't be able to post. I'm still interested in playing though, and I'll try to put up a companion & magus soon after I come back.

Welcome, and since at least one player is so new, I'm copying from the directions on setting up a game:


If there is still one room, I'm interested. Never played AM via "play by post" though, only live.
Not the final idea regarding the magi but for sure he will have the Magic Addiction flaw (and probably a VIM/Terram specialist) always positive and naive. Criamon or Mercere. Or Jerbiton. Rhaaa so many possibilities !
Companion would be a scholar friend (have to find why he/she was on the ship)
Grogs, twins warriors (from the ship crew or something like that)

Edit : Also regarding the theban tribunal (never plyaed there before). As the spells are usually casted/written in Greek. Is Latin4 required for the Arte Liberales or only Greek 4 ?

Still have room if you want to join and start posting in character creation- spells are still cast in Latin.

Great. It's starting to be a bit late right now, so I'll post the char by tomorrow evening. :slight_smile:

I look forward to seeing it.

I'm interested - any remaining room?

Yes there is.

Is there still space in this campaign?

I have recently acquired the ArM5 core book (and "The Sundered Eagle", FWIW), and would be keen to join a game. I have never played ArM before - but I tend to learn quickly! I've been ploughing through the core book, and could probably make a start on generating a character; although, as I haven't finished yet (I'm in the middle of the Laboratory chapter), and I'm not very experienced, it might take me a while!

Go ahead and join in, I'd recommend starting with your grogs, then the companion, and then the magus to dip your toes in to the character creation process...

I would very much like to play. May I join as well?

You can join, we are still finishing up characters, so if you can make them relatively quickly we can proceed normally. Otherwise we may need for you to start with grogs and then introduce your companions and magus from the outside as the plot allows.