At the covenant

At the first light the casting of the Aegis of the Hearth where made and the newly arrived magi departed from one and other, some into the forest, others away in wagons and a few left at the covenant grounds.

In the chambers of Frederick there where heard a gentle knock on the door. It sounded like the gentle knock from a friendly person, probably the chamber maid or another of the servants.

En Fredick turns, watching who is there.

A beutiful young chambermaid opens the door. She is quite tall for a woman and has long blonde hair, her dress is revealing her bodies shape although not in a manner that would be unappropriate. [color=red]I am here for cleaning your chambers, she speaks in low German with a heavy Polish accent. She look at you her eyes shoving that she is a bit cautious and a bit spooked by your gift. [color=red]Where do you want me to start? She asks.

Frederick watches the girl with a smile and answers slowly in high german. [color=red]Please enter, my name is is Frederick.
Please clean the floor and the shelves, and be careful for the equipment. I will take care of the table myself.
Frederick places some papers and quills on his desk and starts arranging everything very neat. He does not pay further attention to the girl.

The chambermaid starts with the cleaning and works with a skilled hand and seem to give numerous flirtatious looks as she works. When she is finished she asks. [color=red]My lord do you need any piece of clothing taken down to the washerwomen?

Frederick smiles back, the attention makes him feel good.
[color=red]Yes, that pile of clothes is dirty
He moves back to his own works, being more important

The chambermaid picks up the pile of dirty clothes and steps out of the chamber, gently closing the door behind her.


The following day one other servant brings up the laundry. You notice that a piece of underwear are missing.

When Frederick sees the girl he talks to her (in high german):
[color=red]Ma'am, i missed some of my clothing. Can you take care it returns to me?

She speaks back in low German, [color=red]This where all that where delivered to us, master I don't know where it is. The woman looks frightened.

[color=red]Aha, excuse me. Can you ask the washerwomen if they found somehting? Frederick smiles

[color=red]I washed your clothing and this is what was delivered to us by a young woman. She tells you these things afraid to look you in the eyes.

[color=red]Okay, you're excused
Frederick returns to his paperwork


[color=blue]All the magi gather at the dining table, each and everyone of you feels that the stomach is gnawing with hunger. The table is set with, wine, mead, beer, bread and the tradition hard boiled pig. Quite a different dinner than the one Justus presented to you at the time of the first council.

Rather hungry, ardath eats with pleasure.

Not far away from the covenant...

Yannick takes another noseful of that strange scent he has followed from the forest to the covenant. When he is sure to remember the scent he turns back into human form.

[color=red]We got a mole in the covenant, Ursus, Yannick says as he takes back his clothes and dagger.
Don't tell anyone for now. I do not want them people to panic. But I need you to know, just in case he finds me, before I find him.

Yannick was pretty angry. This was going to keep him from the dinnertable, as he didn't want to be distracted from the scent. This was going to be something personal...

Yannick stood still. He remembered the scent, how he sniffed the trail back here. He imagined what it would be like to find the spell on someones clothes. He knew he would.
Then he let go the spell...
[color=blue]Spontaneous MuCo/An to gain the sense of scent like a dog, while looking human.
Base 2 +2 duration Sun +1 target part (as i do not want to run around with a dog snout now. I wanna fool my foe) Casting total is 18+aura+stressdie halved.

He kneeled down to check if his spell worked. Did the trail smell the same?

[color=red]Im ready, Ursus. Lets go back now. I'm hungry.

When arriving at the covenant, Yannick greets all those people anywhere near, and takes as many detours on the way to the dinner table as he possibly can without arising too much suspicion.

[color=blue]<The spell is successful, but some passing covenfolk looks Yannick with worried eyes as he kneels down and smells the ground>

At the dining table the smell could be felt on one of the covenfolk attending the table… but it is not the young mans smell.

At the arrival of the first magi Frederick welcomes them. We looks worried to the wounded grog.
[color=red]What happened? Were you attacked?

[color=blue]As soon as Yannick and Ursus arrive at the covenant, Ursus walks to the kitchen to get some food. He immediately goes outside. He decides to make a round within the walls.

:smiley: Actually, I didn't want to follow the trail on the ground once inside the covenant. I just wanted to be able to recognize the scent, when I was shaking its posessors hand, or passing him...